800px-terrace_field_yunnan_I know there’s a lot of dj/producer type folk out there checking this blog. So let’s get busy. I found this nice piece of vocalisation on the great BENN LOXO DU TACCU  blog. Chinese acapella? They jerk around the tones of this song and make it a great tearjerking piece of music. I don’t know what they are singing about but MATT says they sing a lot of songs about love and getting married, so let’s just leave it at that?

Anyway, grab this piece of singing and add some bassss? or smashing rhythms, or dub echo? or something else? and send it back to me so I can post your rendition of this ditty online. The winner gets a whole lotta respect and the chance to do a paid remixx as well..

Laluo Yi Singers – I Want To Marry You

If you have something, holla at your boy and drop the track in my SOUNDCLOUD dropbox:



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