Lagartijeando : Doloreando [Neo Cumbia]

Feels good to be posting some Cumbia again and it's all down to that dude SDP.   Most of my renewed interest in Nueva Cumbia in 2009 came after I came across some awesome SDP stuff and I can never get enough of his vibes. The fact that I re-upped my 2009 "Stoned Cumbia" mix to soundcloud recently, Read more [...]


Vince & I were in SA in 2010 and we witnessed first hand just how explosive this scene is in Jo' Burg, it is for real! We met some of the Artists who are legends within this scene and they gave us an intimate account and mini-tour of how this scene was unfolding there back then and it blew our Read more [...]

Drvg Cvltvre : Everything Oblivion

Another great free release by our dude Drvg Cvltvre, which is also gonna be available on CD on Snug Life Records. This is the dark side of the disco, where the cold, industrial and bleak beats paint a picture of an apocalyptic dancefloor. The kinda club where Zombies dance. This is Zombie Disco Music! I Read more [...]