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Yavor Yanakiev (Bulgarian: Явор Янакиев, born 16 May 1985) better known by his stage name 100 Kila (Bulgarian: 100 Кила), is a Bulgarian rapper from Varna, Bulgaria. His stage name means 100 kilos in English.

Yanakiev was born and raised in Asparuhovo, Varna. His parents separated when he was 6. His mother moved to Greece and currently works there. From there she sent him money. He lived with his father and brother, until his father left them. Yavor studied in school until 8th grade.[1]

Yanakiev is of Romani Gypsy descent.”

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If you dig it DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Listen to Bamboo Bass vol.7 by DJ Silent Pressure [Interview]


There is special case of dj creating good mixtapes, and Dj Silenet Pressure do it very well. We’re living in a period the figure of DJ is missing. Most guys want to be producer. That’s ok ,but you know… there is a difference from be a DJ and be a Producer, you feel it on a mixtape. And when I listened to Bamboo Bass vol.7 I knew that DJ Silent was a real DJ.

Bamboo Bass is a tropical and fresh mixtape. He played sounds like: moombahton, zouk bass, rasterinha, trap, twerk, kuduro, dancehall and reggaeton, all of it in one mix. Sometimes I get me asking: How a guy from Berlin can dig musics from Brazil? Ok, internet – duhhh. But….you know the point rigth? Try to do the same thing, look for some special material from Berlin. It’s hard.

Thinking on that, I asked few questions to DJ Silent Pressure to know more about his work. Before you start read, play on this amazing mixtape. It’s tropical, so I sugest to you open a beer. I did it on second time.

Tell me about tour carrear, how do you started?

I started at the age of 16 with German rap, but quickly discovered the rough flavor of dancehall & reggae music. Short time after buying 12 inches, was replaced by 7 inches and I started spinning mainly reggae and dancehall for a couple of years. What I kept from hip-hop was the fascination for the art of cutting and scratching records which I always try to include when mixing all kinds of music.

Later, I opened up my selection discovering soca music which consequently let me to all kinds of African music which was also encouraged by traveling & playing in Ghana.

In my “early years” around 2006/07 I used to play around with some simple blends mixing dancehall with electronic sounds. This set was the first step into a more diverse direction which was getting more concrete when discovering the first Major Lazer, Douster, SchlachthofBronx and munchi tracks. My first Global Bass Tape “Firepower” gives a good overview about that time.

Over the years the sound developed including more and more genres.

After running the Bass dive party for a couple of years I founded the Bamboo Bass Party with a couple of friends in order to establish a regular party for Tropical Bass in Berlin. We had people like Uproot And,  Murlo or Bomb Diggy playing with us.

In 2011 I joined the Berlin based SWS (sound with soul).

I traveled different countries in Europe playing my sound and playing shows with great musicians, such as Major Lazer, Uproot Andy, Serocee from Toddla T and many more.

How do you create your bamboo series?

The idea came up when we first started the party in December 2011. Being a little bit bored from only having dancehall-reggae partys, we decided to start something up to introduce a broader view on urban music & consequently establish a proper Tropical Bass in Berlin. As most of the Berlin party massive didn’t know what Tropical Bass was, so I wanted to give them that they could listen before they go out that night.

That’s when I started with the Bamboo Bass series. The concept is to illustrated how a selection on a party could look like and summarize the different subgenres of tropical bass in one fluent mix. In the beginning it was more about moombahton, UK funky, kuduro some Soca & dancehall tunes and that house influenced by tropical stuff as well as some cumbia and reggaeton. With the years and the rise of trap, twerk and zouk bass, our selection included those styles as well as the current bashment remixes from guys like Ape Drums. My partner in crime from tropicalbass.com with whom I m running the bamboo bass parties is moreover responsible for the latest zouk and afrobeats. All in all why try to give the people a very versatile danceable selection of global bass club tunes.

Unfortunately I couldn’t do a tape for each party so that the numeration isn’t exact anymore.

 1533960_511168328999523_735531811_nBamboo Bass Party at Berlin

How do you search for new music?

Checking soundcloud + bandcamp from artists and producers, promo mails, checking the blogs of each (tropical) genre + portals like Juno and beatport. Plus exchanging tracks with DJ colleagues.

I Like sounds that are pushing and get people moving but are at the same time not to heavy and overproduced when it comes to the drop.thus I try to avoid the to crazy edm stuff. The tunes need to have a special balance and a catchy and still kind of organic type of sound. Traditional samples or original vocals are also a plus.

Rythymwise I’m a big fan of any kind of dem bow riddim adaption & currently totally up for all productions that mix up dembow & twerk beats like those great tunes from e.g. tropkillaz.

How is your creative process to create a mixtape?

I usually start with some freestyle juggling which becomes more concrete when I m preparing my sets for gigs. From that first ideas for certain cuts and smaller sets result. Then I work on the general concept and think about how the mix should develop (e.g. going from Zouk Bass to Bashment then getting faster ending up in Trap).

