kwaito2found this somewhere in the back of the FADER – I love how KWAITO house is sometimes so very close to deephouse, while always remaining its African vibe. Not just in percussion or chants, but also in it’s laidbackness yet urgency. This sounds like there really are great things happening in the south of the dark continent! mix by CHIEF BOIMA:

right here: KWAITO BLEND

DJ Cleo, “Kata Kata”
DJ Cleo, “Mind Ckuf”
DJ Cleo ft. Bleksem, “Wena”
DJ Mujava, “Moribo”
DJ Mujava, “Township Funk”
Trompies, “Ngwanesu”
Bojo Mujo, “Areyeng”
Zulu Naja, “Ndiya Ndiya”

Without a doubt these are artists to look out for in the next couple of years to reach global proportions. You know, this is where GENERATION BASS’ unused tagline comes in handy: IT AINT WHERE YOU FROM, IT’S WHERE YOU AT…

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