440px-alhazred_abdul_headJust stumbled on this ABDUL ALHAZRED Myspace and I remembered I had the file downloaded somewhere, the links on the myspace don’t work anymore… This is well worth checking out though. Great experimental type hiphop remixes with lots of strange twists and turns from these 2 cats. As far as I know ABDUL ALHAZRED is a character in a book by HP LOVECRAFT, but then again, that might explain the ultra weird vibes on these cuts!

This appears to contain several NAS acapella’s:  Abdul Alhazred – Trilogy f/ NAS

I love this cut by BLACK MOON: Abdul Alhazred -Diss f/ BLACK MOON

A twisted deep version of a DRE track: Abdul Alhazred – Still f/ DR DRE & SNOOP DOGG

And some classic BUSTA in the mash: Abdul Alhazred – Check f/ BUSTA RHYMES

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