Fish Finger Ft. Sinerise – Hazy (Fish Finger & Tosti Dub Version)


So great to hear Fish Finger with his finger back on the pulse and this new Dub number that he’s dropping with Canadian vocalist Sinerise and Tosti from the Netherlands sounds pretty damn amazing.

Can’t wait for the whole thing to drop, wow!

Really feeling the Sinerise stuff too, gorgeous vox and some awesome productions, keep your eye on her too:



If you’re familiar with our blog then you’ll be more than familiar with our Dub Resident, Celt Islam, who has created a unique hybrid Transnational Bass & Dubstep sound that he calls Sufi Dub!

Celt Islam is really in a league and owns a sound of his own and he now offers up his new album that has the best title any album has ever had “Generation Bass”.

“Dub Virus” kicks off the show with an intro that reminded me of a cross between “Overture” on 2112 by my fave prog Rockers Rush and something from Lord of The Rings, except that the dialogue centres around a belief that drives and inspires Celt’s music, Islam.

The dialogue goes as follows:

“How many a small force has triumphed over a much greater one by Allah’s permission , Allah is with the steadfast”

It’s no ordinary dialogue as it’s by Ian Dallas, Federico Fellini’s favourite actor who also appeared in Fellini’s film as “Il partner della telepata”.

Ian Dallas is now known as “Shaykh AbdalQadir” as he became a Muslim in the 60’s and joined the Darqawiyya Sufi Tariqa to which he ended up becoming its leader and responsible for people like Cat Stevens , Richard Thompson [ Fairport Convention ] and Hamza Yusuf Hanson the American Sufi scholar converting to Islam.

Beautiful dialogue and Rush intro over, the journey begins and its straight into some mind-bending Transnational Dub with a Middle Eastern overtone.

“Ghetto Blaster” has Psy Dub leanings to a Sci-Fi soundtrack.

“Astro Sufi”, as the title suggests, evokes imagery of a Dervish whirling deep into hyper-space.  A spacey, bass driven, chilled voyage descends into a battle of the wills but with the Astro Sufi and Peace winning the day.

In Arabic, “Baraka” means “a blessing from God in the form of spiritual wisdom or divine presence”.  There’s no lightweight or shallow narrative running through this album but a spiritual transcendence and Celt’s music is telling a story, like it always has done.

Things get a bit more chilled when we reach the “New World”, maybe it is now the time to gather one’s thoughts and contemplate the future like a wizened old philosopher.  Things are definitely a bit more skanking in an electro way.

Now you have reached time for the freebie, exclusive to us, that comes in the form of “Cosmonaut” which rocks like crazy, picks you up and drops you down and invites you to submit to the Sufi Dub sound.

“Transonic Velocity” is the means by which the soundwaves of Sufi Dub will be permanently implanted into your mind.  It’s a a machine like state of spirituality as the machine tries hard to get into the deepest recesses of your mind!

Now the title track and one of the best song, album titles, ever in the history of music “Generation Bass”. It’s a slow Dub driven beauty that resurrects Celt of Old.  Melody and atmospherics whirling in your head just like, moments before, that Dervish that the machine had implanted in there.  That Dervish is Whirling in your mind and your mind is turning, maybe turning to something new, more meaningful!

Even though your mind might be open to new explorations, you’ll never leave the “Earth Tribe” behind during your Transcendence and now’s the time to remember them and some of the good things they stood up for.  A gorgeous Arabian melody kicks in a quarter of the way through which leaves thoughts & old memories transfixed in your mind whilst you continue to push forward to enlightenment.

The journey continues and now you’ve become more than just a mere journeyman, you’re an “Interstella Nomad” traversing the deserts of the new world.

Unbeknown to you, many have been following in your footsteps and you have amassed an army of some magnitude who are all now ready for a “Celestial Invasion”.  A battle of the minds, a battle of good over evil, peace over war, knowledge over ignorance, humility over ego and love over hate!

Mission accomplished, you have won, you have transcended, you are enlightened and so now is the time to “Energise” so that you may complete your journey and pass through with your physical being as your mind is already there and has been spiritually nourished.