When I feel like having enough fresh tunes that fit I start sorting out the selection. Then I look for similarities in lyrics or special parts that could be good in a mixup and for samples to scratch etc. Afterwards I work on the cuts as long as I everything fits and record the tape, add the efx and send it to the mastering.

Tell me your 2 favorites tracks on Bamboo Bass vol.7

Actually there are a lot of personal favorites on that tape but if I have to name two I would go for:

– Prince Lokoni – Luku a meisje (Uproot Andy & Geko Jones Remix)

Because it perfectly blends those African vocals with trap sounds before switching to its uptempo kuduro-ish vibe. Moreover the drop of the trap part has this great kind of deep but still powerful but still not to overproduced sound that I miss in a lot of Trap tracks (which are to heavy for my taste).

– Tropkillaz – Alright.

Because of its great switch up between trap and dembow rhythyms as well as fitting in those feel good vocals (without being to cheesy).


If some one want to contract you, how they can find you?

Check me via my Facebook page (Facebook.com/djsilentpressure) or link me & listen all my mixes via soundcloud (soundcloud.com/djsilentpressure) or say “hola” via mail ([email protected]). If you re in Berlin you can find me at the dancehall party Bass Dive and of course at our tropical bass rave Bamboo Bass.

We are currently working on new dates and there is gonna be a Bamboo Bass compilation coming up. Stay tuned for more!



Dj Silent Pressure

Maga Bo & Process Rebel : Lanekasi EP Feat. Teba Shumba


Great meeting of men here, USA via Netherland’s Process Rebel and Brazil’s Transnational Bass original Maga Bo and also a great meeting of minds and musical ideas. They also recruit Capetown’s Teba Shumba on vox for a mesmerizing foray into dark Kwaito, Dub-Tribal, Industrial and Tropical riddims for a truly Transnational affair.

The EP opens with the dark, brooding Kwaito of the title track with Teba singing in his native slang that combines the languages of Zulu and Xhosa but sounding like he could have come from the son of a Ragga God.

“Like A Punk” is my fave with its Post-Apocalyptic Dub-Tribal stylings making the track a perfect fit as soundtrack material for any Boyle/Coppola flick. Real killa track and that bassline is raw!

“Tropical Operator Riddim” continues the Tropical Rainforest theme that underpins the whole EP. With shakers and a typically Amazon type melody this track is the soundtrack to your journey into the deepest heart of the Brazilian Rainforest.

The final track, “For The Grace” re-works the previous track with the addition of Shumba’s African influence that makes the track come alive and ready for the underground dancefloors of the world.

A great Transnational offering to the Gods! Cop it from Bandcamp.

Transnational bass ambassador Maga Bo (Rio) meets the genre-slippery but industrially heavy Process Rebel (Amsterdam) to create an EP that explodes fresh amalgams of urban electronic music. The producers enlisted Teba Shumba (Cape Town) for lyrics and vocals when the three had a chance meeting in Amsterdam during overlapping European tours. All of the vocal recording and final mixes were done at Process Rebel’s studio in Amsterdam.

Here’s a couple of cool promo vids too:

Shy FX feat. Gunsmoke – Gangsta [6Blocc Refix] – FREE DOWNLOAD

Shy FX feat. Gunsmoke - Gangsta [6Blocc Refix] - FREE DOWNLOAD

Shy FX feat. Gunsmoke - Gangsta [6Blocc Refix] - FREE DOWNLOAD

This track is tough as nails…I love this type of sound. Classic. And a great refix by 6Blocc.  Many may not agree with me but Ragga, Jungle, Deep Subby music never gets old for me. I actually meant to post this awhile ago when it first appeared on SoundCloud but life has a way of putting itself before the things you enjoy most…Free Download:

Insintesi dub – Salento Roots Selection [Italian Dub/Roots]


This is pretty cool, Italian Dub/Roots music. A mix full of it.

Italian duo, Insintesi, fuse reggae and ethnic influences in a futuristic dub and electronic dimension. it’s a meltin’ pot of old school reggae, dubstep, jungle, bass and roots music from Salento (South Italy).

Contains one of my favourite tracks “Rosapaeda – Ta Travudia (The Rootsman remix)” that first appeared on the early Shantel compilations,  just love this track so much!

