Maga Bo & Process Rebel : Lanekasi EP Feat. Teba Shumba


Great meeting of men here, USA via Netherland’s Process Rebel and Brazil’s Transnational Bass original Maga Bo and also a great meeting of minds and musical ideas. They also recruit Capetown’s Teba Shumba on vox for a mesmerizing foray into dark Kwaito, Dub-Tribal, Industrial and Tropical riddims for a truly Transnational affair.

The EP opens with the dark, brooding Kwaito of the title track with Teba singing in his native slang that combines the languages of Zulu and Xhosa but sounding like he could have come from the son of a Ragga God.

“Like A Punk” is my fave with its Post-Apocalyptic Dub-Tribal stylings making the track a perfect fit as soundtrack material for any Boyle/Coppola flick. Real killa track and that bassline is raw!

“Tropical Operator Riddim” continues the Tropical Rainforest theme that underpins the whole EP. With shakers and a typically Amazon type melody this track is the soundtrack to your journey into the deepest heart of the Brazilian Rainforest.

The final track, “For The Grace” re-works the previous track with the addition of Shumba’s African influence that makes the track come alive and ready for the underground dancefloors of the world.

A great Transnational offering to the Gods! Cop it from Bandcamp.

Transnational bass ambassador Maga Bo (Rio) meets the genre-slippery but industrially heavy Process Rebel (Amsterdam) to create an EP that explodes fresh amalgams of urban electronic music. The producers enlisted Teba Shumba (Cape Town) for lyrics and vocals when the three had a chance meeting in Amsterdam during overlapping European tours. All of the vocal recording and final mixes were done at Process Rebel’s studio in Amsterdam.

Here’s a couple of cool promo vids too:

global bass sounds

in another round of global bass sounds, this time all in html5 players via soundcloud, please enjoy a nice variety of sub-bass genres from a superb crew of producers. Every track is hand-picked to ensure the highest possible enjoyment. Ta Ta

(top image from:


Kush, Stereo and Jahdan on one track!? this collaboration is so heavy it’s scarey!

a massive hit from lovely Flore- minimal, classy, bassssy!

killah post-dancehall remix by Sonora (didn’t know he did dancehall, guess his hand is in everything!)

mah man and top israeli producer, Ori Shochat, continues to merge bass & hiphop and in this release a bit of mmm ghetto/juke.

the next mixtape in this winning series by mumdance has landed. new exclusive tracks and old school records create a fresh new summer soundtrack to party by the pool to.

folkstep is my favorite global bass genre, it is what got me so hooked on the bass scene, and when it comes to it, no one does it better than ShazaaaaLaKazooooo!!

Followed Caballo onto this one, emerging producer Universal Taal Project, is a name to follow. Hopefully this bit of recognition will encourage him to continue making these global bass sounds he is so damn good at 🙂

our very own Process Rebel with a huge sunday morning dub that is psychedelic enough to fit in a psychill set and roots enough to move a rastaman to the ground

happy latin tropical dub vibes by cero39,

Neki introduced us to Svetlana Industries a few posts ago and digging through thier digital crates i found this super bassy release, the first two tunes make it a piece worth buying imo, addictive melodies in the high frequencies and super low bass drive that thumps my chest alive

let’s end with this beautiful transnational dubstep piece: “A unique blend of punchy dubstep and traditional Colombian/Panamanian cumbia music, originally conceived by glitch-hp innovator Knowa KnowOne and remixed by Chaos Control (a.k.a. Planewalker & Mister Chill’R) for your dancing enjoyment!”

Dem Can’t Stop We From Remixing

It’s been a grip since i’ve posted due to school this past year but I had to look up from the studies to give some GB support to Subatomic Sound System. I really love what Subatomic has been doing over the past years and this remix album continues in fine form. Some amazing remixes here by producers from around the globe. Twelve versions fuse cumbia to tropical to dubstep twist ups to vintage rude boy roots, hip hop, and dancehall reggae.