Coming back to the words that opened the album:

“How many a small force has triumphed over a much greater one by Allah’s permission , Allah is with the steadfast”

“Generation Bass” by Celt Islam is an album that is a Sufi Dub driven gem of sounds and ideas and tales that will dwell and grow in the minds of those who are steadfast.  It’s one of the most interesting and unique Dub oriented releases you’ll hear this year or in any year.

The album tells a story and it will tell a different story to each person.  The above was my story.  Take a listen so you can tell yours.

Grab the free track in WAV:


“Appear as you are,be as you appear” { Rumi }

“Music is a mathematical, visceral, and psych-spiritual microcosm of the universe; as is humanity. It is extraordinarily powerful and at the same time subtle. Most are unaware of its nature and possibilities. It’s power is, in its primordial form, morally neutral. Human intention and application make it either beneficial or destructive. ” { Dawoud Kringle The Renegade Sufi }

“In the rhythms and melodies of music there is a great secret. If I were to reveal it, it would destroy the whole world.” { Rumi }


World Cup Cumbia Roundup – Argentina Special


I promised it last week but I’m starting to doubt. Does it still make sense to dedicate a special edition to the World Cup now two of the three main cumbia countries, Colombia and Mexico, have both been eliminated? Probably not that much.. The only cumbia-country left in the game is Argentina.. Especially now. I started this post a couple of days ago, before they beat my own country. But sports are sports.. and winners are winners. So here a post to celebrate Argentina.

That means, a more extended roundup of newskool cumbia villera than I’m normally used to. Check out the newest tunes to which crowds football fans will celebrate their victory tonight!

First this.. there was a video circulating on the internet some weeks ago, even reaching the Dutch news, of the Argentinean team mocking their arch-rival Brasil. But who has realised that the song they are singing is actually from cumbia villera singer El Retutu? ‘Brasil Decime Que se Siente’ (‘Brazil, Tell me How it Feels’).. after yesterday’s match, this mildly nasty song gets a whole new dimension, and Argentinians have probably played this out loud yesterday night..

Everyone needs cumbia-education and the roots of cumbia villera is an exciting topic to dive into. A movie or cinematic documentary, Alta Cumbia, is at the point of being released in Argentina’s cinema’s that tells the story of the rise of this scene in Argentina’s underprivileged urban neighbourhoods. Here an exciting trailer!

Deep-dub-cumbia specialist El Barba Dub released this delicious deep bass remix last week  of Chimpan-C‘s huge villera hit ‘La Culi Suelta‘, for the Mexican channel Tropic-All.

This huge tune from El Dipy Papa spices up the vibes of original cumbia villera and reggaeton with a delicious heavier bass synth and extra percussion that sounds inspired by Mexican tribal guarachero.

Grab this banger and play it for all your global bass, reggaeton and mainstream-latin crowds this summer!

Unlike much of the dj-centred Mexican cumbia, urban cumbia villera has been a very vocalist-centred world, revolving around live performances by singers and MC’s are which are the most famous artists. I wonder if this new tune by Mc El Villano, together with Doctor Dj, with lyrics that give all fame and swag to the Dj, is a sign that Dj’s are really getting a more prominent role now in this scene.

Download it here!

Last on the list is De La Calle, showing some love for the Argentinian team with this short trailer for an upcoming acoustic tribute to Whatsapp!

But let’s move on to the rest of the roundup now.

Regional Label hosted the Mexican robot-dj Oscilador Latin Bass recently, who releases a delicious blend of cumbia grooves and traditional sounds with dreamy, futuristic sounds and bass!

This crazy uptempo tune from Qechuaboi, a tribute to the Colombian painter Botero, also delivers a lot of hyperfuturistic laser-madness. Undecided whether this should be called cumbia, 3ball or something else. But who cares, it is ‘Muy Bailable’, ‘very danceable’, and that is what it’s all about in the end!

Orihuela M.S.S. teamed up with El Catorce for something more spiritual.. reworking a devotional song into a crazy-yet-deep trap-3ball banger!

Also from Argentina but from a slightly different corner of the cumbia scene is roots-dub oriented cumbiambero El Ganjahman, whom I’m blogging for the first time on Generation Bass. Enjoy his newest releases from this week..

