1. Hello!
    My name is Toke.
    I’m from Luanda and I’m webing the Kubass angolan site.

    Ther’s one main reason why you can’t find anything about DJ Terr√≠vel. And that’s because we, here in Angola, do not have a recording industry!

    No remastering equipement. Some studios to record, yes. Or even not that (in Kuduro matters), a PC with SoundForge, or old Fruitloops crap shit.

    No pressing factorys, so, no contracts, no edit or publishing rights control.

    So, CD-r rulles. Auto edition and distribution trhough Luanda’s streets are the dayly bread for Kuduro artists from Luanda.

    Thanks for spreading the word,
    I’m promissing to put out some more Kubass sounds.


    1. hi toke! thanks so much for posting a reply! I have tried to email you a couple of times, hoping you would be interested in posting on this blog?
      please email us if you have a chance?
      [email protected]

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