Nguzunguzu Drop Perfect Lullaby Vol. 3 & Buy Perfect Lullaby Edits


Nguzunguzu are massive and have been one of the most respected production teams in Dance Underground circles for some years but mainstream success has thus far inexplicably eluded them. I’m quite sure it won’t stay that way for too long. I certainly hope so anyway.

Their new Perfect Lullaby Mixtape, Volume 3 dropped a few days ago. Slept on it as I’ve been too consumed with trying to overcome the demise of my beloved Purple One. I rarely ever get emotional about these things in public but this one is really unavoidable and I can’t help it.

Anyway, the Perfect Lullaby is the best Mixtape series of the past 5 years, it’s simply GENIUS. They kicked off with the first volume in 2011, at least a few years before the Zouk, Tarraxo, Kizomba interest had hit the dance underground and so they were way, way ahead with that.

Volume 2 dropped in 2014 and now 2 years later we have Volume 3. It fills me with great pride to see many artists on this mixtape who we have either featured/been introduced on the Generation Bass blog and also released on our digi label. Artists like, Dj Paparazzi, Nindja, Willy G, Dj Express and Dj Bebedera.

The new mixtape follows the trend of the past 2, gorgeous, glorious and gigantic mind-blowing and beautiful Tarraxinha, Zouk & Kizomba tracks and edits fused with American RnB. Many of the edits are by the production duo and it’s always a delight to hear Asma’s voice in these recordings, she has such a humourous twang to it.

This is the mixtape of the year, beautifully put together and absolutely ESSENTIAL listening.


Art of Noise- Moments in Love (MA tarraxo remix)
JB- Wifey ghetto zouk remix (ice twinz vocal edit)
Nindja- Una Mattina (reedition)
Drake x Dinamarca- 10 Elásticos
Spice- Snake Charmer
Anju Blaxx- Punjabi Riddim
Willy G- Angela
Dotorado Pro- African Scream kizomba
Hitmakerchinx- No matter what day say
Master Pi- kizomba nva era
Nindja- In the Air Tonight
Willy G/ Janet Jackson- No Sleep Tarraxa Xui Xui (Ma Mash up)
Dj Silva Vs. Neuza & Mika Mendes- Cinderela Remexe
Rvssian- Customer care
Dj Express- Drunk n Fuck Kizomba remix
Mr. Shada- Evolution (kk chop)
Dj BeBeDeRa/ Keyshia Cole- Massacre Guetto Zouk/ Changed my mind (MA edit)
Dj Express- Zoukstep samp
Dj BeBeDeRa/Bryson Tiller- Invencoes Malaises Exchange (Ma mash up)
El Xowan- Secreto Prohibido
Dj Paparazzi- Me Tarraxa Assim
Dj Paparazzi- Mi Ma Bo
Dj Dotorado ft Dj Babaz Fox- Tarraxo ki kuia
Dj dotorado ft dj babaz fox -tarraxo ki kuia vs trey songz oh nana
Uknown – Skynet kizomba vs mila j my main (NA edit)
Dotorado – me da? so? do quadradinho
Dj Willy G – Perfeito
Vybz Kartel – im sprung remix
Jeremih ft Ty Dolla Sign – Impatient (Florentino remix)
Arcangel De La Ghetto Sin Mucha Demora vs Dj Lilocox Tarraxo Electrico (rmx de DJ Maboku)
Elji Beatzkilla – Tarraxa Umm (refixed)
Nindja – Venha
Mariah Carey – boy i need you (NA tarracho edit)
Khaos – One Fuck
Rich Gang – Milk Marie (NA tarracho edit)
Yaviah – Sensual Bebe (NA tarracha edit)
Jhene Aiko – Worthy Kizomba – (Ma mash)
Bobby V – Take Control (NA Tarracha edit)
Deejay Gamboa – Nha Rainha 2015
Dj Bebedera – Tarracho Viva el Puerto Rico
Dotorado – Indian
Deejay Gamboa – Ana Kkkkkk
Tarracho Inc- Bittersweet Kizomba

Nguzunguzu have also announced a 12″ release of ‘Perfect Lullaby Edits’, courtesy of UNO NYC’s imprint NORELATION.



Perfect Lullaby Edits 12”
(NORELATION, May 15th)

A1. Yuki Koshimoto Tarrachi Exxelent
A2. Ashanti Salez
B1. He Is In My Harp
B2. I Run It / Swagger Barefoot


Some great new kizomba tunes by DJ Ghost Face


We’ve been digging the Milan based kizomba experimentalist Edoardo Simoni a.k.a. DJ ghostface ever since we found out about his gothic kizomba tune. Since we gave our first shoutout last summer, he has uploaded lots of new music. We picked our favourites!