A mashup..

..and an original production, featuring the rappers from Marciano Crew!

Back to Mexico now, with this nice cumbification of ‘Poder Caracol‘, from the Mexican reggae-ragga formation Lengualerta by Malacopa Bros!

Argentinian fans are getting a last party banger from me: an tasty remix of Gucci Mane‘s oldie ‘Pillz‘, cumbiafied for you Los Mas Chingones!

But truth is harsh and my own team lost. So for now I’m off.. We’ll be back soon!

B.Riddim releases “Back To Wild” EP on Dub Sundaes [Portugal Bass Music]


Dub Sundaes is a Portuguese label with headquarters in Caldas da Rainha, a prodigal city in the western central part which has been revealing some of the most innovative artists in the country due in part to the art schools there. With almost a year of activity but headed by an “old school” team with very clear ideas, Dub Sundaes provides coherent events with national and international artists, tight releases and radio shows targeting the Portuguese bassheads´s fine taste.

They always brings the best of the bass music made in Portugal, so for their second release they signed the talented B.Riddim aka Luís Sequeira. Interesting how an artist that was born in one of the most cold cities in the country makes the most warm music known around here.

Born in the city of Guarda (another city known for giving birth to very creative artists) soon find himself in the middle of analog sounds, Classical Piano studies and Music Theory. Growing and giving continuity to the  exploration of Rap and Industrial sounds on the project G-Ward, a personal love for all Bashment coming from Jamaica started to became more solid and seminal in the next steps of his career.

In Madrid studying Audio Engineering; Dub, Dubstep and IDM starts to become his favourite channels of expression without never forgetting his past influences and production techniques. Canada, Mexico and then London were the following places where he traveled for improving his knowledge and influences for his work.

The EP opens with homonym track Back To Wild, 125 BPM full of meticulous and fragile textures well fitted in a solid bass. Between the exploration of the Leftfield sounds on the rhythm pattern and the spacy Purple Sound on the synths, the track keeps the imagery in the urban sights but looking very up to the cosmos.

The 2nd track, Dub is My Land, needs no comment, the title says everything. Bravio Dub is a hell of a damn impressive dubby tune with the Spanish guitar leading the way and kazoos and trumpets on a liquid effect making this one of the best tracks of the EP for me. Prepare your best cocktail and enjoy it at the sun.

Keep pushing boundaries of Dub now at 140 BPM, Dub’ipnotik like the title says is made for mind travel, so lay down on the pumping bass and let the other elements do the rest.

More heavy on the rhythm pattern D’ub – El Otro finds the perfect balance with the melodica (pianica) and strangely (at least for me) keeps sending me more to Latin America than to Jamaica with subtle arrangements.

Keep an eye on this artist and this label, more news about them soon.





Dub Sundaes






La Dame Blanche EP


This EP was almost part of last week’s Sexxy Saturday Cumbia but I chose to keep it for a separate post. Because this one needs some extra attention. When I saw this EP appearing last week on my Soundcloud stream I was immediately in love with everything about it! But who is La Dame Blanche?

La Dame Blanche is the new solo project of the Paris based Cuban latin-jazz vocalist Yaite Ramos Rodriguez who features in many tunes from the reggae and cumbiamuffin artist Dj Sargento. A familiar artist for early followers of Generation Bass!


For this first EP, released on the label Wakan Tanka Records, she teamed up with the Argentinean nu-cumbiambero El Hijo de la Cumbia and with the experimental hiphop producer Babylotion. The result is an excellent EP with high-quality music, accompanied by poetic, socially conscious lyrics.

‘La Revancha’ is an energetic organic cumbia-hiphop tune with powerful vocals reminiscent of La Mala Rodríguez.

‘XVII Estrellas’ is a track where the main emphasis is on the lyrics, supported by a minimalistic but mesmerising ‘synth-hop’ beat.

‘La Frontera’ is a thoughtful, emotional song with a classic soulful hiphop beat and skillfully performed protest message, continuously switching between singing and rap and any area in-between.

