██ MÜ ██ : Ruff 16

Anything involving exciting Breakcore kid Ruby My Dear always grabs my attention as did this new project where he teams up with Xavier Coriat ex drummer of Lobe RDS and Cellscape of RuFF Records and they create some Post Apocalyptic & highly organised Post-Dubstep, Idm and Breakcore chaos.Read more [...]

Burial – Rival Dealer

The master is back and better than ever.Nothing progressive or different to what could be expected here but anything new by Burial is always welcome.3 tracks steeped in that classic Burial sound, haunting, cinematic, deep, emotional, beautiful, gorgeous and unique to him.Listen to all 3 clips Read more [...]

Escape From Planet Tardia LP ~ Alien Pimp

Escape from Planet Tardia - Alien Pimp LP
New Full-Length LP by Alien Pimp, you may recall the awesome single from this posted HERESuch a large compiling of songs (and LP's in general) have been rare these days as the fast-moving state of the music industry is forcing mostly singles and EP's. It's refreshing to get such a large collection Read more [...]


Our dude Barbarix dropped this free EP of old tracks that were just sitting around so he put them up for free. They are more along the ambient/experimental/cinematic vibe and Burial appears to be a big influence.Def worth grabbing cause it is quality stuff.Grab the whole EP free from HEREHere's Read more [...]


I've been a long-time fan of DJG (now Grenier) and his VOIDS series. Check out the latest in the series VOIDS THREE. Future Bass, Post-Dubstep and whatever you would call it...his atmospheres and production are always on the mark, somewhat tribal at times...minimal, yet satisfying. His music always Read more [...]

THOMAS AZIER drops creepy ass dark VID!

For you who dont know this newbie - Thomas Azier is an electronic-pop artist based in Berlin. Early in 2012 he released his debut EP “Hylas 001” featuring the single “Red Eyes”, a live favorite of audiences across Europe and the United States. He is now set to release a 2nd EP „Hylas 002“, Read more [...]

DubKraft Records: 3 More Years (Part 1) OUT NOW!

Dubkraft Records is one of my favorite "Uncategorizable Bass Music" labels. I've always enjoyed the deep, abstractly textured, bio-tech intelligence of their sound. They have consistently released flavorful Dubstep/Post Dubstep & Future Bass music for the entirety of their influence upon the history Read more [...]