Ghost town (gothic-romantic kizomba)

Whats App tarraxa

SuperMario Bros Tarraxa

Dark Side (StarWars tarraxa)


Follow DJ Ghost Face:




JayPross X 2PeKes – Zourney [Free Download]

ARtwork 2pekes Jpross small

Following his previous releases on Generation Bass Digital as part of DZC Crew, the time has come for Portuguese Bass Underground artist 2Pekes to branch out on his own for his next release on our imprint. However, he is not completely alone as he enlists the services of fellow Portuguese producer JayPross to deliver the ear catching melodies on this new tune named “Zourney”.

This new track keeps all of the hallmarks of the recognisable 2Pekes journey sound, a dark, unrelieved tension that makes you expect a breakdown or drop any second, which never comes but keeps you on your toes with its slow kick drums and double time percussion. With bleeping, thin, whiny synths and a beautiful percussion layer, this is another beautifully understated #FutureTarraxo track from one of the leaders of the New Wave of Portuguese Bass.





Dj Nervoso : Original Dj's Di Ghetto member drops hot new Tarraxo


We first encountered Dj’s Di Ghetto back in 2010 even though by that time they’d be going for quite a while creating some wild Tarraxo beats.

They received a renaissance in 2013 when Marfox collated and released a bunch of old material dating back to 2006 on the Principe label.

They were made up of 6 members, some of whom we have since released on our label including Dj Marfox and Dj NK. The other members were Dj Foxfuxo, Dj Jesse, Dj Pausas and this man, one of my faves, Dj Nervoso and they started out in the early/mid 2000’s. They are all Portuguese based and drew inspiration from Angolan Dj Znobia’s Tarraxinha creations

So, this dude is a bit of a legend and he’s just dropped some awesome new tracks that are as intriguing as a lot of his older material. The Abubu & Braba tracks tho’!!!!!

This is ORIGINAL 100%:

#Future Tarraxo


Here’s a mix I did paying tribute to a great new sound that I’ve been falling in love with for the past few years, #FutureTarraxo.

The term “Future Tarraxo” first came to my attention via a track so named by Bison on his Wave of Tarraxinha EP that we released a while back.

As soon as I heard Bison’s sound, I was just head over heels in love with it. In forging this sound, he borrowed a lot of inspiration from the great DJ Znobia but he took it to the next level. Hence why his first EP was called “The Wave of Tarraxinha” suggesting a New Wave had hit our shores and indeed, it had.

This was a new sound albeit it was born and built upon the sounds of before from Angola – Tarraxinha, Kizomba, Zouk & Tarraxo.

Bison formed a partnership with Portugal’s Squareffekt where they both nurtured this sound to include a European Club vibe. They released 2 EP’s which defined this sound “Odyssey of the Mind”.

Others came along taking this sound as an inspiration and they did their own take on it such as Photo Romance. Whilst, another, Tilha was doing something similar but took it an altogether different and much darker, gothic direction.

Then the most famous name of all in this micro-scene, Arca (who has produced both Bjork and Kanye West) dropped some #FutureTarraxo from out of nowhere with a devastating impact.

Arca didn’t call it #FutureTarraxo and none of the numerous publications who covered it on-line (given his Bjork & Kanye fame) knew what it was or what to call it.

We knew what it was, we knew what to call it. There is no denying that this was #FutureTarraxo 100%! Having checked Arca’s soundcloud page around that time, I could see that he had been checking out some of the producers in the Portuguese Bass Underground and so this further confirmed to me that “Thievery” was a deliberate take on #FutureTarraxo!

To me, it is an evolving sound, nothing else sounds quite like it and I’m really interested to hear where its evolution will take it to in the coming years.

This mix is made up of mostly Bison and Bison & Squareffekt tracks with a few by Tilha and one each by Arca & Photo Romance. It is underpinned by the spirit of DJ Znobia, as it could be argued that this sound might not even exist were it not for him.

Space Age Beats from Africa, born in Angola, nurtured in Portugal and presented to the world.



#FutureTarraxo (Sept 2015) by Dj Umb on Mixcloud

A New, Mutant strain of African Diaspora soundtracked to the Future by:

1. Bison & Squareffekt – On it’s way to Orbit [Generation Bass]
2. Bison & Squareffekt – Voyager [Enchufada]
3. Bison & Squareffekt – Lightning on Jupiter [Generation Bass]
4. Arca – Thievery [Mute]
5. Bison & Squareffekt – Saturno [Generation Bass]
6. Bison & Squareffekt – Praia Morena [Enchufada]
7. Bison – Ghetto Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
8. Bison – Dangerous Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
9. Tilha – Nada Importa [White]
10.Tilha – Hole [White]
11.Antae – Alma (Photo Romance Remix) [Regional]
12.Bison & Squareffekt – Night Crawlers[Generation Bass]
13.Bison & Squareffekt – Futura [Generation Bass]
14.Bison & Squareffekt – Solaris [Generation Bass]
15.Bison & Squareffekt – Magnetism [Generation Bass]
16.Bison – O Demonio Do Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
17.Tilha – Tarraxo N’Zouk [Generation Bass]
18.Tilha – Esta Noite [Generation Bass]
19.Bison & Squareffekt – Passengers [Rimas & Batidas]
20.Bison & Squareffekt – Neon Lights [Rimas & Batidas]
21.19.Bison & Squareffekt – TGYP [Generation Bass]
22.Bison – Future Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
23.Bison & Squareffekt – Odyssey of the Mind [Generation Bass]









Go over to the site and read what Okayafrica  have to say about the mix.