‘No Tengo’ is the last track of the EP, where a cumbia dub beat subtly brings back the cumbia element!

The four original mixes are supplemented with an instrumental and an acapella version of the main track ‘La Revancha’.

Get the EP on the artist’s bandcamp!

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia : Roots, Fusion and the Future


After the energetic entry of Filipe Ribeiro on the Generation Bass stage yesterday, I am the second new face to introduce myself.

Last week, El Guero Unico, one of the blog’s heavyweights, announced to bid farewell. At that moment I didn’t even remotely realise yet that, a week later, I would be writing the article you are now reading. A captive follower of this blog for about a year and a half now, applying here was the equivalent of a boy’s dream: tantalising but probably the chasing of a pie in the sky. But, surprisingly, DJ Umb has confidence in me and, with equally shaking hands I now take over the baton.

My name is Victor Evink. Followers of global bass blogs have probably noticed the flaming eyes adorning many soundcloud tracks, changing them into aggressively staring monsters. Well folks, that’s me: Ojo Torrado – still going by that name in absence of a better option. I’m an adopted Colombian kid, grown up the Netherlands, and I will keep you updated about cumbia.

My passion for that music genre goes deep. As I told Umb, the intensely happy sound with an ever melancholic twist already sounded through the house as I was a child and my parents put on what went under the heading of ‘Colombian music’, which was a mixture of serene Andes-music and the more warm blooded styles with the tamboras and and the shakers. Back in the early 2000s, meetings of adopted Colombian youths were called ‘cumbias’ and as a 16 year old hip-hop kid I frequently explored the internet for artists who mixed cumbia with rap.

Last week we’ve seen great cumbia. An inspiring doc has shown us its Amerindian and African roots in the history of Colombia, Sonido del Principe has given us a foretaste of the cumbia that our great-grandchildren on Mars will be raving on, and El Guero Unico’s mammoth post has shown us how diverse the genre has become today. Now it’s my turn. I have often been amazed how traces of cumbia have found their way into different music scenes and countries. Finding cumbia in an unexpected way or at an unexpected place makes me smile from ear to ear. Let me try to show you exactly how that feels. Forgive me for posting some older tracks here though. They just deserved to be blogged by somebody one day.

The first example comes from the cradle of the cumbia, Colombia, where the rappers of the duo Flaco Flow y Melanina draw from their pacific roots, combining cumbia with reggae and rap. The song about a year old now but only a couple of months ago, the music video was released. Enjoy!

The following tune shows you how much cumbia has been integrated into other global bass genres. The Argentinean electronic percussion artist mixes cumbia with dembow and zouk-bass.

The Dallas-based Mexican producer Erick Jaimez, who smoothly turns all sorts of tropical rhytms into groovy house music presents: cumbia-house!

The creative producer from Tijuana, Yelram Selectah, frequently featured on this blog, draws inspiration from the newest craze: twerk music!

The following tracks are a further exploration into Mexico, one of the most important home bases of the cumbia scene these days. Readers of this blog will know that Mexico has seen the birth of a new music scene: 3ball guarachero, which is heavily influenced by cumbia (sometimes even regarded as a subgenre of cumbia) and is nowadays absorbing a lot of influences from global bass genres as moombahton and trap. The styles keep fusing, evolving and are often supported by the same people. A couple of months ago, Vice magazine featured a documentary about a Mexico-City based collective of DJs who have become local superstars by fusing reggaeton with cumbia: cumbiaton!

One of the rising names in the Mexico-City cumbiaton scene is DjBekman, who has also, for example embraced moombahton. Make sure to check out the rest of his tunes as well!

Moving from Mexico City to Oaxaca, you’ll find another innovative producer you should keep an eye on: djGiovanniRios. He has created his own 3ball-bass genre: Tribal Evolution and here he does a 3ball-cumbia remix of one of the all-time moombahton anthems!

More 3ball-cumbia comes from another quite unknown producer I wanted to blog. The Mzk Dj Producer fuses 3ball and cumbia with sounds from the Andes.

