Musica Donum Dei (Caballo’s highlights Tribalism 2010)

Musica Donum Dei is a series of posts that I (Caballo) do every December and the result are my highlights for 2010.
One of the greatest genres we covered entirely was the 3ball revival!!! so this post is TRIBALISM!!!
Moombahton and Mambo violento are getting stronger and more accepted in the “radio” so i decided to do the Donum Dei more 3ball oriented, but for sure there are tracks in where you can feel the influence of both, or even more genres.
As i always say it is not a “the best of” necessarily; because it’ll be totally unfair with hundreds of producers, djs and artists who dropped amazing tracks during 2010..

Let’s start with NY’s wicked producer DJ REAGANOMICS and a song from ALGERIA!!

Electro-cumbia d’algiere (AF) by dj reaganomics
10 Tribabylon (threeball REMIX!) by Yelram Selectah
Tribabylon (threeball REMIX!) by yelram selectah
09 Canadian- NYrican Uproot Andy drops El Puchi Lockoff (5to Elemento vs Chimpo)
El Puchi Lockoff (5to Elemento vs Chimpo) by Uproot Andy
08 !Caramba! was one of the songs UMB posted that blew my mind!!!!
¡caramba! by Julius Sylvest
07 Our own Canalh!!! before writing about cumbia for generationbass was dropping amazing tribalmerenguecumbia
Ciclon del Caribe – Afrodita Vs G Flux (Canalh RMX) by Canalh [kanaj]
06 This one is perhaps one of the best releases in 2010!!!
BICHO DE LUZ by Frikstailers

Bicho de Luz (Version Tucu Tucu) by FRIKSTAILERS
05 Erick Rincon made his apparence on this countdown..straight to number 5!!
Amantes Guaracheros (Original Mix) – Erick Rincon by Remezcla
04 Sabbo!!! what can we add, that hasn’t been said about one of the best in every single genre.. you name it.. he’s done and killed it!!!
Me Tarzan You Jane by Sabbo
03 One that UMB posted and made me realize how wicked tribal can be!!
Garra de Jaguar
Dj Javier Estrada – Garra de Jaguar (Mexico Prehispanico) by djjavierestrada
02 I had the privilege of getting an Exclusive interview with this kid!!! and he gave us his 3 most banger tunes for FREE
Sheeqo Beat!!
Macumba (Sheeqo Beat Remix) – Hinojosa & Zambrano Ft. David Quijada by Sheeqo Beat
01 who else!!! but Dominican prodigy boy!!
Munchi!! let’s say: he Dropped THE TUNE!!!
Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx) by Munchi

AND also sickest 3ball of 2010!!
Munchi – Skrillex Es Un Montro by Munchi

GB Exclusive: SHEEQO BEAT (interview + Tracks)

Yes!!! FREE TUNES and a dope interview with one of the most explosive and young producers from 3ball!

Early this year we covered all that 3ball under scene that was cooking in Mexico, which it is still very ghetto in some way in the Aztec country, but super popular outside of it!!

Outsiders can feel this music the way it is.. raw!!! although basic in a pattern normally it is fast, ultra percussive, tons of shakers, drums, bells, and obviously a triplet rhythm.

Like in every single genre, we have six billion of 3ball Djs, and we have a “core”.. a cradle..and i guess this new wave is Monterrey in MX..
There are few main acts we can recognize..
One of them is SHEEQO BEAT.

So to start this Interview.. i want to thank sheeqo who came few days ago from Germany..
and to give us for FREE and EXCLUSIVE his most banger songs so far!!

GenerationBass:Thank you Sheeqo!

Sheeqo Beat: No problem, lol

GenerationBass: Sheeqo, you are one of the 3 guys from 3ball MTY, for the people who don’t know.. what exactly is 3ball MTY?

SB:3ball MTY is a project we set up (Eric Rincon and I) about a year and a half if I’m not wrong …
We were both producers, so we got together to put something more formal in terms of music; and we started moving around Monterrey.
We started playing in “tardeadas” that are only for underage and also at night clubs that let us in without having legal age.
But i mean, we were the act!

Later DJ Otto became part of the group and then the 3 of us were producing yet more tracks for people who went to see us , at some point we were playing for kids in the “tardeadas” or at night clubs, but we never thought doing or releasing an EP or something..

In fact i remembered we gave our music away, and often we sold few burned ones of our CDs to raise money for headphones or buy blank CDs … hahaha
after a while Toy Selectah, writes via Myspace !!!…

he’d would like to meet us!! so we went to his studio. He talked with us and from there, we began to work much harder!
He shared his experience and we learned a lot from him.
After some months of work, the group’s first EP finally hit the web.

GB: What is the Mexican perception about tribal guarachero?

SB: Tribal guarachero here in my town, is “suited” by certain people, it is for lower class people or kids, although most of the people still find it disgusting!
but people are different everywhere, last time I went to Mexico Federal District to a place called Rhodesia Social Club in an event called NAAFI, people who were there loved 3BALL ! and they were all adults!!
one of the things I like most is that we have always handled the 3ball for people who are underage, they are between 12 to 16 years old, but this genre is slowly getting more respected from older crowds and that’s what excites me!, I think gradually Guarachero and 3ball will be more enjoyable for people who think that it is a genre that should have never existed.

GB: And now about your trip to Europe..
How was the public’s reaction?

SB:oh man!! it was very good! better than I expected, Erick nailed first, then Otto and finally I played.
People danced a lot! I would like to return to Europe in the upcoming months with the crew, we met very nice people there
it was pure good vibes!

GB: You played with Toy Selectah, who has became some kind of mentor, what advices did he give you before going to Europe?

