Casa Babilon is Back with Throes & The Shine and Chico Correa!

Casa Babilon

Casa Babilon is Utrecht’s most elaborate global bass night, where the vibe diversity of Kako Da Ne and the cosy party energy of Safari in het Bos are blended with a wider, more accessible bass sound and even live performance.

This Saturday they are back in RASA, Utrecht’s cross-cultural music & arts podium with in the line-up the Portuguese-Angolan kuduro-rock formation Throes + The Shine (live), the Paris based Brazilian organic-electronic tropicalist DJ Chico Correa and of course the local hosts: the Kako Da Ne crew together with Booze em (Safari) and Frenquency (Foot Juice).

We will be there !

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It’s been 2 years since Munchi’s last release, the brilliant “Perreo 101” which we were privileged and honoured to unveil to the world. Prior to that release was the exceptional Rasterinha EP which ranks as one of my all time faves in the Munchi cannon alongside the legendary “Rotterdam Juke”.

The musical landscape has changed a lot over the past 2 years. A hell of a lot. As Victor has been correctly identifying via his amazing blog posts, standard Global Bass fare now sounds pretty old-fashioned and a product of a bygone era. Things are evolving and progressing. The Global Bass of new is trying to shed its tags and associations as being looked upon as a World Music/Global/Exotic genre and is placing itself alongside standard club music and wishing to be identified as just that, Club Music.

The innovators of this new evolution are mostly kids with their origins in the country from where they take their inspiration. Munchi is one of the First Generation of that ilk which is now being inhabited by the likes of Nazar, Happy Colors, DJ Haram, Bison, Nigga Fox, El Mahdy Jr, Non label, Naafi label and many others.

So where does Munchi fit into all of this. Well he is one of the innovators, one of the Godfathers I guess you could say. Were it nor for him, would we have come this far? Don’t forget he was doing stuff like SkullTrap and other weird, dark and aggressive mutations well before many. This filtered down to this new generation and his influence is undeniable. Even right now he occupies the classic position of an “innovator”, over-looked & barely talked about except by the ever faithful, almost forgotten. That’s what usually happens to innovators, true originators.

This is not the massive come-back, some of us might have been anticipating or wished for. The material could quite easily have come out in circa 2010-2011. The sound and technique hasn’t evolved that much beyond that circa. However, I think it’s totally unfair to have expected Munchi to meet those high expectations at this stage.  Let’s not forget, Munchi has not been busy honing his skills, technique or musical growth, he’s been busy looking after himself and trying to manage his ill-health. So with that history in mind, all of this has to be put into some context.

This is just the start, we hope, Munchi is just warming himself up and that revolutionary come back, that new sound some of us are expecting from Munchi will arrive, be rest assured. For now, anything by Munchi is better than nothing by Munchi and I’m just so happy that he is taking little tentative steps to make music again.  This must be encouraged and I pray it continues.

It’s not a MASSIVE COMEBACK but a SLIGHT RETURN and a most welcome return too. It would be unfair to expect Munchi to come back and blow our brains with something totally new and revolutionary like he has had a habit of doing in the past. This EP is what he says it is, it’s an EP going back to the roots.

Don’t get this twisted or wrong, this EP is fyah, total fyah and a cut above what everybody else is doing with this kind of stuff. Those damn drums, that tightness of production!!! It’s an education for many, a history lesson, you will learn something from this that will inform your own music making and that will add to your knowledge.

Munchi is just easing himself back into music making again, warming up to it in that inimitable Munchi way by causing total mayhem first before soon silencing us all with his wonder!

Let me hand you over to the boy genius:

It’s back to the roots on this EP – Bubbling and Reggeton. Shoutout to the originators!

“Naffie Back”

After hearing “Tupac Back” a couple of years ago I knew exactly what to do; “Naffie Back”. This concept lingered in my mind for too long, so in March this year I finally made it happen. Instantly dropped a preview on Soundcloud too, because wtf happened to that Naffie drop?

There was a time that upon hearing the Naffie drop you knew – the club is about to be destroyed. Previously I made two VIP’s of my favorite classics in the form of “shoutouts”. These were literally to just be able to hear the Naffie drop in the clubs again. I recall hearing the “Blow Your Speakers” remix for the first time. This changed my life. I recall hearing the “Satisfaction” remix for the first time. I almost cried due to the amount of that my mind was being blown. So in making the 3rd shoutout of the series, the intent was to make a track that was going to be something like a ultimate shoutout that covered each aspect since this dude did so many genres. The mother of all shoutouts lol! Just the thought alone had me smiling.

So instead of rebranding it or watering it down into the 1.000.000th new genre, imma call it exactly what it is – Bubbling. More like Bubbling O.D. while you’re at it lol with references to the Bubbling dons Shaun D, Master D and De Schuurman. Hopefully they’ll all bless the world with new Bubbling tracks, cause nobody does it quite like them – SHOW THEM HOW ITS DONE.

“Pa Lo Under”

I used to listen to Reggeton’s Dembow rhythm on my walkman all day. Obsessively learning all I could about Reggeton. Fuck it’s crazy, back then all the producers were on the same old forum talking shit to eachother. I even hear the sounds I posted back then scattered in packs or even in productions over the years. This is for all the trademark sounds, all the homegrown labels, shitty VST’s that were only used for Reggeton, the limited sound palette you had to use over and over again, the creative ways to sing the most retarded lyrics and most of all the Reggeton singers that couldn’t sing for shit!