From Mexico, I take a leap to my own country, the Netherlands. One of the most important figureheads of cumbia here is Dj producer Café de Calaveras, whose reggae-cumbia EP was featured on this blog. Here he makes one of the Dutch hiphop scene’s Nestors, Brainpower, sound as if he performed on the White Beach of Cartagena.

A Dutch rapper of the current generation is Fresku. Although a conscious, socially critical rapper in real life, he has a satirical alter ego, Gino Pietermaai. Gino is a caricature of every negative aspect of stereotypes around Fresku’s own Dutch-Caribbean origins and a mocking imitation of some aspects of hip-hop culture today. The cool thing about Gino is that he resides for longer periods on Curacao from time to time, taking its musical melting pot of tropical beats with him back to Holland. This is Gino, full swag on, spitting obscenities over a cumbia-bubbling beat as only he can do. Complete with a vid that looks like a parody of ostentation funk.

I round of with one of the blog’s household artists, the French cumbiambero Captain Cumbia, who did this redix of Funkdoobiest’s 1993 classic with B-real just two days ago. Bounce and dance that cumbia sabrosa…

I’d say… wepa!!

Kameronessi – Morning Dew


We did an Arabic Rising post on this dude last September when he threw down a massive MoombahArabia track HERE.  He was also recently featured on the free Moombahohhton compilation we dropped at Xmas.  So he is making some small ripples in the lil’ pond of this worldwide scene that we’ve been embroiled in for a while.

Here’s his latest offering, which I DIG!

UM<3 who is a worldwide authority and one of the world’s leading specialist experts (ahahahahahah) on these things says keep your eyes peeled on this dude cause he is gonna go places 🙂

daTrixta – Top 3 mixes of 2012?? Let’s go BIG, TOP 3 MIXES of ALL TIME ! ! !

guac mig mix

I am relatively new to this whole blogosphere, this is my first “end of year” post, so while everyone else out there is busy compiling their best of 2012 lists I figured I would go a slightly different route and share a few older mixes that I feel are dope enough to stand up as my favorite mixes of ALL TIME!!!

The first one here is from a true legend in the world of Tropical Bass, Uproot Andy. The Guarcharaca Migration Mix was released in 2008 and for me personally it was the first time I encountered such a fantastic, cohesive blending of Latin, Caribbean and African sounds with elements of electronic production. For me, even before I was familiar with the term Tropical Bass, this was truly my first encounter with this genre that I would come to love so much. It is an amazing mix and moves fluidly from Soca to Kuduro, Cumbia, Crunk, Dancehall and everywhere in between. BIG UPS to Uproot Andy, thanks for making this mix homie, I can honestly say that it changed my life!

Uproot Andy – Guacharaca Migration Mix by Guacharaca on Mixcloud

The next one here is from my homie DJ Chicus. This Rootstep mix released in 2010 kind of created a sub-genre of its own that I never heard too much from before and not too much after. That would be “Rootstep” something like dubstep but on the very dubby, roots-y, soulistic tip. It came at a time when Dubstep was really taking off here in the USA. However, I felt that this mix was a perfect soulful counterbalance to the aggro-intense ‘Brostep’ scene that was emerging. Whats even more astounding is the fact that this whole mix is made from vinyl, reeeeespect! Spark up the essence and count your blessings!!



The last mix here is maybe my absolute favorite and the single mix that I reach for most often when I am playing chill DJ gigs and need to take a break. The Colorful Sweater mix was released in 2008, made by New York native DJ Elwood. It’s basically soul and disco and pimped out stuff from the 70s and 80s, it’s the type of undeniably groovy tunes that work for almost any crowd anywhere. What makes this mix even better is that it’s all sorts of dope grooves from that era but none of the joints on here are really big well known songs. I remember when Elwood was making this mix and I know for a fact that a large portion of this mix can be traced directly back to Louie’s vinyl collection from the Bronx. Vintage cuts, straight from the source!!!


peace i’m out
see yall in 2013
hit me on the twit!

Paddy’s Day Special-The Gift Of The Jab

As its that time of year,we at Generation Bass (inbetween stuffin our faces with Spuds n Stout) thought it would be fun to get a wee Irish theme goin on, so without further ado,we’d like to introduce Temper-Mental MissElayneous.

