J.R. stands for Jamie Roots and it's the project of Uruguayan Juan Chao who spent three months living in Africa jamming with the locals. The product of those jamming sessions is this great free EP taking in influences from Africa, the West and Latin America.Some madness on this and really interesting Read more [...]

Intiche * Wachi – ElectroNative Mix

Interesting set here from this dude based in Berlin and here's what he says:All extracts of music, sounds, voices were taken with great care and respect from the heart and spirit. just to exalt this powerful message of love and consciousness towards our mother earth, all living things, and the great Read more [...]

Master Vieira : Guitarrada

Sunshiney, Smiley, Happy Music!Wherever you are in the world this ought to have you dancing around your office or home or wherever, it's some brilliant Transnational Roots.That's right, not "World Music" but Transnational Roots and that's what you're all gonna call it from now on cause I said so, Read more [...]


Awesome mixtape from my dude Coco.I luv this country so much and the music is sooo special too.  This is an awesome mix of authentic sounds from that beautiful place.Here's what Coco says:A bunch of Moroccan tunes I picked up during my vacation in Marrakech. Read more [...]