SB: He told us just to be ready, to give the best of us, and specially to have fun doing it!

GB: now you are back to Mexico!! What people said? Which are the next plans for you guys?

SB:Back to Mexico we had a dope welcome, our friends and our families,we went to pick up our luggage and everyone started screaming!
some people took photos of us, some brought large signs, and we didn’t not know what to say hahaha.. it was overwhelming and some sort of embarrassing but we were all grateful because they were people that always supported us!
About the future …we will be working very hard for the next EP !!! We still have much to give!

GB:Finally Thank you so much for these tracks, we know a lot of people were asking you, BIG NAMES that we can not mention.. so it is always a pleasure to post your tracks and do you have anything to add or say to the young generation of dj’s who are starting to produce 3ball?!!

SB: We felt very happy of all support we are having from all producers who are also doing 3ball guarachero, this is for everybody and let’s rock the house!!!!
Let’s make of 3ball something everyone has something to say!!
and thanks to Caballo and Generation Bass for their support
Sheeqo Beat


Here it is TUMBA LA CASA
Tumba La Casa (Mujeres Sexys Sheeqo Beat Dub Mix) – Sancocho by Sheeqo Beat

Here it is:
Ghetto Funk Baby (Sheeqo Beat VS High Rankin Mix)
the cloud stream
Ghetto Funk Baby (Sheeqo Beat VS High Rankin Mix) – Rico Tubbs by Sheeqo Beat

Grab it also for FREE
Macumba (Sheeqo Beat Remix) – Hinojosa & Zambrano Ft. David Quijada
the stream
Macumba (Sheeqo Beat Remix) – Hinojosa & Zambrano Ft. David Quijada by Sheeqo Beat



Check these dudes out:











Sabbo’s killin’ it with this first Tropical track, more than just a DJ tool….and he’s back on form too with the other 2 tracks!

Broken Marimba by Sabbo

Respectaz Ft. Burro Banton & Mr. Slaughter – We The Greatest (Sabbo Remix) by Sabbo

Redlight Ft.Ms Dynamite-What Yo Talkin’ About (Sabbo Remix) DEMO by Sabbo



Killa Tribal Guarachero from this very promising young producer!

Macumba (Sheeqo Beat Remix) – Hinojosa & Zambrano Ft. David Quijada by Sheeqo Beat



2 awesome mega monstrous tracks from Toy, the first one featuring Buraka Som Sistema’s J-Wow!!

J-WOW & Toy Selectah – Mo’ chaxo (Radio edit) by J-WOW

Also you need to check this out via the xcellent FADER:


As previously announced, The FADER is embarking on a yearlong remix project with the legendary Latin label Fania, wherein we enlist some of our favorite musicians to reinterpret classics from their celebrated catalog. Today, we’re thrilled to premiere the first in the series, for which Monterrey-based DJ/producer Toy Selectah has envisioned Willie Colón’s haunting salsa classic “Aguanile” as a portal to the future of the sacred 6/8 rhythm. Voiced by hallowed singer Hector Lavoe, the song feels like a stepladder from the ancient rhythmic past to the very immediate present, manifested in the new Mexican style called tribal guarachero. Read our interview with Toy about his interpretation of this song after the jump, and read more about him in our tribal guarachero story in our latest issue. You can buy this remix off Fania’s site, purchase it on vinyl EP in the coming months, or grab the whole 12-song series on vinyl and CD at the end of the year.


This is a remix of Borgore’s Woo Boost Remix with Totally Crossed Out’s Woo Boost remix and some Guarachero samples i have! Enjoy. Woo Boost (Orion Guarachero Edit) by dj_Orion



Yep, I agree Air Raid sirens do it for me too 😉

Magnum – Rump Inc by MAGNUM BASS

Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West – Wylin’ ‘Cause im Young (Magnum Remix) by MAGNUM BASS



Big, Big congrats to Bert on Beats for winning the Gotan project remix contest recently, his remix was chosen as one of the winning ones.

I use to be a MASSIVE Gotan head and indeed my dj name “UMB” is an abridged version of a track of theirs but sadly all their innovation was absent from their most recent album which was pretty DIRE!

But this BOB remix is awesome just like much of his other work, he never fails to create something which gets you excited and is always top quality. Gotta say I have not heard a bad track from him yet and so for me he is definitley one of the MOST consistent in the batch of young Tropical producers out there.

Grab a free download too!

GotanProject – La Gloria BERT ON BEATS remix by Bert On Beats


Benga BaltimoreClap (Bert On Beats bootleg) by Bert On Beats



Sabo is another one of those consistent producers!

He’s gonna be touring Europe later this year and so if you can help with bookings please contact him:

Philly BOUNCE” – SABO. I made this tune for Dave Nada to play at the Mad Decent block party last month in Philadelphia. Dave didn’t see my email until after the gig, and in retrospect, i’m not even sure the Ursula Rucker philly reference would have been understood by the young crowd, but i still love how this remix came out…Since I haven’t posted anything in almost a month I’d thought why not give it away? ENJOY mi gente, and feel free to blog / share / re-post!

Philly BOUNCE by djsabo



Not quite sure who or what this is but he/she/they are creating some BANGIN’ remixes…all unofficial, I think, but sounding pretty good enough to be official!!!

Hennessy Black Mixes // Schlachthofbronx Remix by Made to Mix

Hennessy Black Mixes // So Shifty Remix by Made to Mix

Hennessy Black Mixes // Oliver $ Remix by Made to Mix

Original Hennessy Black Mix – El Toro! by DJ Beware & Motorpitch by Made to Mix



Great new tune on the new Man Recordings compilation!

Beware + Motorpitch – Novinha Do Brazil feat. MC Iguinho by motorpitch