DJ Zhao : Aztek Digital


2 great mixtapes today by DJ’s always doing things in their own unique ways, this is the second.  Quite a few Generation Bass releases in this one and some older tracks, damn, who remembers Bloodshake!

More of an atmospheric take on Tribal Guarachero, I’ll let Zhao tell you all about it.

“Pre-Hispanic indigenous rhythm roots, influence from African sciences of the drum, Shamanic sounds from atop the Peruvian mountains and deep in the Amazonian jungle… These describe parts of this new electronic music known loosely as Tribal Guarachero. This mix comprises of mostly music from Mexico, where the original sound was born, with some tracks from Central, South, and North America, and Europe.”

01 David Amram & Friends – Andes Breeze
02 Malandro – Chmuk Aak’ab
03 Elias Deepman – Vabu the Cat (Alejandro Villanueva Remix)
04 Rafael Aragon – Selvadelica (Bounce)
05 Mexicans With Guns – Cool Arrow
06 Farrapo & Yanez ft. Botecoeletro- Oliveto (Thykier Remix)
07 French Fries – Laquisha Dub
08 Antae – Alma (Freddy Da Stupid Jungle Mix)
09 Mexico Caliente – Bloodshake
10 Systema Solar – Oye
11 Joe Arroyo – La Tortuga (Jose Marquez Edit)
12 Santos – San Cristóbal
13 The Peronists – Nazca Lines (final mix)
14 Stereo Revuelta – Organ of Love (Stereo Revuelta Refix)
15 Dj Javier Estrada – Afrimaye Kuduro
16 Estrellas Del Caribe – El Yoyo X Offshore – Mintla
17 Petrona Martinez – El Critica (Maga Bo Remix)
18 Lechuga Zafiro – Isla de Flores (Rafael Aragon Remix)
19 TrikoO Dj – Danza De Los Aztecas (Prehispanic Drums)
20 Bongo Laser – Ovniton
21 Goia Tterkreis & Steve Kasper – Pull Kali (Rooted Dub)
22 Nguzunguzu – El Bebe Ambiente
23 Dj Rogelio Huerta – Espiritu Mohana (Prehipanic Rescuers)
24 Dj Rogelio Huerta – Moctezuma Xocoyotzin
25 Mixer Javier Bernal – Ezpektro
26 Javier Estrada – Prehispanic Future
27 Javier Estrada -Samba Mi Negra
28 Alan Rosales – Arremangala
29 Sharps – Lagrimas y Historias
30 Dj Javier Estrada – I Want You
31 Dj Rescate – Relax Tranquilidad

Erick Rincon : #FutureTribalEP


Erick’s found a little time to take a short break from his trail-blazing world dominance of 3ball with MTY and drop this awesome free EP!

This EP has enabled him to express more of a personal/individual take on Tribal Guarachero/3ball and give us all of hint of where he sees it going in the future.

It’s pretty understated and glides along in almost minimal/tech mode and you could def imagine this causing some serious damage in the clubs in Berlin! He even takes in a bit of Munchi and DJ Blass on “Sandunguero” which is the stand out for me.

ERICK RINCON (3BALL MTY) : Danza de los muertos


Nice to know homies remember you even after they make it pretty big, just like Erick Rincon, being 1/3 of one of the biggest dance acts in Mexico, 3ball MTY.

He hit me up with this track that he made for DAY OF THE DEAD in Mexico and what else can you expect from a 3Ball/Tribal master, PERFECTION!

It’s free too!!! Thank you Erick!



This young kid might just have found the answer to how 3ball/Tribal might fit into the Western Pop Aesthetic. I love his feel good melodies and I’m sure this stuff is not going to sound alien or “foreign” to the mainstream audiences.

This is pretty dope shit and you can tell he has a deep appreciation for this great Mexican genre!

I am really feeling these!

End of Summer Special III: 3Ball Edition (Mega Roundup)


Now I decided to start an End of Summer series anyway, a 3ball edition was the first thing on the list, especially with all the great music that has been released and that some of you may have missed. 3ball is my first-love global bass genre and for as long as I’ll be active in music, it can count on my support!