Nothing is as fun as making a Reggeton track. So I present to you another one of those ultimate shoutouts lol. Covering all my favorite Reggeton producers in a Moombahton setting, stuffing it with an impossible amount of references to shout them out haha. You know who you are!

So salute to the Reggeton kings, while throwing on my FUBU clothes for one last time to keep on grinding in this sandungueo. HA!




DJ Pozor from Budapest has just released a remix EP on French VLAD Label. Go grab this:



Let’s see what happens when Arabic and Balkan melody or Hungarian hiphop meets contemporary bass music. Tropical rhythms, urban lowlines, east-european identity – this is Dj Pozor’s brand new remix EP.

Remixed artists come from different worlds. Canadian virtuoso violinist Briga turns to moombahton, Belgian Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra jump on a drum and bass traktor that rides with 174 bpm, and south-Hungarian heavy-drinker rappers from Szeged tell their stories on reggaeton-trap beats.

The theme? Conservative societies know the sweetest sins. That’s why in the Balkans so many people drink like hell and deal often with prostitutes. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that the only universally eastern-european word is “kurva”, despite the distant language families. Although these topics are still kinda taboo, somehow everybody is connected…”




gen bass selva post photo

A weird tropical incident has just occurred. There are cow bells ringing and guiros shaking. From the remotest confines of the jungle, La Selva is very proud to present the new version of Sexy Saturday Cumbia.

We are a collective from Uk / France, resident in Madrid. We listen to cumbia in all its shapes and sizes; from the most traditional on the American continent, to the most bass – face inducing, most space-travelling, to the smoothest, softest rhythms and guiros.

La Selva is three selectors, KayGee, The Silly Tang, and Coconutah. We started loving Cumbia through a variety of influences, the two most important being bass music and reggae, but we enjoy other styles of music too (rumours abound we like disco!).

One of the founding goals of La Selva was to use our various projects (La Selva Radioshow) to promote, and to provide exposure to, the least visible side of the tropical music scene. As well as enjoying more mainstream artists´ work in all its glory, we believe that many surprises lurk in the deep, dark outernational jungle.

It`s in this capacity that we are excited to now be presenting this blog once a month – we want to sow the cumbia seed further, we want it to grow, so that more people can eat its fruits and discover its tropical delights.

In contrast to many other genres of music, many of these delights are immediately available for free download, or via a small fee for a digital version (or amazing record), it`s an even greater pleasure to be spreading the love.

Part of the very nature of cumbiadelic existence is the discovery of an incredible amount of new cumbia – influenced sounds. So returning from the summer holidays has been accompanied by many new cheeky pleasures, including new albums/eps by some of our favourite producers of the moment.

All three members of La Selva will submit selections every month. So here it goes, some new tunes and some of our favourites from over the summer.



COCONUTAH selected:


Rolando Bruno – a 5 años de aca (bigote rebajadito remix)

If you heard and liked the old-school psychedelic original from Rolando Bruno last year, you will be grooving right into this deft little number, as it manages to maintain the catchy guitar melodies and themes of the original, while infusing it with tropical beats and bass. This is sure to please both more traditional cumbialists and chicha freaks, as well as those aiming for the dancefloor.


Bistech – KUMBALE EP

This freshly released EP is a must hear, with 3 very different vibes coming out of each tune. The first, Al grito de fiesta, is a grooving cumbia riddim with hypnotic synths, Munky bringing the party lyrics. The other two tunes are deeper, Pussy being a deep Cumbia bass with a reggae tang – really love this one – while Intraterrestre goes into the earth to a very deep place. Ride the cumbia waves.


La Sonora Dinamita – No Te Pongas Bravo (RCA edit)

RCA (Real Cumbia Activa) is back with another banging edit, here remixing a classic from La Sonora Dinamita. As is often the case in RCA´s tunes, it comes at you slowly with a rebajado vibe, but proceeds to pound you with relentless cumbia beats that any tropical fan will adore! Again, this is one with something for cumbia lovers of all types. We want more!


Coconutah – Welcome to the Jungle

The newest offering from myself Coconutah, this tune takes you to the great outdoors, and will make you want to book a flight to the amazon jungle. Starting with a catchy vocal sample, it blends traditional instrumentation with bare, floor shaking bass and a hard cumbia beat, leading to total immersion into the wild.


Rafael Aragon – Meecztow Revolution (Turbo Cumbia Balkanica)

Our friend and cumbia killer Rafael Aragon returns with this remix out on VLAD. The tune takes a step towards faster, grittier Cumbia beats, and is certainly a proven killer on the dancefloor at 04:00 am. Blending a rapid, unremitting cumbia-techno drive with fresh and funky Balkan flavours, this will get anyone and everyone jumping around. Cumbia and Balkan have always gone hand in hand – here both combine their party elements to dancefloor perfection.


Lascivio Bohemia – La Danza del Cóndor

Lovely melodic cumbia from Lascivio bohemia, a tune dedicated to South America Pre Columbus 1492. Sharp synths mix with a steady cumbia swing to create a beautiful atmosphere. It makes you think of flying away like a condor.


KAYGEE selected:


El Búho – Cumbias de Oro

Released on one of the labels of the moment, Frente Bolivarista, this is a true journey through Latin America with El Búho’s amazing touch on each of the 14 tunes he chooses to remix. Each and every time, El Búho creates a chilled and floaty atmosphere whilst keeping in tune with the traditional roots of the original version. My personal favourite is his remix of Grupo Kual, although the whole album is definitely a must hear.