Download here:

Africa in your Earbuds – African Apocalypse

Here’s what I have to say:

Okayafrica asked me for an Africa in Your Earbuds Mix at least 2 years ago. It’s taken me this long to get around to it because I always wanted to do something extra, extra special for this mixtape series and for this site. It’s a site and series that I really love. And it’s taken me over 2 years to get into this extra special mood to lay down this mix for them.

As usual, recorded live on CDJ’s with manual mixing, basically, a live DJ mix, like all my mixes are.

Artwork – Underdog
Beat Laden – Mastering

Don’t book for me for gigs, book one or more of these guys below and enjoy the mix:

Dj Znobia
Dj Paparazzi
Bison & Squareffekt
Deejay Anderson
Dj Liu K
Mambos Da Casa
Nigga Fox
Dj Marfox
King Kong
Lx Monkey Beatz
Dj Marshall
Beat Laden
Dj Doraemon
Dj BeBeDeRa
Dotorado Pro
Dj Lilocox
Dj Finicox
Dj Zulox
DZC Crew
Dj N.K
Nidia Minaj
Diamond Bass
Dj Satelite
Dj UmbFox
TxiGa Pro
DJ PutOo Helder
Blacksea Não Maya
Deejay KarFoX
Babaz Fox
Power Music Beatz
And the list goes on…….

DJ Ghost Face [Kizomba Crossover]


We’ve been zooming in on kizomba lately, a vibrant semi-mainstream movement in much of Africa and Europe for many years now. Here we’ve got more kizomba, from an exciting producer who likes to push the boundaries of the genre by combining it with flavours not that often associated with kizomba.

His name is DJ Ghost Face, based in Milan, Italy and I found him when googling for ‘gothic tarraxo’ since I wanted to hear how a gothic song like this, which I randomly stumbled upon, would sound reworked into tarraxo. Google found this brilliant, nocturnal graveyard flavoured tarraxinha track on Youtube and my mind was blown!

On his Soundcloud he has many more brilliant kizomba crossovers with the most unlikely genres, of which I selected my three favourites. Unfortunately not all of it is for download and he hasn’t been active for about half a year now, but definitely a name to watch!

Tantric Africa : erotic new-age ambient kizomba !

Urban Kiz : chill-trap kizomba !

Go hard Tarraxa : psychedelic acid trance tarraxo !

Follow DJ Ghost Face:






Great new mixtape from our #FutureTarraxo pioneers Bison & Squareffekt and here’s what’s said:

Bison & Squareffekt are one of the Portugal’s hottest new Bass duo’s have made a massive impression in the past 6 months and have been auded by the Portuguese Bass Masters themselves, Buraka Som Sistema.

Bison & Squareffekt both had their first releases on Generation Bass. Bison with “The Wave of Tarraxinha” and for the second time with Squareffekt and their “Odyssey of the Mind” series. Volume 2 of that series will soon follow. They have also been featured on the amazing Portuguese Bass Underground Release,They also been supported by blogs like Generation Bass,Enchufada,Mad Decent,Do Androids Dance,The Fader among many others.

Together are making a unique sound fusing the Space Age Beats from Africa mixed with vintage 80s atmosphere and creating what the blogosphere are calling the Future Tarraxo and bring it to an all new level, this guys fits like a glove and make one of the hottest producer teams anywhere in the world right now!

1.Bison & Squareffekt – Futura
2.Dj 2PeKes – Tropicaliente
3.Dj 2PeKes – Deep in Zouk Bass
4.Steve TellcO – Zombo Zouk
5.Dub Phizix & Skeptical – Rags
6.Jameston Thieves – St. Lucia
7.Caski Feat. Chimpo – Um Bongo
8.Alo Wala – Badman Bible (RIOT Remix)
9.Go Tiago – Swax
10.Tenor Fly – Rude Boy Talk (Toddla T & Melé Remix)
11.RIOT – 4AM (feat. MC Strategy)
12.Mala Noche – War Zouk
13.Dub Phizix – Buffalo Charge
14.Bun Out – Drop The Hype
15.Elliphant – Ciant Hear It (Zoorock Remix)
16.Toddla T Vs The 2 Bears – Big Tune A Drop (feat. Mr lexx)
17.Pote – Tia Guarra