When it comes to future talents, the innovative duo Los Innsurgentes, keep being my absolute number 1 favourites! This september they’ll be back with a mouthwatering new EP named ‘La Maldad’ (‘Evil’).. we’ll keep you updated!

Alan Rosales‘ ‘Tu-Ku-T-Tu-Ku EP’ is a project that you have probably seen around already. It is a collaboration between some of the most important names in Mexico-City based branch of the the scene like Ghetto Kids, Dj Mouse and El Catorce as well as 3Ball-MTY‘s Dj Otto and the Guadalajara based duo Los Master Plus. Enjoy 7 excellent quality tracks, perfect for every global bass, or eclectic latin set!

Dj Skarley is another producer who makes great, accessible 3ball that can directly played for almost any kind of mainstream dancefloor. He cleaned up his soundcloud account and bundled all his tunes together in one huge pack, which you can download here!

Single releases:

Among the new 3ball that has come out are absolute jewels but no track blew my mind more than this new production from the king of 3ball Erick Rincon himself, in collaboration with the NAAFI-signed experimentalist Siete Catorce released two weeks ago as an exclusive for the independent, forward looking music & culture platform This fantastic, subtly dark edged deep-prog influenced track shows that, next to future cumbia and future tarraxo, future 3ball is a reality now and it’s there to stay!

Like to download!

When I heard this track, it directly reminded me of the visionary dark flavoured minimal future 3ball/ruidosón experiment that my friend Antae released some months back. This has probably gone largely unnoticed in the Mexican 3ball scene but if you dig Erick Rincon’s track, you will absolutely love this one too!

Next to their upcoming EP, Los Innsurgentes have been releasing many fantastic productions over the last months. For in case you missed them, I selected my 4 favourites!

Dj Giovanni Rios is another all time favourite 3ball producer whose music keeps impressing me every time he releases something new.

Like this banging tribal evolution reflip of Skrillex’ 2011 hit First of the Year!

This previous original production brings excellent deep-uplifting vibes!

While this huge, dark edged snippet releases some serious explosive energy!

And he also appeared on Rafael Aragon‘s ‘Llego la hora LP’ with a slow-guarachero remix of a moombahton original. Unfortunately we failed to blog the full album when it came out on Latino Resiste, in case you missed it, grab it here!

Recently I saw that Sergio Lugo also embraced Giovanni Rios’ tribal evolution movement with a deliciously bassful rework of an older track!

And even Clap Freckles, one of the scene’s OG’s, released an absolutely fantastic dark-psychedelic remix of a early hardstyle classic!

This is the first time I shamelessly promote myself. Last year, Walmer Convenience organised a remix contest of David Heartbreak‘s foundational moombahcore classic ‘King Kong‘. I took part in it, under my soundcloud name Ojo Torrado, but missed the deadline. This is what I have so far and a couple of weeks ago, I put the demo on public to show it to the Facebook group ‘Jungle Terror’. So why not share it here too..

Every time Erick Jaimez releases a new track I’m happy to see he’s still in the game. He did some amazing cumbia-twerk experiments lately that will receive massive support in my next cumbia roundup, but he is also doing more 3ball these days. Just check out these most recent examples!

From the same city, Dallas Texas, is the absolute king of the Texan 3ball scene, Dj Tamalero. For a while he didn’t release 3ball anymore to focus on some other experiments including trap, cumbia and moombahton. But last months he was back with this absolutely magnificent banger such as only he can do.. This blows my mind so hard I can’t even express it in words!

And not much later appeared this classical-texan flavoured 3ball stomper!

Dj Gecko keeps pushing the movement two fresh big tunes in his ever-characteristic style!

This was the track where he announced to return to 3ball last month. The combination of norteño sounds, a pumping 3ball beat and rap is just the perfect club formula!

Here another classical Gecko-style tune, from too weeks back!

And this huge Sega-inspired demo, which sounds like combining the styles of Tamalero, Giovanni Rios and himself, came out just last week.. I’m convinced that more will follow soon and we’ll let you know here!