Question-Who is Temper-Mental MissElayneous ?

Answer- Shes an 19yr old Irish Slam Poet Rapper,forward slash,trained Actress,fashioned by the fiery flame of Finglas in Dublins Northside.Shes a hard hitter,who is not scared punchin well above her weight.With MissElayneous its not a case of where to start, its where to stop.She has so many pearls of wisdom beyond her yrs on display,that she makes the crown jewels look like fake plastic pageantry.This is ‘Charity Shop Bling’ at its most cutting edge.With great gusto she swiftly reminds us that its all about wealth of mind and not the cheap fleeting and vacuous pocket wealth.Her diamonds are her words and thoughts and her EP is dope.Period.Czech it.

First track up is FREE track,’Dominoes’ (could there be a clever twist on the Latin here? In Dominum Dominus etc) Maybe,cos she certainly gets ripped right into the dominating powers and ideologies that permeate our modern day society.Brazen and bold, she tears into the morally bereft,mainstream media with every slashing syllable.Indeed, pretty much every malice thats ever been puked out of our tv screens gets cut to shreds by her well filed cats claws,Im thinkin of Jim Fitpatrick’s famous print of Palu here.It really is difficult to disagree with anything she says,hence,a perfect combo of nodding yer head to the beats,and,at same time,nodding in joyous approval to her every vocallised left jab an uppercut.Armed with Mic + Bodhran (an Irish Frame drum brought to the island by African travellers) she shows no fear,yet her delivery isn’t over aggressive in that off-putting,ugly way ‘certain’ Gangster Bling rappers can be.

She reminds me a bit of Damian Dempsey and Christy Moore,other greats who are never afraid of broaching the polemic.Incisive and poignant,she takes no prisoners and hungrily spares the blade for no one on the dark side.She seems to brim with self confidence and so she should ,she has the gift alright,the gift of the gab and that gab has a mighty jab.As aforementioned,the most difficult thing in writin about her is keepin it short as her lyrical flows pound the imagination centres as she inspires a rush of inspiration in every gasping,cutting and thrusting revelation.MissElayneous is a Lenanshee with a Banshee’s South Paw.If ye dont know,Ireland is represented symbolically by Four Women;Helen,Maive Etain and Fand.Let MissElayneous take her rightful place among them.She earns her stripes by rallying against the daily frontal lobe rape that we all get from the corrupt Politicians backed by their chronies in the,even more corrupt,mainstream Media.Tirelessly,and with pin point precision,she unleasehes her gentil feminine venom on the traditional enemies of self authority.

When John lennon quipped that you have to destroy evil and violence with cut throat wit an humour, MissEl was taking notes at the front of Lennon’s class.Locked tight,she has them in her cross hairs an she aint for lettin them out her sights.Heartwarming,at last, to see someone with the grip of a pitbull,the tongue of an angel, and the mind of Maud Gonne,Kathleen Behan,Bernadette Devlin,mixed with Eve Libertine and Joy de Vivre (from Crass) all rolled into one.I’d love to see her hooked up with Legendary Slam Poet Saul Williams,why not,hes a huge fan of Irish poetry,he cites Yeats as one of his biggest influences and MissElayneous is undoubtedly a fine Irish Poet.Exhibit B your Honour;

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Another given,that is also carved in stone,regarding this bright young hope,is that HILL16 Management,thanks to the nod from Irish Writer,Johnny Ferguson,have taken up the mantle,and we will undoubtedly be hearin a LOT from her in the future.HILL16,if u dont know is legendary Frank Murray’s company.Frank was best buddys with Phil Lynott,lead singer of Irish Rock Legends,Thin Lizzy,back in the day.Frank later went on to Tour Manage Thin Lizzy,as well as going on to work with The Specials,The Pogues and Kirtsy McColl to name but a few.In fact he is out in Texas right now at SXSW organising the Paddy’s Day celebrations…..So, to further mark the occasion, here’s some Thin Lizzy and The Pogues to help get ye in the mood for good aul Paddys day Jig.