Dj Masaya – Arisco EP

I was really happy to hear news from DJ Masaya a few months ago that he was working on his first EP, and was glad to see it released 2 weeks ago. The first 4 tracks offer a great combination of marimbas, accordions, keyboards, and chants, fused with electronic sounds and basslines. The last 2 tracks are two cool remixes that also get a dancefloor moving. You can definitely feel that Dj Masaya’s latin background (he is from Guatemala) added to the new sounds he must be surrounded with now in Stockholm.


Barda – Gruta

This brand new release on Fertil Discos is amazing. Barda explores the deeper and more atmospheric sides of the scene, as potent drums and heavy basslines mix with organic sounds and beautiful vocals. At times minimalist, but always in an elegant manner, this is what you will find and enjoy once you press play. The label describes it as a “mental journey through argentine caves and scenery”. Light up and enjoy!


Derrok & Vruno – Gunnii EP

About a month ago, we had the pleasure of hearing this EP, released on Aires Music. I had always felt there were similarities between Derrok´s, Vruno´s and Rodrigo Gallardo’s releases, and so was really happy to hear this EP to discover their joint atmospheres. They bring a sound that is slightly more techno – influenced, fusing beautiful traditional melodies and sounds. I particularly enjoyed the use of the flute in Remisión Espontánea, and loved hearing Rodrigo Gallardo’s remix of it. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys!


Rodrigo Gallardo – Agua de la Tierra

Talking of Rodrigo Gallardo, producer and musician of Matanza, I had to mention the incredible release, which he dropped on the also incredible label QTZLCTL. We’ve moved a little further from cumbia to arrive to what they refer to as Andes Step. I think that’s a great definition. Hit play and enjoy his 2 tunes, as well as another beautiful remix from Nicola Cruz.

By the way, look out for new Nicola Cruz album dropping soon. Been waiting for this one for the past year, enjoying beautiful pre-releases like Colibria, for which they have actually just done a new video clip:

And talking about new video clips, please take a look at our good friend DJ Caution’s new video clip for his great tune Cholula; video and drawing by Leandro Mosco:


THE SILLY TANG selected:


Drake & Dinamarca – 10 elasticos

N.A.F.F.I is a brand new collective from Mexico, coming up with some of the newest, most experimental, and exiting new sounds in the American continent. This particular track is very dark and very much reminds me of a lot of the early dubstep by of the hands of Pinch, Loefah etc…

On a dancefloor level, I think it creates a very personal vibe for all dancers, and just about settles that time where the party goes to the next level.


Balkan Riddims – Sensimilia (Dj Inko Remix)

My good friend Dj Inko has done it again, with a fresh and summery tune that had us all grooving this summer. Whether on the beach in Croatia, in an intimate Madrid club, or in a hyped-up spot in London, this song has made the Cumbia charts this summer. Amazingly produced, and with a very down to earth touch, the vibe is guaranteed to get the party (or after party) rolling.


Lascivio Bohemia – Pachamama San Cumba

Once more, and again and again: following his earlier releases on Regional label, Lascivio Bohemia has hit us with this fresh and groovy track. Slightly more minimal than the normal cumbia I tend to play, the quality of the mix and the air in this track have made it one of my favourites to come out this summer. A perfect track for an intro or mid-set chiller. I deeply recommend that you check out all his works, as he always unleashes true passion and vibes.


Motin – Fauna

The last tune on this monthly review from myself is from the mighty Motin on Discos Peligros. A tune called Fauna which I´m sure can get all of us thinking of the new ClapClap sound! This whole Ep is so fresh and fruity, it will get you through the end of the summer thinking you are still sipping on a mojito! With each release, Motin´s production levels just keep getting higher, as his work finds its way to a maestro sound.


 We hope you´ve enjoyed our first selection for Sexy Saturday Cumbia, and rest assured we´re already selecting for our next one. Please send us any submissions / or feedback / or anything else you would like to throw at us straight to our facebook account, La Selva !

Something we would like to mention is our weekly radio show – every Tuesday, from 20:00 to 22:00 (GMT + 1) – on It always features an original tropical section where many of the tunes above will be played. Get locked in!!

This coming Tuesday 20/10, catch an exclusive set by DJ Nirso, all the way from Brazil, on la Selva radio.

Dj Nirso :: MDF en la selva

(click on image for more info)


A bailar !!!!!!

See you next month !

La Selva




Three Amsterdam Dance Event Parties you have to check out! – Part 2: ‘Rimboe Riddim’


After our weekend with KUDDEDIEREN, you should be familiar with this upcoming eclectic dancehall-bass crew from Haarlem, with their regular night in Amsterdam’s legendary underground tourist club Winston Kingdom, just around the corner of the city’s infamous Red Light District.

This event has been announced as the thing to look forward to, which makes it extra pityful that I can’t be there. The lineup is relatively long, with 9 names next to the hosting KUDDEDIEREN crew. Headliner is the Mad Decent affiliated trap/twerk-bass formation TWRK who are, if I’m not mistake, performing for the first time in the Netherlands. There are more big names om the list, notably CMC$ and Gianni Marino who have in the wake of giants such as Gregor Salto and Wiwek, revitalised the characteristic Dutch electronic sound with jungle terror and future bass inspired flavours.

