Pós-funk: Rd da NH

When I started with funk na caixa, there was a discution about the name of that style - now we call it neo baile funk. Few peoples talked about pos-funk, but we argue: man, how can we said "this is the pos funk" or the evolution of this sound, if we aren't the creators? we don't live at favela, we Read more [...]


We've been digging Datsik since 2009 and the great thing about him is that he rocks in whatever he does and now he has turned his attention to Trap and you know what I really bloody like it a lot.Just check this out:Read more [...]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – riTmo de POrro y Mas

A little gem surfaced from the deep waters of the web and revealed itself to me. It is a little four track EP called riTmo de POrro from Buenos Aires native Damo Naimad. It features true Afro-Colombian cumbia rhythms with delay effects, chilled haunting horns and beautiful Colombian vocalist Totó la Read more [...]

Some interesting sounds

 Lets see some projects:The first is the Dj Murlo. With production with a lot of bass and fast BPM, a mix of soca with wobbles, this dj/producers transformed Beyounce and Rihanna in a real ghetto sound. Other remixes sounds more to basemant sound and a kind of ghetto tech. But, isn't just Read more [...]


Death is the most important event of life. Don't you think ? Death will always have you as a FREE DOWNLOAD ! That's ok, if you have been a good cumbia warrior doing your cumbihad, you'll find 72 sexy virgens waiting for you in heaven to dance cumbia and loose control... In a few days, it will be "dia Read more [...]