Roi Rocky Assayag aka Rocky B introduced me to this dude, originally from Jerusalem but now based in Berlin. They have both collaborated on a track we'll be releasing soon called "Dead" which is also Read More

C-Production – “Morocco Express” : Worldwide Stream

All aboard the "Morocco Express"! Worldwide stream of the EP that will be dropping soon on the realist, underground label, Generation Bass. Rock the Kasbah! More info to follow. Artwork: Read More

Ethnoeight (Free Middle Eastern Trap / Bass Sampler)

Great free EP by the Øuttallectuals who compiled this sublime release of quality ArabTrap tunes. Ethnoeight is a free sampler compiled by Outtallectuals that tries to capture the theme and Read More

L FREE – Jugo, Jugo, rodni slugo, kuća tvoja gazdina

We have a few Serbian producers in our Artists' cannon, most famous being Neki and Shazalakzoo but then there's also the great Zhe Pechorin whose 3rd EP for our label is upcoming soon. Then there's Read More

Watengwa x Pyramyth (BLVCK & GAMEFACE): Conscious Tanzanian Hiphop Meets Dark Trap

With their mindblowing dark, apocalyptic trap, GAMEFACE and BLVCK are one of the most promising and innovative Dutch music acts today. As part of this year's Global Activism project, organised Read More

GAMEFACE – Tortured (Free EP + Interview)

Now my headman, Generation Bass' heavywheight Dj UMB just blogged Hekmah's Arab trap, it's more than time for a very special EP that has been out since almost two weeks now. UMB doesn't like trap Read More


Not a huge fan of Trap, never have been but I love Middle Eastern music and I'm kinda digging these from this London-based producer. Read More

Cumbia Treasures (Roundup)

The last weeks have been tough on me and almost devoid of music. But now I'm finally back in my appartment, with ahead of me some nice cath-up work to do here on Generation Bass. Before anything else, Read More
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