DJ Chunti has got a lot more bangers in store for us and he actually asks his followers to add him on facebook and share ideas for new tracks and remixes!

This tune shows how bass-music inspired synths and bleeps are finding their way into a generation of 3ball tunes!

Here another great demo!

And this absolutely slapping demo he produced in collaboration with DeeJay Lazer .. if you want him to release it, comment!

FLV$H is an allround producer who makes 3ball next to trap & hiphop beats and even crossbreeds between these styles. Check out his newest banger!

Let’s finish the post with prehispanico-grooves. They keep evolving these days and keep being one of the most unique micro-styles in global bass music that I know.. let’s check this out and join me on a wonderful pyramid trail!

Dj Jabo MTY made this mystically flavoured tune with a delicious flute sound!

And, well preserved for the end.. my three favourite new releases from the unchallenged king of tribal prehispanico: Alfonso Luna! All three the tracks are not only of excellent quality but also highly innovative and creative, really pushing the sound forward into new territory. Especially ‘El Rencuentro’, which experiments with a much lower BPM, generates an entirely unique vibe that lies inbetween cumbia, tribal, moombahton and even tarraxo!





Dj Giovanni Rios


Since the first time I discovered his music I’ve been a big time fan of the talented and innovative 3ball producer-Dj Giovanni Rios! In a time when almost all new 3ball tunes were near-similarbeats, vocal chants and standard-preset leads, Giovanni started experimenting with sophisticated bass synths and varied percussion. He called it ‘Tribal Evolution’!

When I saw this fresh new mixtape on my timeline today I realised it’s high time for Generation Bass to show some massive love!

One of the most active supporters of his music is the visionary Mexican label and music platform Popol Vuh Records, which focuses on a combination of dark psytrance with transnational bass and hiphop. This year they’ve released two free compilation-EPs with selections of the best of his music!

Grab them here & here!

His unique approach to 3ball and the many remixes of famous songs make tribal evolution not only a must for global bass sets but also an accessible way to show 3ball to dubstep, trance or even pop-crowds!





Punx Soundcheck : Do you sing Kuduro EP [Interview + Exclusive Track]


I can´t even express how excited i am to show you this. Some of my neighbors already gave me feedback about how good it is played loud and so gave the police last night. So hit plaaaay to let the party begin and grab the surprise (free download) at the end of the post.

John Taylor and Harry Clarke are the duo behind Punx Soundcheck. They are not new in the game and their experience gives them everything they need to present you a superb EP via Arcade Pony. Infectious club rhythms influenced by Kuduro or sometimes traveling to Mexico through some Tribal-Guarachero cadence. Rave synths and excellent completion with the most fresh skills in production to make a proper anthem to the Global Club sound. Lets find more about this London’s undisputed heavyweight bass champions.

1 PUNX SOUNDCHECK have very vast and eclectic influences 
through their 4 albums. From Moombahton to Dubstep, Trap 
or even in early works some Electro-Fidget, Techno and takes on  Progressive stuff. 
What did you use to listen as teenagers?

JOHN: I first got into music listening to punk and the Electro Pop stuff from the early 80’s and then Hip Hop.But that all changed when i went to my first Acid house party. id probably say acts like Public Enemy, Beastie Boys and LL Cool J was definitely all i listened to in my Teenage Years, anything on Def Jam records…..

HARRY: The first genre I had a real passion for was Hip Hop as well but I was into the later stuff. I used to devour music from artists like Wu-Tang Clan; Nas and Talib Kweli. I was a huge fan of Eminem as well; I haven’t been taken by his recent material but his first two albums were the soundtrack to my early teens.

2 What was the main impulse to start producing electronic music?

JOHN: I used to think to be able to make your own music was only for the elite, but after seeing all these young rave bands who would just rock up to a rave, plug in and go mental was probably the main things that made me want to do it myself.

HARRY: I used to love jamming on the piano; stringing chords together to create a song was great fun for me. Moving into the production side was just a natural progression as my godawful voice didn’t leave much room for the ivory tickling singer/songwriter role.