With these names being able to pull a wide variety of party public (Winston will be crammed, that’s for sure), many will be acquainted with what I call the ‘new tropical wave’, represented tonight by the rapidly upcoming star ZANILLYA (Mad Decent, Enchufada) and the Major Lazer affiliated, Aruban-Dutch crew Fellow. Lesser known but equally exciting names are the Amsterdam based urban-eclectic oriented EDM dj Moradzo, the Belgian soundsystem Soul Shakers, DJ Erik Walker a.k.a. Tropical Erik (NL) and DJ Jim (Sweden).

Gianni Marino and Wiwek pushing eclecticism to a whole new level

Half an hour left.. >> GET YOUR TICKETS HERE NOW << and make sure you don’t miss this!

A Weekend with KUDDEDIEREN, SSDSS & Tico Sandoval


Bottom left: Tico Sandoval, S x m b r a (Generation Bass), DJ The Teacher (Kuddedieren), DJ John Tinnick (Safari); Top left: SSDSS (Kumbale), MC Gene Power (Kuddedieren), Samira (Kuddedieren), Zoë (Kuddedieren), DJ Addik (Kuddedieren)

I believe I’ve never sweated and danced so much in one weekend as the weekend before, with the only exception probably being the previous Rimboe Riddim party, organised by the Dutch dancehall crew Kuddedieren, where I had the chance to meet Brazilian legend Omulu, chill with an old friend of Munchi’s and lost myself dancing ecstatically in a small, sweaty tourist club in Amsterdam where groups of British girls and French guys made the show. This time Kuddedieren performed in my very own hometown for Tropicale BassClub, in the same venue where once the 108 Moombahton parties marked the beginning of my music journey, and I was there to report.

Almost the entire scene was there. The tropicalistas from Safari were on the line-up together with Utrecht’s homegrown cumbia hero Café de Calaveras and the Gouda based upcoming tropical bass excitement Cookachoo. But the biggest surprise were visitors from Germany: KUMBALE‘s head honcho Rene a.k.a. Sonidero Sin Dinero Sound System and Mexico’s no.1 percussion virtuoso Tico Sandoval! The Kuddedieren crew knows them from their gig at the KUMBALE curated Esperanza Latin party in Berlin, which we at Generation Bass helped to develop, and booked Tico to enrich their music with live drums.

Tropicale Bassclub is the result of booking agencies Topbillin Netherlands and Mother Music to showcase the most promising Dutch tropical bass mainstage acts in such as Cookachoo, Zanillya, RBBP, Kuddedieren and Capadose, together on a club night, touring the country’s major cities. The format and sound of these artists all seem to have been shaped in some or other way by examples like Major Lazer or Buraka Som Sistema: an energetic blend of dancehall, kuduro, EDM-trap/twerk and moombahton, without the grotesqueness of their Mad Decent counterparts.

One thing that stood out last time and now again was the great diversity of music styles, even though dancehall was definitely the central flavour. Café de Calaveras opened the night with a hot set of familiar reggaeton, dancehall and afrobeats and many references to hiphop and RnB, while the Safari soundsystem moved deep into Andean electrofolklore, cumbia, kuduro and DnB, evoking a majestic dance battle on the dancefloor! Being a live-only act, Cookachoo performed a set of own tracks in their characteristic, theatresque style that resonated well with the audience.

After Haarlem, Leiden and Zwolle Utrecht was the third city to host Tropicale BassClub and the turnout was definitely satisfying for a first night in a new city. But after Cookachoo’s gig, when Kuddedieren themselves ascended the stage for their traditional closing act, many people had already left because they thought they’d seen it all by now. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Even though their format may superficially look like Major Lazer or Buraka, the crew of DJ’s Addik & The Teacher, Singer/MC/Dancer Zoë, dancer Siggy, dancer Samira and the freshest addition MC and dancer Gene Power, is of a different order. A live performance by Kuddedieren is unlike most things you will ever experience. In the whirlpool of energy you are drawn into, it no longer feels like watching a performance or listening to a DJ. They are having a party for and with you.


The crew: Zoë, MC Gene Power, The Teacher, Addik (seated), Siggy

Kuddedieren aren’t EDM DJ’s with an MC and mere entourage dancers, nor a band only playing self-made tracks, and not a traditional dancehall soundsystem either. The project was started a few years ago by Ruben (The Teacher) and Addik, who wanted to extend DJ’ing with more extensive live performance and made auditions for dancers. These eventually became Siggy, Zoë and Samira. It was hard to find people loyal to the project, especially for MCs since all the upcoming EDM acts were looking them, so it took a while until Gene was added to the group, making this dedicated team complete.

Eventually, the atmosphere was so easy-going that Zoë invited everybody left in the large hall to come on stage to finish the party cozily together. Girls from the crowd managed to get hold of the drumming sticks and examined their sense of rhythm while Tico joined the dancing madness. Unfortunately, the speakers blasted so many decibels that Tico wasn’t always audible that well, but the moments where his timbales and cowbells pierced through the thick wall of bass were moments of pure joy. And before finally calling turning the lights back on, the crowd could get free their last bits of dancing energy left in their bodies to a several minutes long solo of pure organic drums!


KUDDEDIEREN with the crowd on stage after the show

GB: Aren’t you guys way too unique for the name ‘Herd Animals’?