MissElayneous Abhu.Slan Wa Compadres. 😉

Temper-Mental MissElayneous on Facebook



And no Paddys Day is complete without The Dubliners and The Pogues rattlin out their inimitable version of The Irish Rover.One word;Immortal.



This week DangerGirl, DJ Rastacore and Dutty Girl bring the moombah, ragga dubstep and, well, general duttyness. Dive in!


NZ’s DangerGirl opens this d&b-based-moombah mix with a Doc Scott remix – which is quite a hilarious choice after all that silliness a few months ago – and continues through a deep, thoughtful moombah selection with wobbles eschewed for double bass and low synth booms. Nice.

Doc Scott – Far Away (B-Stee, Archi & Brent Tactic Rmx)
Adam F – Circles (Jon Kwest Rmx)
Roni Size + DJ Die – It’s A Jazz Thing (Jon Kwest Rmx)
Photek – UF0 (Jon Kwest Rmx)
HARIKIRI – Unforeseen
Substance – Homeboyz (Jon Kwest Rmx)
J-Trick – Flexah (Steezie Wonder ‘Jungleton’ Refix)
Steezie Wonder – Bad From
Lankino – Somos De La Calle (Steezie Wonder & Riotboy Remix)
Elementz Of Noize – Hit The Deck (Pickster & Jon Kwest Rmx)
Potential Bad Boy – Rollin’ (feat MC Det) (Jon Kwest Rmx)
New Blood – Worries In The Dance (Jon Kwest Rmx)
Krinjah & Monica – Angel (BOYFRIEND edibooty)

DJ Rastacore

Deep rootsy dubstep selection right here

Dub Terminator & Ras Stone – Mamma africa
Tes la Rok – Darkness Falls Upon Us
Sukh Knight – Hands In Your Pockets (feat. Jahcoozi)
G31 – Pity
Boson – Bag o wire
Duboffensive – Passin de Erb
Vaski Vs Sublime – Summertime (Crunk In Public Smashup)
Matta vs Pablo Gad – When I Was a Yout
Dub Terminator & Ras Stone – Bad Mind Ft Ras StoneOriginal_Mix
Smut – Badman Place
U.K_Apachi and Shy Fx – Original Nuttah_(the_tek-one_mix)
Gangsta na play aka Numa Crew – World_of_ragga_(bonus)
Uncle Sam – Round The World Girls (Tes La Rok Remix)

Dutty Girl

Fellow Bristolians Dutty Girl repping moombah, dancehall, hip hop & all kinds of bass… This mix was actually on my to-post list a little while ago but it somehow slipped off the end, luckily the dutty girls in question just got in touch to remind us 🙂

1) Dutty Girl Intro
2) Curiousity – Dazee & Diss Miss ft. Klair/Sarah B/Koast
3) March Out Riddim
4) Bad Behaviour – Heartbreak
5) Boneknuckles (Moombahton Remix) – Heartbreak & Munchi
6) Galang Gal – T.O.K
7) Badman Riddim (Heartbreak Edit) – Vato Gonzales
8) Everybody Clap – T.O.K
9) Calabria – Enur
10) I See You Lady – Dazee & Diss Miss ft. Klair
11) Source 16 – Redlight
12) Take Me Down – Dazee & Diss Miss ft. Kash Honey
13) Bax – Mosca
14) Face Up – Seiji
15) Battle For Middle You – Julio Bashmore
16) King Of My Castle – Wamdue Project
17) Planet X – Redlight
18) Bleep Ting – Dazee & Diss Miss
19) Stamina – Zero G
20) MDMA – Redlight
21) Don’t Know Me – Dazee & Diss Miss, ft. Sarah B
22) Be Like Me (Remix) – Snoop Dogg ft. P Money x True Tiger
23) Lost – Joker ft. Buggsy and Otis Brown
24) Ni**as In Paris – Jay Z & Kanye West
25) Who Dat – J.Cole
26) Sweet Little Lies – Dazee & Diss Miss ft. Sarah B
27) Whenever – Dazee & Diss Miss ft. Kash Honey
28) See Me On The Road (Dazee Remix) – Dazee & Diss Miss ft. Sarah B
29) In and Out – Dazee & Diss Miss ft. Kash Honey
30) Outro