Bai Bai remixes – Jaloo


Jaloo is growing up more and more, day by day. In 2013 release 3 videoclipes, all in one take. Released the Couve Ep and Female & Brega. Now we just can wait for a Album. There isn’t any more thing to do.Wait, there is, a conquest remix.

Bai Bai is a cover to Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus. But there is a differente lyric and meaning. Just the melody is the same.

This is one of first production of Jaloo, even if is a cover. No more remixes, no more edits. Now is a new age to Jaloo, and thinking in his own carrear, created this conquest. You can send one version to him, and maybe you can be one of winners.

Who already made a version is Waldo Squash + Luan Rodrigues. This duo is UANA System. A mix of carimbó + tecnobrega + eletromelody.

If you get intereseting in remix Jaloo, click Here.

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Uaná System – electro carimbó


Day by Day, more brazilian styles come to underground scene. Mixing the original and organic sounds, as carimbó, with eletronic beats and some electro synths, result in some new strong and creative sound.

Uaná System is a project of Dj Waldo Squash (from Gang do Electro) with artist and Vj Luan Rodrigues. The first release of Uaná, was a electro carimbó remix to Luan Santana, ela é belem:

But this week, they release a new remix to Fafa de Belém. Fafa, is a big singer of Brazil and she is knew for her big laugth (and big tits). This second remix of Uana, is more to electro, using instruments of original music, but keep with 4×4 beat along the remix. Still very interesting.

A big point is: we are talking about big Waldo Squash. He is one of main producers of tecnobrega and he is very well understand about north-brazilian music as carimbó and tecnobrega. So we can except good news and very good remix, using differents tracks as usual producers do (remixing all the time, the same music)