This awesome release will be fired for free on Generation Bass next week, for now take a listen.In Serbia, there is a custom of firing manual weapons in the air as a gesture of extreme happiness - like birth of a child or marriage.These weapaons can be guns, pistols or machine guns - AK-47 is quite Read more [...]


I share something in common with this Artist, we both have "UMB" in our name!That aside, she describes herself as thus "just a queer grrl tryna mk it in this craazy n oppressive world!! † ∆ †".Given her name I thought she was from Columbia but she's not, she is Philly-based and born in Peru.I Read more [...]


I've been a bit blown away by some of the Artists who featured on the Browntourage Mixtape series we blogged yesterday and so I thought I'd shine some singular spotlight on some of them.First up is the amazing 8ulentina who is an Oakland based DJ and producer of Turkish descent whose name comes from Read more [...]


Some really interesting mixes here from New Jersey based DJ Haram aka Zubeyda Muzeyyen incorporating Middle Eastern elements amongst all sorts of Industrial carnage and genres such as Footwork, Hip Hop, Jersey Club and other mad stuff.Really feeling this:Read more [...]


A great, atmospheric chilled bass number here by Salt Lake City producer Khensu who imbues his tracks with an icy cool Transnational Ambient vibe.This one has an Arabic flava:And this one with more of a Far Eastern Oriental vibe:Read more [...]


Seriously mind-blowing, heavily slept on release here. Wow, not sure why everybody isn't talking about this Lorn mastered/engineered EP.Taking a lot of atmospheric pointers from The Weeknd without getting too slushy like some of his stuff does, the material on this EP retains a fine balance between Read more [...]