3 Have a favorite gadget?

JOHN: I am definitely a gadget freak, id say right now the RMX1000 from Pioneer. The things you can do with that is just net level for me, for studio gadget id say the Mackie Control for Logic, really cool watching the flying faders.

HARRY: My laptop. I feel like it’s the outer body version of my brain, it has everything on it.

4 This new album have a strong and explicit influence on Kuduro, but also a 
very distinctive and personal approach. One can say that is the PUNX SOUNDCHECK
 vision of the future of the sound. How did the creative process start?                                        

JOHN: Both Harry and i have always been into Bass Music and huge fans of frantic beats which is why a lot of our music is beat driven. With Kuduro its all about the beats, almost hypnotic. We are also big fans of Moombahton, Trap and future bass so Kuduro is definitely a sounds we will be exploring more and more.

HARRY: Exactly, I’m really driven by melodies too so it would be interesting to explore melding those frenetic African drums with some really catchy hooks.

5 Who are the artists that inspired you to do this approach to Kuduro?    

 Id say Munchi, he’s always championed Kuduro, also M.I.A who has explored kuduro in her sound but id say the kings of Kuduro are Buraka Som Sistema and their live gigs are just outstanding too.

6 Why the choice of Arcade Pony Records for the release?   

 We have always liked Arcade Pony’s ethics when it comes to releasing with them. As a label they haven’t pigeon holed themselves and just release good bass music regardless of what it is. A lot of labels wouldn’t touch a pure Kuduro EP but Arcade where all over it so we would rather release with a label that feels our music.

7 This days Europe is full of new crews promoting Global Bass/Club music and 
creating alternatives to old House and Techno circuits. Is more common 
nowadays to go out at night and listen fresh takes on Baile Funk, 3Ball
, Kuduro or Zouk. How is the Global Bass scene in UK?   

It’s growing, great nights are popping up all over the place from Kuduro to Trap and more. London can be quite difficult as a promoter to try and do something new as there are so many nights offering all kinds of music but we are hoping the scene will make its mark at some point here in London and if we can help it along its way..job done.

8 Do you have a residency or places/venues that you recommend to Global Bass
lovers to visit in UK?    

We do, we play for a night called Houscienda who run amazing parties all over the country. As for bass events you can take your pick here in London.

 FREE DOWNLOAD – Punx Soundcheck – Eshu

Punx Soundcheck




Arcade Pony





Antae – Alma: A Galactic, Prehispanic Return to The Soul


It is always pretty nice to hear that you’ve inspired somebody. That happened when I was talking on Facebook a couple of days ago to undergrund prog and moombahton producer Antae about future music, transnational vibes and innovation. Somewhere along the chat I shared my 3ball post from a couple of weeks ago and as soon as he heard Los Macuanos performing dark apocalyptic electronica with prehispanic percussion patterns, he was blown away. He quickly cut of the conversation with the message “I just need to produce RIGHT NOW.. inspiration level: 100%!!”

…and this is the result: a absolutely wonderful tribute to the Argentinian cumbiamuffin vocalist Alika, who talks about her Guaraní roots and the intricate connection between the soul, ‘alma’, and the word, ‘palabra’!

The shuffling triplet groove of 3ball and the galactic, mesmerising sounds of underground prog, inspired by artists like Nick Warren or Guy J, flow so deliciously well together that it makes me wonder why this approach to transnational sounds is so under-explored. Definitely want to hear more of this in the future!

For now.. just press play and turn back to your soul!








How 3ball Is Slowly Reinventing Itself


Artwork: ‘Máquina del Tiempo’ by Raúl Cruz

This post has been brooding for a while but with so much new stuff being released over the last weeks it’s more than time to give some massive update of what’s going on in the 3ball scene. The blogs have been very silent about 3ball and its darker cousin ruidosón for at least a year. Since the end of 2012, when the massive hype in North Mexico and Texas began to collapse under its own weight, 3ball has had a bit of a dip. Especially, the scene has been lacking innovation. The once ‘future music’ par excellence even started to get a bit nostalgic, with beginning producers sticking to identical percussion with almost identical synths and identical vocal samples, that have been used at least since 2010. Or they moved to EDM, rap or to more mainstream Latin music.. But some artists have been doing an amazing job at keeping the innovative life-blood pumping around. Time for Generation Bass to show some love for that!