KD: We reflect daily needs (dancing, music, sexiness and entertainment) to the crowds we play for and make a decent mix between the well-known tracks and the new hot vibes. So the herd thing in the act is: we follow the crowd but we also make the crowd following us by hitting fresh tunes and hot elements in our performances as well as in our own tracks. What you give is what you get, that’s the whole point of the name ‘KUDDEDIEREN’.

With the radioshows and the Rimboe Riddim parties, we want to spread the electronic tropical vibe and be a platform for acts, music and everything around that. We support acts totally unknown in the Netherlands like Omulu as well as popular Dutch headliners such as DJ Dyna. They all do tropical music but in their own way.

Dancehall and reggae are always the basis, to show the mainstream audience what they can expect, but for the readers of Generation Bass: we also play zouk bass, afrohouse, trap/twerk music, a little EDM and also a bit of kuduro and drum ’n bass.

GB: That’s interesting, global/tropical bass as an extension to dancehall, rather than a form of EDM.. Where you the first in the Dutch dancehall scene to experiment with that?

KD: We haven’t really been part of the dancehall scene here to be honest. Dancehall is actually one of the most effective ways to make the girls dance and make a party going. That was the main reason for us to play a lot of it during our sets. About a year ago there was a guy and he told us that it was not really approriate for us to play those styles. He said: “it doesn’t fit you”. That was the reason for The Teacher and Addik to go to Jamaica, have some experiences over there, learn more about their culture and make some music. They made vlogs during their trip, you can see them here:


Now, after the Jamaica trip, we learn more about Jamaican and caribbean music in Holland as well, but we are still more involved with the Jamaican dancehall scene then the Dutch dancehall scene.


KUDDEDIEREN rocking the popular Latin Village latinhouse festival (by: CKFoto)!

GB: What does an average week look like for KUDDEDIEREN?

KD: Check out our vlogs, it’s all in there!

Freshest vlog, out since this morning (Featuring me.. a bit.. in your face)

GB: Any specific future plans you can already share with us?

KD: In the first place we have some fresh tracks with KUDDEDIEREN (almost ready) with a (big) Jamaican artist. We’re still looking for a good partner (label) to put it out with the right attention. Besides we are extending the tropical network in Europe right now. There is a really nice niche-market in Europe but we need to work together to let it grow and spread the virus. But we are working on it! That is also were Rimboe Riddim fits the plan at this moment.

Already check out their freshest release: a hot afrohouse remix of Quick Cook ft. Kreecha & Esco‘s new dancehall hit ‘Glory‘!

GB: Where can Generation Bass readers see you live this fall?

Our ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) Rimboe Riddim night will be insane, with TWRK, Zanillya, Fellow and Gianni Marino! It’s the 15th of October (thursday of ADE) in Winston Kingdom.


After the party and next morning, I hang out with Tico and Rene ‘SSDSS’ who had to perform that next night at yet another party: Alta Cumbia Night, organised by the Amsterdam based cumbia band La Banda Fantástica who haven’t quit at all since the Fantástica parties came to an end a year ago. Not at all, the spacious venue (OT301: a vibrant alternative cultural centre) was completely packed. According to Facebook about 500 people showed up but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were even more.

The event combined a passionate cumbia party with a serious tone: the premiere presentation of “Ayotzinapa, crónica de un crimen de Estado”, a gripping documentary about the 43 Mexican students who vanished from the face of the earth by the hands of the country’s deeply rotten government, directed by Xavier Robles. Watch it here –>>

“Ayotzinapa, crónica de un crimen de Estado” (Ayotzinapa, chronicle of a state-crime)

From 22:00 onward the night changed into cumbia, starting with the vintage & classic latin rock DJ Larva and ‘Fantástica Un Cumbia Happening’ OG DJ Rengo Estar, both from Argentina. Unfortunately, I didn’t arrive early enough to see either the documentary or the beginning of the night. I arrived around midnight and was impressed by the venue’s hidden entrance, nice garden in front and especially its size. DJ Rengo Estar would tell me its fascinating history: squatted in the late 90s and now in the middle of an official legalisation process. On the wall in the long entrance hall was a big sheet with on it, in black and white, the faces of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa and their names: a commemoration that once again made me realise how intricately music is related to the social and political struggles of the people who create it.

I once theorised that one of the reasons why there is so little cumbia in the Netherlands is that the Mexican, Argentinian and Peruvian communities here are very small. Apart from their yearly Independence Day, Colombians in the Netherlands don’t seem to give an awful lot about it. But La Banda Fantástica single handedly managed to build a strong scene in Amsterdam, attracting a unique cocktail of young and older [email protected] (mostly but not exclusively Mexicans, Argentinians and Chileans), hippies, hipsters, ‘urban’ dressed kids, nu-punks, avant-garde fashionistas, glamourous Latin-night clubgirls and every possible overlapping combination between these categories. As I, reunited with the Rene and Tico and equipped with a beer, entered the main hall in the middle of La Banda Fantástica’s grand performance and saw this party happening in front of me, I realised that you can speak of an actual, full-blown cumbia SCENE in Amsterdam that goes way beyond DJs-producers exploring a mere gimmick.


La Banda Fantástica performing for a passionately dancing crowd


The band members with burlesque performer Nina

La Banda Fantástica played a diverse collection classics from Argentinian cumbia villera, Mexican cumbia sonidera, Andean chicha and the Colombian originals and also lots of catchy cumbia rock. Towards the end of their performance, we were surprised with a very nice tropical burlesque show by La Nina!

