mondher-ben-ammar-2This is really great stuff. As far as I can find, this guy is from TUNESIA, and he combines slow berber jams, with crowd samples (unless this really sounds like this live, which would be even more awesome…) Deeply autotuned vocals, and a great funk/dry vibe. Stay away from tracks 3 & 8, the rest is all GREAT! My fav is the 11 minute version of COCKTAIL TOUNSI. I can only find WMA files, but hey, you win some, you lose some…

Mondher Ben Amar: Mondher 2008 (cocktail tounsi dziri)
Genre: raï, salhi
Format : wma
Débit : 128kb/s
1-Lellirri Yamma (folk tounsi)
2-Lassoued magrouni (folk dziri)
3-Mansborch bla bik (duo avec Zina Elgasriniya) (jaw rai)
4-El moutour
5-Cocktail tounsi
6-Ya lghali 3alayia
8-Hakida (jaw rai)


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