RAFFERTIE’s cool label SUPER just released a new joint by UK goldenboy THROWING SNOW. Throwing Snow is a UK based producer, writing anything from folk to dubstep. He is a Music Consultant at Hear No Evil and runs the label A Future Without. His tunes have worked up some interest all over the bass music board really. Good solid productions with a nice own style and vibe. Check out the complete release here:
SPR006 : Throwing Snow & Py – Wallow by super

check the vid:

and we are happy to give away 2 cuts from the release:
Throwing Snow & Py – Wallow (PhOtOmachine’s Underground Haus Mix)
Throwing Snow & Py – Wallow (Raffertie Remix)

buy the release here:


Happy New Year everybody. Here’s a lil’ something to chill you out after the night you must have had last night, wherever you are in the world. I hope you had a good one!

Here’s hoping 2011 will be a Year for Peace and Unity! (ok man, that’s enough, I ain’t no politician, cause most of them suck big time!).

Yeah, went a bit manic over the holiday and managed to bang out yet a further mixxtape in the Popstep Dub Symphony series!

So I banged out Volume Numero 6, No. of the

You know half of these tracks were intended for my fifth Symphony, Volume 5 but it seemed to me that I needed to seperate them and stick them on a seperate volume with a a more chilled HippY VibE!

Save the Planet! World Peace!

So this is HippySTeP!

And these are from my <3

Here’s hoping we have a happy & peaceful 2011 but somehow I doubt it!

As usual Lil’ rough round the edges…1cut & First Take LIVE..Pioneer CDJ 1000 MKII & DJM 600 & unmastered!




1. Snow Roses (Doubtful Comforts) (Bruises remix) – Laura Groves
2. Something In The Way (Biscope Remix) – Nirvana
3. Help I’m Alive (Styte RMX) – Metric
4. Falling – Bassnectar feat. Paper Machete
5. Brain Damage (Omega Remix) – Pink Floyd
6. Unintended ( Love & Light Remix) – Muse
7. Winter Blaze (Digital Farm Animals Remix) – Hope Sandoval
8. In My Mind’s Eye – Throwing Snow
9. Mumford & Sons Remix..?
10. Fire Burning (ZitanB Remix) – Stevie Nicks
11. Sufjan Stevens (Marty Party Remix)
12. Losing Red – AlexisK
13. Fix You (Datsik Remix) Coldplay
14. I Can’t Say Goodbye (TZR’ Bootleg Remix) -French Affair
15. Darkness – Bleep
16. Regenerate (Omega Remix) – Booka Shade
17. California Dreaming (DJ Styte Remix) – Mamas & Papas
18. Crimson & Clover (DJ Styte Remix) – The Shondells
19. You can’t always get what you want (Blunt Instrument Glitch Hop remix) – Rolling Stones
20. Somewhere over the Rainbow (Nilow Remix) Israel Kamakawiwo



Been rinsing this dude’s tracks on my Popstep Dub Symphony mixtape series. Totally into what he does in a big way and so I thought it was time I shared this talent with you.

Take a listen/download:

Throwing Snow and Jesse Moncrieff – In My Mind’s Eye by ThrowingSnow

Snow Ghosts – Breathing My Skin by ThrowingSnow

What he says about himself:


//Producer/Musician/Music Consultant/DJ/Label Manager/Socially Acceptable Geek//

Throwing Snow is a UK based producer writing everything from dubstep to folk music. Obsessive about pretty much everything from network theory, furturism, and ancient history to 70’s Nikes, skateboarding, cooking and fly fishing. To make ends meet he is Head of Digital for the Lightsong Music Group and runs the record label A Future Without, on top of doing bespoke music for Film and Advertising and acting as a creative music consultant. His genuine real name is Ross Tones (and no one ever believes that he hasn’t changed it by deed poll!)

‘Try to learn something about everything and everything about something’ – T.H.Huxley
‘For me, music and life are all about style’ – Miles Davis



BBC/Adidas/Sony/ITV/Impulse/National Geographic Channel/Sky/BigUP Productions

Lo Editions/A Future Without/Fleeing From Pigeons/Universal/Dusted Wax Kingdom/9.12 Records/Lightsong Music/De Wolfe Music

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Take a listen to/download some more:

Elephant Trees by ThrowingSnow

Hiffle by ThrowingSnow

Bottledown by ThrowingSnow