Stereotyp bangs out his signature style here
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”81″ iframe=”false” /]

The Sabbo remix rocks a dancehall digi-bashment vibe
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”81″ iframe=”false” /]

Subatomic deemed my Process Rebel remix as “Afro-Dub” (saves me trying to label it)
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”81″ iframe=”false” /]

And of course what GB post is complete without a couple of freebies 😉

Bleepolar cumbia dub bizness
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”81″ iframe=”false” /]

Subatomic Sound System brings a Riddim Re-Up
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”81″ iframe=”false” /]


For this project we are asked to bring together vocalists and producers from non western countries like Kenia, Tanzania, Guatamala, Bolivia and Zimbabwe, and have them work with upcoming stars in dance music in the west right now. The idea is that by interacting, you learn about each other’s background and it can help you develop your own style as an artist, without walking the ‘obvious’ path. And since music is such a total international language, it would be great to have people work on music together!

Practically, this means we bring couples of artists together, in Tilburg, Holland during the Incubate festival, 12-18 sept 2011. We’ll supply them with a working spot and they will work here on music for a day, presenting the results live, at night. The following day we will repeat this at another venue in Holland, WORM, Rotterdam and another one in Amsterdam called Smart Project Space.

The show will be recorded in video and audio and will be posted in your trusted GENERATION BASS of course! I’ll be presenting the participants to you this week and am kicking off with some FAM of course!


This one’s going to be special. Normally, the beautiful Hope Masike from Zimbabwe brings her jazzy Zimbabwean reggae in such a manner that it brings goosebumps to your arms, and makes you want to dance to it. After studying at the School of Music Ethnomusicology, she has definitely proven to be a unique talent. She will not perform alone at this year’s Incubate Festival, but teams up with our homeboy Process Rebel. The United States-born DJ from Amsterdam will bring his dubby dubstep with reggae and world influences, or as he calls it: ‘traversing the electronic music diaspora with a lean towards dub, dubstep, post-dancehall and global ghetto tech’. So this musical mash-up is unique, challenging, suprising and exclusive to this special GENERATION BASS project! If that doesn’t tickle your curiosity, we don’t know what will… hahahahaha!

Process Rebel At Global Mash Berlin (Partial Set) !!Free Download!! by processrebel

SATURDAY SEPT 17th – 00.00


More dub fusion from our man Process Rebel! Rowdy Limbo introduces a latin and soca-esque flavor into a monster dubstepper where unexpected drops and bridges set off funky fresh new vibrations and directions. Wicked riddim, crazy twists and turns. yep it’s a banger! 🙂

on the flip – the head-nodding Cool Talker sets an African jazz rhythmic structure to introduce a trumpet sample that fires off into a cut-up and improvised solo accounting the exploits of the cool talking sonic protagonist. A bit more laidback than the other one, but def great dancefloor stuff, although this could use a bare riddim edit, mr rebel, another great drop from SUBINFINITY!

SUB006 Rowdy Limbo/Cool Talker by processrebel

And because he’s such a nice guy, he’s giving away this other cut, which is another version of his ROWDY LIMBO cut called DIRTY LIMBO. food for the floor guys, dont sleep!

Dirty Limbo (Radio Dial Mix) !Free Download! by processrebel

Released by: Subinfinity Recordings
Release/catalogue number: SUB006
Release date: NOW! 2011

It Takes a nation of 2 Million To Hold us Back Volume II


[Artwork: (]

So back for Day 2, Volume II of the great Generation Bass Swindle.  We hope you enjoyed Day 1, Volume 1.

So yesterday we had xclusives from George Lenton, FLeCK, Diamond Bass, B.O.B and Boyfriend and a whole bunch of other stuff traversing the genres like a grasshopper suffering with ADHD!

Today, we got xclusives from Sabbo, Process Rebel, Flore, Broad Rush, SDP, Doma Tornados, Rafa from Frikstailers and Okulus’s NPO. Plus loads of other great tracks donated to us for this compilation by  a bunch of people who we totally <3!

Listen to some tracks here:

Raw (Flore MoombahRAWn remix) by Flore

Onyenze – Onwa Nna Na Nwa (Schlachthofbronx Remix) by schlachthofbronx


Conceptualized, Compiled and Realized by Generation Bass – Vince & Umb.

Sequencing and Mastering by Vincent Koreman.

