apple_skullAcross the big pond, there’s a recordlabel called RUN RIOT RECORDS. They have some really cool artists. I can almost hear you think ‘so what?’ at this point. Bear with me.  The label has a great distinct style and look to it, something a lot of labels don’t have. But they also have a great sound. A lot of bleepy 8bit stuff up in here, but mixed with heavy dancefloor riddims.

I know… My explanation is almost pointless… Just check out these 2 tracks right here. One by a dude named GOUSEION, which is a GREAT wonky piece of DUBSTEP and this other track by YSLE, which merges two songs in 1 track and does so without flinching. A lot of strange things happen in this track and it’s all GREAT! CHECK IT OUT:



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