Great bunch of pr0grammes here, which provide an excellent insight into some of the Transnational Roots genres that we love here at Generation Bass!




The brand new music networking site MIXCLOUD which has already in it’s very short time here been voted one of the top 25 music sites by the INDEPENDENT newspaper here in the UK.

I’ve been uploading some of my mixes on it and man it’s ok but it’s still early days for the site.  One of the problems or maybe it’s not a problem, is that you can’t download from it!!!

The other irritating thing about it is that they’re pretty insistent on full track listings accompanying mixes/radio shows etc.

Thirdly, it seems you can climb up their weekly Popularity chart merely by the number of plays that your item achieves, which means you could sit there pressing play continuously on your own mix and get to No.1!

However, what I really do like about it is it’s ease of access and the design and style of the players and of the site itself.

I mean they even stuck one of my mixes on their “featured” page which made me feel like a superstar dj..hahahahah alongside other peeps like Zombie Disco Squad and Zane Lowe.

Anyway, here’s 7 interesting mixes from that site that I’ve come across this week.