Schlachthofbronx – Volumen feat Buraka Som Sistema

Does it get any better than this? 3 of my favourite acts, Schlachthofbronx featuring Buraka Som Sistema and released on Electronic Gods, Modeselektor's label. Not exactly the Big Room Bangerooney Read More

Tasty Tuesday Cumbia – The Future Is Now

In most of my posts, I've been exploring the developments of music, trying to "connect the dots", as Caballo poetically calls it, and seeking to forecast what will happen next. Because that is what Read More

Schlachthofbronx : Rave And Romance Free Album

The brilliant Schlachthofbronx just dropped their new release for FREE!!!!!! Have not had time to digest the album yet but listened to snippets and it sounds amazing as usual. It's 10 songs full Read More

Spoek Mathambo – Dummy Head Mix

Really feeling this mix by South African & regular Schlacthofbronx collaborator, Spoek. He did it for Dummy Magazine, whoever they are, and it's a mix that's vibing. Read More

TecnoBrega RocKs : Dj Werlen Trajano [Includes Schlachthofbronx TecnoBrega]

Brand new Brazilian Mega Tecnobrega talent spotted by my faithful underground mercenary, Omulu, say hello to our little friend cause this is brilliant stuff: With only 19 years, this Maranhão Santa Read More


Your favourite dance act in the house and here's what they say: "Hey you lovely people, its finally spring! as flowers, animals and humans all come back to life, we decided to start a video contest Read More


Ever since Buraka did that Boiler Room Session a few weeks back promoting Zouk Bass in the first few tracks, one we think in collaboration with Schlachthofbronx and perhaps Stefan Mo aka Stereotyp, it Read More

KleeKlak & Krunchh : Elektrick Qatar

These dudes from Qatar contacted me knowing I'm into Arabia vybz and although they are from the Middle East, there's not a hint of an Arabian sound in this track but nevertheless, I like it a lot. It's Read More
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