DOWNLOAD GB – It takes A Nation part II





It Takes a nation of 2 Million To Hold us Back

[a generation bass compilation, part II]

1. Onwa Nna Na Nwa (Schlachthofbronx Remix)

2. Sabbo – Change Riddim

3. Tatu – Not Gonna Get Us (Liquid Stranger Remix)

4. Celt Islam – Pressure

5. Bad Boy Bass (Process Rebel remix)

6. Flore – Raw (MoombahRAWn Remix)

7. Neki Stranac & Caballo – Punkass (this is some heavy shit)

8. Broad Rush – Morphine

9. Sidecar Tommy (Beats Antique) – Bangin Beauty

10. Puzzle – Cavtch

11. SDP vs Mr Sakitumi – Pacmanimals Cumbia

12. 3re & Pirate Pillager & Cabs – Rebelde(Rebellious Riddim)

13. Toten – Retina It (Doma Tornados Version)

14. Pan Agnostix Okulus Anomali & Herakles – Non Prophet Organization

15. Dj Rafa Caivano – the Salmon Cumbia

artwork credit: (

all tracks distributed FREE by

all tracks courtesy of the artists, support them!

Munchaid! a fundraising album

This is something I (Caballo) have personally been working for the last days..

. a fund raising Album to help our mate munchi..

We are basically giving these songs for PAY WHAT YOU CAN which in many cases means “free” but as Bandcamp would shut the downloads after 200, we think a minimum of $6 is fair..
but if you want to give more.. AWESOME!!!!
Everything will go to help Munchi with his medical bills, travel expenses and perhaps medication in the recovery process.

Once you read the tracklist, i have to “unveil” something I am very proud..
G.U.N collective is a project that gathers a lot of producers/bloggers/djs/artists/managers/ and people who are in the Global Bass scene.. so GUN and Artists helped me to make this amazing compilation in record time..
All the profits will go to help munchi’s recovery process and expenses he needs.


Some of the songs here are


a world premiere
Les Voyeurists


TRACKLIST and the way they made it to the compilation

1 Munchicore by Billy the Gent ( Via Dave Nada)

2 Pikachu Anthem by Munchi ( Via Munchi Himself)

3 Bundastic by Les Voyeurists (World premiere..via underground)

4 Crowd Control by Bumps & Mc Zulu ( via Club Popozuda)

5 nastybass ft spoek mathambo & bigspace By Schlachthofbronx ( Via GUN grabbed from Mad Decent)

6 Rebound by Caballo & TMFK (Via Cabeza netlabel – upcoming release)

7 People by UnSub ( via ellie hudson (un sub))

8 Chega Mais feat. MC Gi 1 by Bert on beats ( via GUN grabbed from MAN Recs)

9 Club Cocaine by Jairo Mendez ( First Donation to Munchaid few seconds after opening it)

10 Heartbreaker by Anna Love ( via GUN)

11 Junkies & Freaks by Radiex n Sonotech ( Via GUN)

12 FEEL ME RMX MASTER by Flore ( Via Flore)

13 Alexis_K_-_State_of_Play_Unsub_Suicide_Dub_ (via AlexisK grabbed from Mad Decent)

14 Kudance by AlexisK ( via GUN)

15 Itchy Gash by Guapo Feo ( via GUN)

16 TalkPositive feat Mc Zulu (Drumline Mix) by Process Rebel ( Via Chad “process rebel” Lee & Dominique “zulu” Rowland)

17 In da club by Neki Stranac ( via GUN)

18 Novalima- Machete (Daniel Klauser remix) By Dani Klauser (Via GUN)

19 Samim – Heater (Ckrono moombahton edit) by Ckrono ( Donated by Gianluca Diianchiro)

20 Petrona Martinez – Sepiterna (thornato rmx) by Thornato ( Donated by Thornato & Cumba Mela Collective)

21 Munchi ft Mr Lexx – Shottas (Crookers Remix) by Crookers ( Posted by Munchi grabbed from Crookers page)

Some of the songs are unreleased.. some are grabbed from Free Promo from Mad Decent n Mad Records, in the case of AlexisK she was the one who suggested, also Bert on Beats belongs to the GUN community.

Big up to the People involved in the release upload and process..
Alex Ferguson & Xao, Mark Boom Diggy who did the artcover, and Harley King who set the bandcamp and paypal!!
and Specially to Munchi who was aware and commented, donated a song and kept very positive!!!

We can’t wait to see you again dropping mad tunes!!!

