Munchaid! a fundraising album

This is something I (Caballo) have personally been working for the last days.. MUNCHAID.. a fund raising Album to help our mate munchi.. We are basically giving these songs for PAY WHAT YOU CAN which in many cases means "free" but as Bandcamp would shut the downloads after 200, we think a minimum Read more [...]

The Binary Cumbia Orchestra!! FREE EP!!!

This Argentinian Super Cumbia orchestra has no more available free slots in Soundcloud, that is not reason that we can not enjoy and download all these amazing tunes!! TBCO drops Productions and Remixes for FREE!! or just name your case you want to give the artist some motivation šŸ™‚ ..(remember..just Read more [...]

Soundamerica vol.16 selected by Sub Klub Crew

Big Bang Boom! Soundamerica is back on planet Earth with the explosive music selection from Sub Klub Crew and a beautiful illustration from FLUX. Sub Klub is an audiovisual project born in Buenos Aires, Argentina driven by the Buenos Aires Holy Trinity of the (very) low frequencies: Iszen, Loder Read more [...]

Exclusive 2 GenBass : Free Rocker Brothers Album

What if i told you guys I've got a "Venezuelan DAFT PUNK" as a WORLD PREMIERE? What if i told you these guys are doing Sick beats,Trash-electro, metal club, lots of Latino flavor? AND also if it were the product of two of the best Venezuelan well known "young" producers/musicians? WELL: I GOT IT!!! AS Read more [...]


It's that day again, that time, that hour, that post, on that blog..... that moment, ...Sexxy Saturday Cumbia! 2009 was great for Nu Cumbia, 2010 is gonna be even better..... WORLDWIDE DOMINATION šŸ™‚ Today: 1. DJ ORION 2. MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND 3. MR IOSO 4. MR RIDGZ 5. LOS MACUANOS CUUUMBIAAAAAA!!!!! 1. Read more [...]

The arepa Connection: Venezuela tripea

Everyone knows who Hugo Chavez is, and some of us know Venezuelan music, so not many know New Venezuelan underground music... for me it should be the Let's start with the Mega master and Neo Cumbia'sĀ  pioneer Mr. Andres Blanco aka Blankito Man aka ZUZUKU As King Chango's frontman Blankito Read more [...]