Well, If he likes it or not, he does NOW! the small man from LOVE CITY just got mashed up in a new SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE track. Don't know if this still qualifies as CUMBIA, but hey... Big smiles all around guys! check this out:Sonido del Principe vs Prince - If I was your Girlfriend Read more [...]

some SKWEEE from way back!

about 12 years ago I guess? DR ROCKIT  dropped this great tune on the shortlived, but very interesting CLEAR label. Absolutely great stuff though, here's a lil blast from the past!DR ROCKIT - How do You DoBy the way, if you are up for more SKWEEE and DUBSTEP, join yours truly tonight in Tilburg, Read more [...]

last of the COCKNEY THUGS…

I think it's about time we let THIS TRACK  slide into history. I think i've seen about 20 different versions of the thing by now. So let's just be done with it and let's be honest, the remixxes aren't really as good as the original. Well, ok, maybe the CASPA remix deserves some credit because of the Read more [...]

Northern Africa Funk!

This great track just got blogged by RUPTURE, check it out cause it's dubby, funky AND has some definite soul. I really love it! Just had to re-post!Ramzi - Cocktail TounsiBeen trying to find something on this producer, but I keep bumping into soccerplayers and this one R&B dude, who i'm pretty Read more [...]


Since 2004 actually, but it's also the title of an awesome SKWEEE track by RANDY BARRACUDA, I think RICK's still alive, but then again, I don't watch a lot of TV... Check out this slammin' beat right here:Randy Barracuda - Rick James is Dead Read more [...]

and… some TECNO BREGA tracks!

Finally been able to find some of this illustrious TECNO BREGA stuff, check out these cuts that sound like they were made some years ago, but with an added dose of northern BRASILIAN funk!DJ EDIELSON - melody eletro da radioDJ SAMMY E ALINE - BLACK POWER MELODY Read more [...]

random BAILE FUNK hits vol.5

a great piece of booty shaking BAILE FUNK  right here, this guy als brought you the great track PAVAROTY  -but this one is just as great:Jack E Chocolate - Danca Do MexicanoI've decided we are at random baile funk hit vol. 5, no looking back 🙂 Read more [...]