The immediate reason for this post is the amazing performance from the ruidosón band Los Macuanos on the first Boiler Room session in Mexico City, which absolutely blew my mind!! I must say that I haven’t been long enough into transnational bass to have lived the original outburst of ruidosón in Tijuana and other parts of the Mexico-US border so I didn’t know these guys yet but what I found out about this scene was fantastic! I love how they also bring the live element back into electronic music, in a way that kinda reminds me of many industrial/EBM bands. If I hear this, I totally see this this combination of live and electronic make a more solid comeback and absorb influences of moombahton, trap, kuduro, tarraxo/fodencia, baile funk, grime, techno, etc.!!

The other reason for this post is that I am itching to shout out to the young producer duo from Apodaca that is single-handedly innovating 3ball this year: Los Innsurgentes !! Their deliciously grimey, experimental sound comes very close to ruidosón and can definitely connect these scenes. They’ve been active on Soundcloud since half a year now but especially over the last month new amazing tracks have appeared every week! Couldn’t make a proper selection because you just need to hear it all.. Download their tracks for free and add them to your sets!

This immediately gives me the opportunity to share this older track from Siete Catorce, who has always been at the experimental forefront of things, blending sounds in-between ruidosón, 3ball and minimal techno..

A producer who has become almost synonymous with innovating 3ball is obviously Dj Giovanni Rios, who started the Tribal Evolution movement last year. And he’s still going strong with three new releases this month!

One demo..

One original mix..

And a massive remix of ‘Tribal House‘, from Dj Tamalero‘s most recent EP..

And if you haven’t heard it yet, this older banger, featuring Dj Skarley, is another excellent example of the power of tribal evolution!

The Mzk Producer has been trying different sounds including Melbourne bounce and progressive house but innovative 3ball is somethig he always return to, and that’s a good thing because his tunes are always original and fresh. This excellent track, also a collab with Dj Skarley, is his most recent release..

And this one is from two weeks back.. Make sure you also check out the rest of his music!

Like I said in my previous 3ball mega-post, 3ball as a genre has become synonymous with the group 3ball MTY. And 3ball MTY have found their basic sound in catchy, polished pop-songs with live vocalists. Perfect for the radio and for an as wide as possible audience. Which is in itself a good thing. But an even better thing is that this doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped experimenting with innovative sounds. Usually it’s Sheeqo who’s been doing such releases but at the beginning of this year Dj Otto uploaded this great snippetmix that sounds like a preparation for more to come this year..!

Rafael Aragon has been showing love for 3ball since a long time already and even brought the sound to the visionary Hadra Trance Festival in an epic way! This is a delicious 3ball remix of Lechuga Zafiro‘s electro-candombe tune ‘Isla de Flores’ that he did two weeks ago..

This energetic tune from Branko,  a collab with Astronomar and the Melbourne based Ugandan vocalist SK Simeon for Enchufada‘s Upper Cuts Vol.3 compilation may not be 100% 3ball, but it’s obviously close enough to blend in perfectly!

And when I checked out the 3ball groups on Facebook lately, I came across upon this great tune from Maxx Gallo. I can’t get over the fact that I missed this one last year.. Dark, slow, futuristic and with a hint of reggaeton.. It’s a year old but this hasn’t lost its blogging value!

The next important sign that 3ball is making a comeback are the many new and original prehispanico tracks that have appeared over the last months. For quite a while, 3ball was all about the Texan-style crazy bangers, melodic costeño or Latin-pop that sounds almost identical to urban mambo, urban salsa, urban merengue or bachata.. And when somebody did prehispanico it was just a matter of repeating exactly the same clay-flute, rain-cylinder and vocal samples. But not anymore!