01) Insintesi ft Alessia Tondo – Pizzica di Aradeo
02) Stefano Miele ft Brunella Selo – Rirollallà
03) Rosapaeda – Ta Travudia (The Rootsman remix)
04) Raffaella Aprile – Fei? (Insintesi ska mix)
05) Raffaella Aprile – Fei? (Insintesi moombathon version)
06) Opa Cupa – Sotu sotu (Insintesi remix)
07) Insintesi ft Anna Cinzia Villani – Quannu camini dub
08) Treble – Il sutra del cuore pt.1 (Insintesi production)
09) Insintesi ft Raffaella Aprile & Papet j (MSS) – Santu Paulu de Marseille
10) Insintesi ft Miss Mykela & Maria Mazzotta (CGS)- Pizzicarella dub
11) Militant P – Fondamentale (Insintesi jungle version)
12) Gopher D – Ogne semana (Insintesi jungle version)
13) Sud Sound System – Lu Salentu brucia (Insintesi remix)
14) Lu Marra & FiloMusik – Mista Bossi

Insintesi project was born in Lecce (Salento) in 1998 after the blending of different musical and artistic experiences joined together by the same element: their love for dub, reggae, and jungle music. This duo in composed by two artists, Francesco Andriani de Vito (deejay and producer) and Alessandro Lorusso (instrumentalist and producer). Their music mixes urban dub sonorities with raggae melodies from Salento and Mediterranean world music. In 2010 they published Salento in Dub (Amina Mundi label). Being a very successful work, “Salento in Dub” is a “warped” and passionate image of the music played in Salento from traditional to reggae music in an electronic style.

In 2011 Fimmene in dub (2012 ed. anima mundi) is their last album where Insintesi keep on with the challenge started with their very successful “Salento in dub” (edited by Anima Mundi, in 2009, proposing another development of folk music from Salento in relation to research and innovation in electronic music. With “Fimmene in Dub” Insintesi continue their work on the same line, but concentrating the experimentation on traditional music by Salento and on female voice, particularly expressive in the most remote place in Apulia, where some singers (most of them sing in the album) succeed in performing very well a music which is still anchored to the past and they can also move it to modern artistic age. This work is also a collecting of great musicians who come from Salento and collaborate with Insintesi in this project. In this CD you can notice singers like Enza Pagliara, Anna Cinzia Villani, Maria Mazzotta (among the voices of the Orchesta of “Notte Della Taranta”), Raffaella Aprile, Miss Mykela and Papet Jali, Mc of the group Massilia Sound System. Before they published one ep for the “Universal Egg/Deep Root” Label, one of the most important dub record label in the world, owned by Zion Train (2011).



Portugal is very well known for artists with roots in Reggae, Ragga, Dub and Dancehall. MR. MARLEY AND ZACKY MAN literally grow up in the scene. I remember Mr. Marley performing as child with the  band One Love Family consisting in family elements (father, mother, brothers, sisters and friends) in which Zacky Man also make part.

This is pure Dancehall with no b*sh*t fancy cliches. This are lyrics with consistent thoughts and made with beats that enters directly in your waists. Keep an eye on this duo and in the creative team behind them, Storytellers .



Richie Campbell is probably the most well known artist nowadays in what cames to Reggae, Ragga , Soul and Dancehall made in Portugal. His work is marvelous and the energy he imprints on his performances and the amazing band that supports him, 911 Band, helped to contribute to the European tour with Antony B.  Only images can describe what this artist is made of.

Richie Campbell – Get With You

Richie Campbell – That’s How We Roll Live at Expofacic 2012




Not only in Carioca Baile Funk that the TRAP CVLTVRE is growing like a bass monster doing fusions with all the others genres emerging from the forwarded-headed producers and djs. In São Paulo, we got a underground bass scene that slowly is showing some solid results. The first EP of Blanka Krew, formed by VINIBANGERSANTS and MC JIMMY released under the eyes of the Dirty Kidz Gang collective, a combination of artists that support the bass events and manage the career of djs  and producers. In this free first release, you find not just TRAP, but a combination of Baile Funk, Grime (with MC Jimmy rappin’ in a kind of brazilian ragga style), Dubstep and of course, Moombahton. Take it for free below.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/2700013″ params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=true&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Copia Doble Systema + Soom T Drop A Stormin Lil Number For Free!

So,this is what happens when Glasgow meets Copenhagen via the medium of Cumbia,or ‘Viking Cumbia Crunk Karaoke’ as the Copia chaps have christened it.Talking of which,wouldn’t it be a treat to hear this gettin battered through a pair of badass bins in Copenhagen’s famous Christiana Barrio,just kicking back,quaffing a few Tropical Mango smoothies and maybe wafting out some righteous smoke signals over the Danish skyline=bliss.

Maybe they will hook up an make the video there,who knows.In Copialandia,Ravey Davey synth stabs and Guiros co-exist in perfect harmony,offering a perfect backdrop for the exemplorary Soom T to notch up some of her world famous,mellifluous mischief making,pon the mic,One thing is carved in stone tho,Soom T  can rhyme,this is pure Glasgowfarian fiyah.

On Fisketorvert Riddim she masterfully exhibits the skills that have seen her collabing with the likes of Mungos Hi Fi,The Orb,Mercury Nominees-King Creosote (with Brian Docherty) and Ken McCluskey of The Bluebells (80s UK Chartoppers) Anyway less of the flapdoodling,just go and grab this now.Respect to the Copia Doble Systema/Soom T crew,for the free DL.

One Love Vibrations and Irations to the  North European Cumbiafarians.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/39719475″ iframe=”true” /]