Burlesque cumbiera!

After the band performance, Rene and Tico ascended the stage, closing the night with the more electronic interpretation of cumbia. Everything that we’ve been blogging passionately for years, from cumbia-dub, cumbia trap, cumbiaton and 3ball, now blasted through the industrial hall in front of 500 people, accompanied by Tico’s energetic breaks and polyrhythmic insanity.




Tico jamming the congas!

Tico made a nice vlog of this intense and fun weekend that was just one long party and amazing scene-meetup from beginning to end!

Gingee’s Tambol EP sets an Example for Everyone [Review]


It may sound paradoxical but in some cases, the biggest compliment can be to see that your own work has become superfluous. In an age where blogs as a medium are becoming superfluous everywhere, this brings along double feelings as well, but when I saw on Gingee’s Facebook page that her new EP, Tambol, ranked #2 on the reggae/dub charts on Beatport and #16 in Hiphop, I could only be happy that an artist who means a lot to us, is moving forward without chancing her unique style.

We’ve supported Gingee, a Filipino-American producer-DJ, vocalist and percussionist based in LA, since the beginning and were always enthusiastic about her creative fusion of diverse global bass flavours with live singing, rapping and organic, often traditional Filipino percussion such as the kulintang (small pitched gongs).

‘Tambol’ means ‘drum’ in Tagalog, the Filipino language. The EP’s cover design features drums next to kulintang gongs and other traditional percussion like the long tinikling bamboo clapper poles and cowbells.

The 5 track EP is built around dembow as the central vibe, diversifying into different tempos and grooves and involving synth as well drum elements from genres as diverse as house, dancehall, hiphop, meditative ambient and even feature some oldskool turntable-scratching. Gingee is one of the pioneers of electronic hybrid music with full lyrics rapping and singing and indeed three of the tracks are songs.

‘Tinikling Riddim’ is an instrumental twerk-house tune inspired by tinikling bamboo choreography and was released as exclusive free download for YourEDM, who also wrote an enthusiastic review. ‘Hear the Drum Beats’ is an uptempo bubbling tribute to the global bass movement as a celebration of cultural diversity and empowerment. For ‘Sound System’ Gingee teamed up with electro-reggae OG MC Zulu, fusing dancehall grooves and powerful bass sounds with hypnotising kulintang patterns. ‘Gong Spirit’, a song about the ancestral spirituality of music, continues this meditative vibe and involves a didgeridoo-like sound as an organic replacement for bass synths. The final track, ‘Escape’ is instrumental again and my personal favourite for its subtle dark and futuristic approach to zouk bass. Gingee shows once again her independent creativity which will definitely set an example for everyone in the global bass movement!

The tracks were developed in collaboration with the freshly created Party Time Society label and mastered by no-one less than Ricky Vaughn.


Gingee playing percussion in a live set from last year


The EP premiered last weekend on a exciting cultural event in LA called Soundpaint (which unfortunately I couldn’t find anything more about on the web than the flyer..)




Some pictures of Gingee from the Tambol-photoshoot


Follow Gingee:







The Pannonian Sea?
“The Pannonian Sea was a shallow ancient sea located where the Pannonian Basin in Central Europe is now. The Pannonian Sea existed during the Miocene and Pliocene epochs, when a three to four kilometre depth of marine sediments were deposited in the Pannonian Basin.”
So that`s where they get their vybz from.

And who are they?

Bazaar Kings are DJ/producer duo from Budapest, Hungary, consisting of DJ SuperStereo and DJ Pozor. It`s a brand new collab project, not older than a year i think, but they already have a lot of nice goodies out there on the InterWeb! Check this out first, this is their official video of the “Summer Things” track that features Italian MC Attila (BUY THE TRACK HERE):



Or check out their twist on Lambada:



Now let them introduce themselves:





And for the end – check out their mixtapes! Worth a listen definitely!
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]



Essential EP’s #4


Exciting releases are coming in a much faster tempo than we can keep up with. That’s why you’ll find some older stuff in here too. We’ve got a diverse selection of styles again. With quite a lot of future bass this time, for Generation Bass standards, but also a couple of impressive classic-tropical releases. Add these treasures to your sets and playlists this summer and get a taste of the directions in which music is heading!

Previous essential EP’s >> #1 ; #2 ; #3

1. Shinji Myst LP

Shinji from Paris is one of the most multi-faceted upcoming young producers today, whose deconstructionist style covers everything between kawaii vibes, classical music, witch house and breakcore. I interviewed him earlier this year and there he announced that his track Vers Les Etoiles was going to be part of a bigger release to be called Myst. This extensive 12-tracks long album is finally out now, released by our friends over at internet-underground label URL Future!

If you liked the emotional delicacy of Vers Les Etoiles, the album is a straight eye opener. Listening to it feels like accompanying the producer’s on an ayahuasca trip into the deepest crypts of his inner being. In an interview with Cvltstars blog Shinji explains: “Myst […] has to be read as a contraction of ‘My Mist’. […] The artwork is a modified picture of me holding a coral, surrounded by an opaque fog […] an insight into the tortured mind behind this…” Myst is the musical crystallisation of Shinji’s philosophy: representing the voice of what he calls the ‘singularities’ of this world. The growing number of rejected young people in our society who fail to find their identity in any existing group, wandering through life like a gasseous molecule in empty space.