KUSH ARORA: Dread Bass Remixed

Dread Bass Chronicles Remixed cover

Fyah in the place! Kush finally drops the remix installment of 2009s Dread Bass Chronicles. I’ve always loved this title… gets me thinking of some kind of hi-fi sci-fi post apocalyptic musical. lol!

We’ve got the vocalizing of Warrior Queen, MC Zulu, Juakali and Bongo Chilli paired up with remixers Rogue State, Knight Riderz & J.Me.J, Vinyl Blight, Fluorescent Grey, Anon Day, Searchl1te, Redbud, Professor Bang, Joey Mousepad and me (Process Rebel). Kush also steps in with a couple of nice mixes of his own.

The release opens with some heavily vocoded Warrior Queen on a west-coast wonky lazer bass remix from Knight Riderz & J.Me.J
1. Kush Arora feat. Warrior Queen – Making Money (Knight Riderz and J.Me.J Remix) by KushArora

With some neat bit crushed resonance sweeps that evoke Tuvan throat singing, The Searchl1te remix of ‘Lose Control’ with MC Zulu has been rocking a few of my sets.
8. Kush Arora feat. MC ZULU – Lose Control (Searchl1te Remix) by KushArora

Kush offers up a FREE DOWNLOAD of the remix I did of ‘The Truth’ featuring Bongo Chilli.
6. Kush Arora feat. Bongo Chilli – The Truth (Process Rebel Remix) by KushArora

And from one of my favorite UK producers – Rogue State weighs in with a tasty drum & bass mix of Making Money featuring a chopped and dubbed Warrior Queen.
5. Kush Arora feat. Warrior Queen – Making Money (Rogue State Remix) by KushArora

And Boom! Another FREE DOWNLOAD! Kush’s bashy remix of Wine Mek Me See You.
4. Kush Arora feat. Bongo Chilli – Wine Mek Me See You(Kush Arora Bashy Remix) by KushArora

Peep the entire release wrapped up in Soundcloud set right here.

Here’s a FREE DOWNLOAD mini-mix I just did that includes The Truth remix mashed up with some classic Remarc jungle bizness.
172 Mash Out Street (Mini Mix) !!Free Download!! by processrebel

Dubbhism’s DUBB with 2 ‘B’s


Instead of expanding the meaning of “dub” with his eclectic mad-hatter approach Dubbhism (a.k.a. Tony Dubshot) made it something completely new by adding another letter ‘b’.

Dubshot has uploaded over 100 tracks to Soundcloud from his Dubb Revolution Think Tank in Leiden, NL. A dub lab only 20 minutes away from me by train and I still have not been there!! What is freaking wrong with me?? with a latest installment in the form of 15 tracks that make-up Vintage Dubs Vol.2. Including redubbs of Jah Billah, Subatomic Sound System, Radikal Guru, I-drift & Kosine, Lion of Joppa Sound System, 3re, Dub For Light and more (including a quirky mind bending re-work of my Step Specialist riddim).

Vintage Dubs Vol.2 (Dubbhism release) by DUBBHISM

Real Dub Bizness: JAH BILLAH

I’ve been following Jah Billah (from Croatia) since early 2006. He was one my first “friends” on Myspace and then later I was checking his tunes on (a short lived site for reaggae/dub/dancehall producers that sold last year to Now with connections through Facebook and Soundcloud I count Jah Billah as one of my OG web2.0 producer contemporaries.

He has been “Billahism”-ing classics and peer artists alike and getting to what I hear as an original and unique signature sound. Here I’ve got some of my faves of the past year. I drop many of these dubs at my residencies in Amsterdam where they always earn gestures of respect and love..

Some of these are free downloads up to the 100 count Soundcloud cap – so get ’em while you can!

Forward the Dub>>>>>

Jah Billah representin Stalag Higher Frequency Orbit riddim version by Jah Billah

Jah Billah representin Iyano Iyanti on Stalag Ghetto Glitch mix ‘DUB MUSIC GIVE I STRENGTH’ by Jah Billah

Jah Billah representin Sassja “CAN’T FIGHT IT” on DUB Song ( Sassja mix ) by Jah Billah

Jah Billah Cuss Cuss 2010 by Jah Billah

Dem Outta Here (Jah Billah Remix) by processrebel

Jah Billah Ruff Harmoniza by Jah Billah

Cheers ~ Process Rebel