Rogelio Huerta is back with a new release that sounds just as good as the tracks for which we’ve always recognised him as a talented producer!

Someone who can definitely join the ranks on par with Rogelio is Alfonso Luna from Monterrey, who’s released as many as four deliciously hypnotising tunes this month only! I’m just sharing them all.. you can grab them for free!

Preparing for this post I also stumbled upon this nice track from Dj Efra, whom I didn’t know before. He’s got quite an extensive list of different flavours of 3ball that is worth checking out and downloading too!

Dj Skarley, who’s been supporting the Tribal Evolution movement big time and even started experimenting with some hardstyle, has been showing love for prehispanico this week and last week with a energetic track and two demos!

This post is focused most on experimental stuff, less on bangers. But that doesn’t mean that nothing worth blogging has happened on the more mainstream, party-oriented side of things. Here a quick selection to prove the opposite!

Luii-G Dj is a producer from Mexico City and a member of the Chilango Beat collective who’ve been releasing many tunes about a year ago. Now he is back with this banger, supported by Dj Tamalero.. and now by Generation Bass too!

Dj Chunti a.k.a. Chunti Nigga from Richmond Texas has been one of the most active 3ball producers all along, continuously releasing new stuff almost every week among which many collabs with other major producers. This massive tune from two weeks ago is just one example of his capacity to make dancefloors go ape!

The next, smooth and chill song must sound a lot like an anti-climax among all these bangers but I couldn’t find another place to fit it in. When preparing for this post I stumbled upon this excellent 3ballisation of Asaf Avidan’s One Day by the Mexico City based producer Parejito. Just couldn’t leave this one out of the post!

Dj Rezno teamed up with Dj Bones, resulting in this promising snippet, which I hope they’ll release as a full track.. It starts out just like any of his usual ‘happy costeño’ tracks, but now spiced up with heavy bass synths!

Another snippet comes from Deejay Lazer, who’s been experimenting lately with harsher lead synths which has an amazingly energetic effect! Definitely wanna hear more of this!

The final snippet is a demo for a crazy, twerk-inspired 3ball tune from Twister Beats!

I’ll finish this post with the OG’s of the scene, who can always count on Generation Bass´ support!

Erick Jaimez, one of my favourite artists for Sexxy Saturday Cumbia, did some 3ball recently, both guarachero and prehispanico.. keeping it basic but good!

Two weeks ago, the moombahton duo Noise Twins released this banger that they made already three years ago. What could be a better start for a solid comeback.. One commenter notes: “fucking fucking awesome, doesn’t feel three years old”.. I couldn’t have said it any better!

El Infamoso Dj Gecko, has produced many great 3ball tunes in the past but recently he’s returned to his first love: ‘kumbias editadas’, which I’m trying to share as often as possible for Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. But whenever he releases a 3ball tune once in a while, it’s as slappin as ever!

I’ve preserved the final single reason for this post for the very end.

The OG of OGs of the scene, who’s been tirelessly putting out fantastic 3ball tunes,  Dj Tamalero, is back this very week with what I’ve already called the festival sound of 2014: a ridiculously massive Tamalero-style 3ballisation of Tito El Bambino’s reggaeton classic: ‘Siente El Boom’ !!

María y José : C L U B N E G R O [Ruidosón]


From Mexico, Maria Y Jose is no stranger to our blog as we’ve given him support for almost 4 years every now and then. This is a great collection of tunes in the ‘ruidosón’ style and they are all for free!

The term ‘ruidosón’ was coined in 2008 by Moisés Horta, bassist of Los Macuanos, while talking on MSN chat with Tony Gallardo of María y José. Ruidosón is made up of two Spanish words: ruido (noise) and són (roots). For Los Macuanos, the sound embodies two musical movements: L.A. noise and traditional regional Mexican music. It truly is a genre that flexes its bicultural muscles. For many ruidosón artists, their feet are grounded in two places: Tijuana and the U.S., making their music even more textured.

(The Rebirth of Tijuana Cool: Ruidosón)