Press play and be tossed around the entire emotional spectrum on the waves of ethereal ambient noise, retro-gothic synthpop, neo-classical harmonies, melancholic vaporwave and more.

Download the album for free!


2. F L ♥ R E S フラワ  ズ 3 EP

URL Future also released another marvelous EP I’ve been sleeping on last month, but which would have been one of my favourites if I had known about it. Flxres (‘flores’ or ‘flares’, not sure..) フラワーズ is a promising new-generation electropop project based in Menifee, USA. At the beginning of this year we announced a comeback of 80s electronica and it is very fascinating to see it happen in front of your eyes. The most exciting thing is that this exploration of 80s and early 90s sounds is led by a generation who hasn’t lived those days, being entirely free from the purist urge to preserve a genre’s ‘heyday sound’ behind sterilised glass walls.

In many ways, ズ 3 EP is in fact much more a fresh eruption out of the depths of the internet than it is a traditional retro-project. The bubbling, subterranean magma goo, gushing out microgenres like witch house, vaporwave and bubblegum bass now seems to bring out a sound that resembles the spirit of 80s, gothic flavoured cyberpunk, reinventing it as if it has never existed before. Long, black trenchcoats, cybernetic implants, rainy neon cityscapes and dim blue lit underground clubs where sweaty industrial bands perform for a small, drugged crowd swaying back and forth to the ethereal, dystopian grooves. Flxres shows a future which is still ahead of us.

Free download here!


3. Monotronique Afrika EP

Stumbling across this pearl of a release, it’s almost unbelievable to find out how underrated this promising avant-garde grime producer from Ukraine is. His style brings in mind highly respected front-runners like Fatima Al Qadiri.

It may be bold to draw such comparison for a beginning producer but the similarities with Fatima Al Qadiri go even deeper. Afrika EP in essence does with Africa what Fatima’s ‘Asiatisch‘ did with the Far East: it takes you on a virtual trip into an imagined, rather than the actual Africa. By evoking a similarly hollow, plastified experience, it makes you wonder what is left if after all the layers of meaning Western society attaches to the most diverse continent on the planet, have evaporated into the air. What’s left is minimalistic, polyrhythmic percussion, accompanying distant fragmented snippets of imagery that isn’t there and gets destroyed in the experience. This makes Afrika EP therefore vastly different from traditional ‘tribal ambient music’ or artists like Clap Clap, who create a thick, prescribed ambiance that should contrast with our own, unable to free themselves from presenting Africa through ongoing Western cliches of primitive tribalism and savage beauty.

Brilliant avant-garde kuduro from a producer who is there to stay!


4. Mareaboba Bioamorfo

The Mexican acid-cumbia experimentalist Maraboba is a producer whom we haven’t blogged as much in the past as I expected. Shame on us, because Mareaboba is one of the more interesting names from the still vibrant digital cumbia underground, which is temporarily off my radar but has an important place in my heart.

Bioamorfo is a unique release, coming from the direction of psychedelic cumbia experimentalism of artists like Tu Guaina or 420 Music Flavor, but at the same time becoming so dystopian that it can be seen as an example of the growing fusion of global, non-Western rhythms with the dark-hard side of electronic music.

Caballito is also an interesting label which, like us at Generation Bass, forms in many ways a bridge between and the global avant-garde and the now marginal turn-of-the-decade ‘tropical’ scene which have become completely different worlds.

Grab it for free!


5. Alfonso Luna Alfonso Luna EP

If there is anyone who stays faithful to the original movement of tribal prehispanico and at the same time keeps innovating it, it is the Monterrey based techno-folklorist Alfonso Luna. He releases exciting new stuff on a monthly basis and, unique for most 3ball producers after the earliest oldskool perdiod, experiments with different rhythms and tempos that deviate from the standard 140 BPM syncopated-cumbia groove.

In Alfonso Luna EP, released by our friends from Kumbale in Germany, he shows the best of the entire spectrum of his diverse style. With tracks like ‘El Dios Luna’ and ‘Mexica’, he deviates even more from the conventional paths than usual, getting into experimental techno and deep-dub territory. 3ball prehispanico and techno go very well together and I hope this EP will inspire producers to release more of such experiments in the near future!


6. Sonido Berzerk Unworthy EP

On the cover art I made some weeks back I forgot to put a reference to the London based label Etoro Records that released it, so here still a major shoutout. The bass alrounder from Veracruz, Mexico, must be a familiar name for dedicated readers. His eclectic style combines grime, juke, jungle, hiphop, dub and dembow blended together with a melodic chill flavour. This makes him fit seamlessly into the post-EDM global avant-garde, global bass fused with future beats and the internet-underground.

Unworthy EP is such an EP which is as much future beats as it is traditional global bass. Deep dub techno, afrohouse, baile funk, salsa, bachata, juke, kuduro, kizomba, merengue and deephouse.. everything is fused together organically into a thoughtful, slightly melancholic trip which is best listened to alone at a late summer night.

Get it on Bandcamp!


7. La Fama Blanca Baile Tropicante

Baile tropicalte is a compilation and La Fama Blanca is not technically the author but he is the host of the recurring Baile Tropicante tropical club nights in Lisbon. Even though the tropical movement as we have known it in the past is no longer at the forefront of the global music avant-garde as it was back in 2010, it has retracted into a thriving and vibrant underground which keeps on generating treasures.

