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an email from someone who actually knows the score…

Hello there,
my name is Toke, I live in Angola, Luanda, where I’ve been borned.

I’ve comed here through Likembe blog link.
I’m a adio producer, speaker, and dj everywhere through Luanda’s nights.

(strait from cd-r street kuduro sellers to your hard drive, the angolan guetho musicians that have no commercial contract but that everybody is listening in the partys, taxis, bus, or in the street – kuduro rulles in luanda’s caotic automobile trafic) – Site rebuilding.

I’m a big kuduro collector and I’ved a kuduro site that have been damaged by the server and that I’m rebuilding (slowly as my 256kbps connection allows). http://kuduro.podomatic.com/

Being kuduro born in Luanda in the early 90’s, and in the middle of the heaviest african civil war that will end only in 2002, it was very hard to produce and present kuduro records and live shows until six years ago. The things are changing for best, now days, but what is really happening is that only a few of angolans kuduro entertainners have a professional record contract and some international projection.

By the other way, angolans still remains crazy by kuduro scene and dance, and all over Luanda city, cd-rs are popuping from the big guethos youth, whom are in a prolific way recording studio demos, or home demos, that sometimes become huge national hits. But, as the majority of those local artists do not have any contract, they do not have structure to expand they work world wide. Anyway, this artists only profits come from local live shows that unespected succes provides, and by hand to hand selling of cd-rs, once that they are ripped off by angolan radios that do not pay any incoming; by local djs who grew a international fame without any credits to the real authors of the beats; and by europeans and non europeans djs, as we all know, due to the lake of information and blabla… at the same time taking avantage and promoting guetho angolan kids. That’s great! view the state of things.

Proudly and warrior angolan kuduro moovement do not considere Lisbon kuduro, as Helder Rei do kuduro, as other thing than pure robery. We, angolans indulgently laught if someone speaks about cap verdian kuduro! “Galliano kuduro” (lol) – it has the merit of promote the angolan style, with some deviances, and non kuduro beats, but it’s a great job. It ‘s a great job for him too, not only for the angolan music that he use at a “no price”.

There is only one kuduro beat and moovement, and it is Luanda’s almost five millions habitants that mark that beat with an incredible fast and caotic car trafic, popping kuduro all over the town, all over the day with the naif smile of guetho childrens. Today, angolan guetho kuduro moovement is strong in Luanda, and more and more youngs achieve a minimal record contract.

By the stylistic point of view, now days guetho kuduro it’s going more mczided than the old kuduro, whom where more instrumental than spoked. Mainstream angolan kuduro artist as Dog Murras, Sebém, Puto Prata and others have allready notest that word spoked inflection.

Thank you for your time and excuses for the lenght of the explanation in these non corrected almost english words.
Anyway, for me it’s amazing and very interesting to read your opinions and reflections about this style of music from my homeland!

All the best to you,
hope everything’s going right.

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