Downtown – Jaloo


We all know Jaloo,  the producer of sci-fi brega. He’s last release is with Braza, label about brazilian music. And this last release, is the farewell of Jaloo from independent carrear. He is now with label Tralala. To  you understand this big momento of Jaloo there is this special videoclipe of Downtown. Sometimes, pictures express better then words. So here is:


You can download this music at Braza bandcamp:

Wil Gang is Willian Love

Wil Gang

The singer from Gang do Electro, Willian Love, released few tracks on your own project single, Wil Gang. This first has some influence from Cumbia. Maybe, this influenced happened when they saw the show of DENGUE DENGUE DENGUE in São Paulo, last may, and get crazed (I was there, and I get crazy too).

There is other tracks too, remixes from popular tracks in tecnobrega beats, but nothing so much special that will take you off the chair to dance. It’s more material to you listen and download for a tecnobrega set. After the movement of tecnobrega of 2012, there isn’t so many releases for us or good projects. The just 2 names still producing is Jaloo and Gang do Electro. Wishing for Wil Gang more material to warm again the scene.

Maybe the best remix from Wil Gang is the 00’s track of Underdog Project, a very popular group on clubs of Brazil, in the movement of Euro Dance.

Bai Bai remixes – Jaloo


Jaloo is growing up more and more, day by day. In 2013 release 3 videoclipes, all in one take. Released the Couve Ep and Female & Brega. Now we just can wait for a Album. There isn’t any more thing to do.Wait, there is, a conquest remix.

Bai Bai is a cover to Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus. But there is a differente lyric and meaning. Just the melody is the same.

This is one of first production of Jaloo, even if is a cover. No more remixes, no more edits. Now is a new age to Jaloo, and thinking in his own carrear, created this conquest. You can send one version to him, and maybe you can be one of winners.

Who already made a version is Waldo Squash + Luan Rodrigues. This duo is UANA System. A mix of carimbó + tecnobrega + eletromelody.

If you get intereseting in remix Jaloo, click Here.

More from Jaloo:


TrapMelody – Waldo Squash




The amazing dj and producer Waldo Squash, from Gang do Eletro, released this week this great remix of trapmelody to Payphone of Maroon 5. This remix, is a mix of tecnobrega with influence of trap music. I won’t write more about it, will just use the own words of Waldo:


“new year new mixtures, spent a few days studying the techniques of the trap and used this new remix ”trapmelody”, hope you like …”

Jaloo – Bai Bai [Tecnobrega]


We’ve known for a while on this blog that Jaloo is gonna be a big star one day and it seems like it’s been happening for him this year in his native Brazil. He is totally unqiue and we expect world wide domination will follow soon.

This is the sweetest of Tecnobrega pop, a great track with a tremendous feel-good factor and a brilliant video to boot.

Download on the you tube link.

Here’s what Jaloo says:

“I suffered, I cried, I fought, I’m tired …”

But I had a good year, it was pretty difficult, laborious, but delicious to enjoy, I threw the covers album that was working slowly, with that, the transition from the “Jaloo DJ” Jaloo pro artist.

Dude, my borders with Brazil only decreased, huge festivals, stages, Giants, achievements of dreams every second … A home in the best style, playing in my town and being so well received … pretty experiments, crossing for the first time for the northern hemisphere (ground zero, Macapá) to my visit to Rio de Janeiro and the beautiful meeting with Caetano Veloso ♥:)

Now, to wrap up this part, and provide continuity to everything that has been planning, so, almost by accident, (accidents beautiful ♥) decided to make a tribute to the most acclaimed format in tecnobrega: so-called versions.

Had an artist who caught my attention this year, mainly because she threw it all up and decided to change …

So, my music is a version of his story, he talks about getting fired, but it’s more about closing a door to open many others, so this year it was a little bit of everything. “I cried, I suffered, I fought, I’m tired … but go ahead …

I hope you like it, had much love involved in this project.


Funk Na Caixa : Baile Brega


Still loving the Tecnobrega vybz and here’s a cool little podcast of Neo Baile Funk and Tecnobrega put together by our homie Funk Na Caixa.

Deize Tigrona feat. Jaloo – Prostituto (Omulu remix)
Danilo Dunas – Tchucumuco (Jaloo Remix)
Croockers feat Mc Dandao – Soca Soca Alibaba (João Brasil Remix)
Schalchtofbronx feat Mc Leka – Sai Safarda (Hat n Hoodie Remix)
Truculência Crew – Ela so pega DJ (Jaloo remix)
Mc Bola – Ela é Top (Dj Wald Squash Remix)
Daniel Haaksman feat Mc Miltinho – Kid Conga (João Brasil Remix)
Deize Tigrona feat Jaloo – Prostituto (original mix)

To download the set without vocals, click HERE

DJ Werlen Trajano & Omulu : TecnoMelody, TecnoBrega & BregaBass


The promising DJ Werlen delivers a couple of fresh Tecno Melody tracks.

Tecno/Eletro Melody is essentially the same as Tecnobrega except that it uses Electro House style synths.


Also here is another mix by Omulu covering a range of genres including Teecnobrega.

The Pirate Bay:

Major Lazer – Bubble Butt Tremendo no Búfalo do Marajó
Die Antwoord – Dis Iz Why I’m Hot / Gang do Eletro – Arrazadora Sanfona
Gang do Eletro – Arrazadora Sanfona
Elji Beatzkilla – I Go Hard
Diplo – Butters Theme / Elite do Melody – Piranha do Banheiro
Bonde da Tremidinha, Aglison e Dj Luiz – Lailson e Equipe Copo Cheio
Tropkillaz – Gorilla / Marlon Branco – Giradinha do Badala
Gang do Eletro – Galera do Outeiro
Reptilian Commander – Eris
DJ Snake – Bird Machine feat. Alesia / Omulu – Treme Treme
Omulu – Fire Eagle