This grand compilation features many Generation Bass household names as well as some lesser known artists, all more than worth checking out: the Dutch organic tropical duo UMOJA, the Chilean digital cumbiambero Señor Chancho, the Peruvian rising tropical indie duo Animal Chuki, the Argentinian Latin-dub producer El Barba Dub, the Argentinian tropical bass duo FAAUNA, Caballito Netlabel nestor and tropical vanguardist BIGOTE, the French soulful tropicalist iZem, the Brazilian alternative tropical project Sistema Criolina, the Spanish cumbia fusionist DJ Caution, the Madrid based Colombian organic cumbia duo Guacamayo Tropical, the Mexican extraterrestrial cumbia futurist Asagi Saund, Caballito affiliated ‘graveton’ bangerista Grita, and Kzike Guacamayero Cumbiero who I believe is one half of Guacamayo Tropical.

Baile Tropicante are 15 tracks full of organic dub influenced Afro-Latin grooves. A warm-memory infused sound which, for our generation, can perhaps already be called ‘classic’.

Download track by track on soundcloud!


8. Moniker Thousand Bit

Bangeristas attention!! The American bass duo Moniker are an upcoming name in the future bass world and his style is absolutely RAD! This is forward-looking bass music at its full potential, involving complex rhythms, diverse percussion sounds and a storehouse of influences when it comes to synth sounds. Much future bass today seems to go down the same road towards destruction as EDM, falling in the pitfall of replicating the same formulas over and over, even before the genre has fully replaced EDM as the new commercial grab bag of everything electronic. But Moniker shows how it can be done and the result is brilliant, intense and uplifting!

Guest appearances are made by the Generation Bass affiliated crew BANGANAGANGBANGERS, the Dutch bass bangerista Subp Yao, the Utrecht based future beats alchemist Frenquency, the enigmatic prodigy Rustybird, and the psychedelic bass alchemist from Cincinnati, Spankalicious.

Free download!

World Series Vol.7

Trax Couture is a London Based avant-garde label, club-night and clothing store created by the forward looking cultural alrounder Rushmore, one of the influential voices of the London club underground. Their monthly ‘World Series’ LP series has been running since about a year now, showcasing the promising underground artists, mainly in the vibrant area where flavours like ghetto-house, vogue grime and juke are constantly being blended into new exciting sounds.

This time (actually I realised the next edition is out already..) it is the internet-underground inspired futurist GROVESTREET, an absolute must-follow for Generation Bass readers, who delivers 5 magnificent tracks which combine the most unlikely genres such as industrial techno, experimental ambient, vaporwave and grime!

Get the EP here!

 Lege 伝説 
The Colours EP

Lege Kale is a skilled producer whose style reminds in more than one aspect of Mr. Carmack’s uncategorisable eclecticism. It’s not future beats (in the narrow sense), not trap, not instrumental hiphop but truly something in between. “Who cares?” you may ask, but it does matter in a time where most new musicians copy fixed formats all the time and genres, even umbrella terms like EDM and future beats, lose creativity and diversity almost as soon as they become ‘a thing’.

In a sense, ‘The Colours EP’ is the chill answer to Moniker’s ‘Thousand Bit’, also combining catchy beats, delicious polyrhythmic percussion and subtle well-produced synth work in a brilliant way. I’d love to see him collab with Moniker in the future!

Download on Bandcamp!

Lascivio Bohemia
Le Rumbé Saboralia

It’s been a while since I have had the time and opportunity to pay attention to one of the most promising newcoming labels of last year: Regional from Chile. They’ve released quite some great stuff in the meantime so I picked the release that I found most exciting of all: an experimental 11 track electro-folklore album from the Ecuadorian alrounder Lascivio Bohemia. Cumbia is blended with other prehispanic Andean and Afro-caribbean rthythms such as mambo, dembow and downtempo 3ball, accompanied by extensive sampling and dreamy as well as rough, experimentally flavoured synths.

Le Rumbé Saboralia connects the haydays of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia to the fast changing global music landscape of today!

Grab it now!

Strangers LP

SIMPIG, formerly known as the duo Shake it Maschine & Mr.Pigman, from Switzerland are probably a new name for many Generation Bass followers but not if you’re familiar with the vibrant underground of juke, footwork & alternative trap which is constantly feeding new sounds into the future-bass/futurebeats movement. A name to keep an eye on definitely!

Strangers LP is a breathtakingly perfect artwork of complex rhythm and melody. Traces of juke, footwork, jersey club, grime and trap can be recognised but the whole of every track transcends genres completely. The melodic work is a true composition that goes beyond club music, dragging you into an almost cinematic grippingly melancholic, future-noir scenery!

Buy on Junodownload!


Generation Bass presents: GBMIX#4! Tribilín Sound

Next edition has landed: April Mixtape mixed and compiled by Tribilín Sound!


01 Qapac- Solar
02 Babylon Fall feat. JMan (Silly Tang Remix)
03 Lascivio Bohemia – La Cumbia de Los Viajeros
04 El Tunche Soundsystem – Cumbia Insurgente
05 El Barba Dub – Tenga Pa Que Se Entretenga
06 Lascivio Bohemia – Saboralia
07 Los Ribereños – Silbando (Tribilin Sound Treatment)
08 Dj Neber – Cumbia inzolente
09 Pa Kongal – Guayaba
10 Black Mandingo & Relo – Trippin
11 La Luna – Ther Mind
12 Tribilin Sound – Faquer
13 Chulkiboi – Eat Me