ruptureI love Rupture. The DJ that is. Jace is consistent in quality and has a way with words. On his BLOG he explains something about how the music biz works (more specifically publicity) and puts shame on one of the people who said they’d do something and just plain didnt. Also releated to my last post on digital culture vs the death of the music industry, which is imminent. This is essential reading right here!

“I’d like to explain how Charles Holgate aka MC Nomad, an independent publicist best known for his work representing the Tempa/Rinse FM/FWD conglomerate, stole several thousand dollars — not from me, but from the artists I used on Uproot and the label it was released on. But before we get to that, we need to take a quick look at the publicity business.

With all the talk about declining record sales and the near-terminal state of the music industry model as we knew it in the 90s, people rarely mention the role of publicists. Like live shows, the work of the publicists will endure even as CD sales plummet.”


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