One of the original Transnational Bass Dons from the 90's is this dude, Adham Shaikh. When most of you were still in your nappies or tweaking on your mommy's nipple, this dude was laying down Transnational Bass light years ahead of most of the current big players in the scene. He now returns after Read more [...]

Traveler's "Dub The World" Mix

The Six Degrees label have been at the helm of Transnational/Global Bass since the late 90's, early 2000's and they just don't get enough of the praise and credit that they deserve for it. They use to do a wonderful Traveler series of compilations curating great Indian, African and Arabic Global Club Read more [...]

FEX goes WEST (with Mano) Promo Mix

Tasty Transnational Bass mix here promoting a new event, full of those killer vybz and including a track by our very own DJ Paparazzi. Check it out. Via FEX : For 5 strong years the FEX collective has kept the tradition of highlighting international Dance music for Chicago audiences. With their concentration Read more [...]


From Bolivia with love, our dude Oi Mas Bass and his crew have started an independent NET label with music not just limited to their own country but also including great Bass-Tastic stuff from Peru, Argentina, Mexico amongst others. You might recall we introduced them back in early 2013 Bolivian Bass! Please Read more [...]

1 Year Of Babylon Records – Free Compilation

One of the underrated Transnational Bass labels is Stas' Babylon Records. They always drop quality stuff with great underground producers with a unique, predominantly Big Room oriental Moombahton and Trap flava. They're still finding their feet and trying to hone a unique sound within the busy marketplace Read more [...]