global bass sounds

in another round of global bass sounds, this time all in html5 players via soundcloud, please enjoy a nice variety of sub-bass genres from a superb crew of producers. Every track is hand-picked to ensure the highest possible enjoyment. Ta Ta (top image from:    Kush, Read more [...]

Dem Can’t Stop We From Remixing

It's been a grip since i've posted due to school this past year but I had to look up from the studies to give some GB support to Subatomic Sound System. I really love what Subatomic has been doing over the past years and this remix album continues in fine form. Some amazing remixes here by producers Read more [...]


For this project we are asked to bring together vocalists and producers from non western countries like Kenia, Tanzania, Guatamala, Bolivia and Zimbabwe, and have them work with upcoming stars in dance music in the west right now. The idea is that by interacting, you learn about each other’s background Read more [...]


More dub fusion from our man Process Rebel! Rowdy Limbo introduces a latin and soca-esque flavor into a monster dubstepper where unexpected drops and bridges set off funky fresh new vibrations and directions. Wicked riddim, crazy twists and turns. yep it's a banger! 🙂 on the flip - the head-nodding Read more [...]

Munchaid! a fundraising album

This is something I (Caballo) have personally been working for the last days.. MUNCHAID.. a fund raising Album to help our mate munchi.. We are basically giving these songs for PAY WHAT YOU CAN which in many cases means "free" but as Bandcamp would shut the downloads after 200, we think a minimum Read more [...]

KUSH ARORA: Dread Bass Remixed

Fyah in the place! Kush finally drops the remix installment of 2009s Dread Bass Chronicles. I've always loved this title... gets me thinking of some kind of hi-fi sci-fi post apocalyptic musical. lol! We've got the vocalizing of Warrior Queen, MC Zulu, Juakali and Bongo Chilli paired up with remixers Read more [...]

Dubbhism’s DUBB with 2 ‘B’s

Instead of expanding the meaning of "dub" with his eclectic mad-hatter approach Dubbhism (a.k.a. Tony Dubshot) made it something completely new by adding another letter 'b'. Dubshot has uploaded over 100 tracks to Soundcloud from his Dubb Revolution Think Tank in Leiden, NL. A dub lab only 20 minutes Read more [...]

Real Dub Bizness: JAH BILLAH

I've been following Jah Billah (from Croatia) since early 2006. He was one my first "friends" on Myspace and then later I was checking his tunes on (a short lived site for reaggae/dub/dancehall producers that sold last year to Now with connections through Read more [...]