Roundup Sessions 7

This one came a bit late on the week. Anyway, here's the selection for this week's roundup (does not necessarily include tracks release on this week), hope you enjoy. This time with a larger variety in sonority and a larger number of tracks. Read more [...]

RIOT – Zouk Weapons Vol. 1

We love Riot on this blog and his presence has been huge in the Zouk Bass scene. He has been one of the leading and most innovative producers within the genre. He has also been a pioneer with his remarkable work with Buraka Som Sistema. Now he has unleashed a killa 2 track EP on Enchufada which is Read more [...]


Zouk Bass is not even 1 year old yet following that infamous Buraka Som Sistema Boiler Room Session last February! Here's 10 tracks that have created an impact in that short time. This is not a "Best Of" or even a list of my personal faves, if it were, then the list would be pretty different. It Read more [...]


So where is this new thing based on an old thing headed to at the moment. Well, here's a selection of Zouk Bass and Zouk Bass inspired tracks that came out recently: Riot This just dropped so I thought I'd update this post: Banginclude Another update and a killer, killer track: Pa Kongal First Read more [...]

Blaya new EP – Superfresh

Blaya reunite the Army of  Bass for this release. Klipar, Bizt, Dj Comrade, King Kong and Zak-Matic are the troops that gives skeleton to this musical body. None of them are new to the Generation Bass readers. The EP is complete with remixes by Riot (Buraka Som Sistema) and Pacheco. Between tours Read more [...]

Zouk Bass Volume 2 : Free Download

So the final day of Zouk Bass week and what a treat we have in store to end this awesome week, Volume 2 of the Zouk Bass Compilation and it's freee! Volume 1 went down a storm, so much so that it crashed the server and we had to change download links 3 times but we won't let that happen with Volume Read more [...]


It's been almost 4 months since the term "Zouk Bass" was created by Buraka Som Sistema to give a new identity to the evolution of Tarraxinha tracks that were incorporating a heavier clubbed out, souped-up, bass dynamic. Buraka have released a few tracks and we at Generation Bass have released 4 EP's Read more [...]