Dysphemic – Anatoli [Arabic Glitch-Hop]

We just did a big piece on this artist's father who was a brilliant & visionary artist, Vernon Treweeke. You will recall Dysphemic from our Dubstep Monday's posts and also from our compilation Transnational Dubstep.He has just premiered this great track on the UNTZ which they describe as "a tour Read more [...]


We love to support the unique talent that is Celt Islam. Here he is for the second time today and with his new EP he momentarily veers away from the Sufi Dub to play around with 80's B-Boy Electro and he injects some dub into that too. Check it, really good stuff.FREEZE by Celt IslamAn exclusive Read more [...]

Celt Islam : Irfan EP [Sufi Dub]

Celt Islam is the world's only Sufi Dub dude, the only one in the whole damn world, that's how unique he is!He's just banged out yet another great EP called "Irfan".This one features some glorious sitar playing by enlightened American muslim convert, Dawoud Kringle aka The Renegade Sufi and British Read more [...]


The brilliant Celt Islam is back with a great new EP called "Noize Factor" consisting of 7 dub-heavy tracks steeped in that Sufi Dub sound that he has innovated all by himself. Incorporating Arabic, Indian and Jamaican sounds and deep Sufi spirituality, these tracks circle around your head and then Read more [...]

HeChill-((( :): ))) Mix

Haven't listened to a Dubstep mix for some time and the concept grabbed me on this one and so I listened and I really enjoyed it.We're always supporting the underdogs in favour of known and more famous names cause that's just the way we like it and the unknown names are the ones who excite us most.Contains Read more [...]