BN_Poster02bThis thing with the genres is getting a bit silly now. in the UK they have about 11 names for a genre which is basicly house with a 2step bassline. BASSLINE HOUSE would be the most logical choice for all the stuff in the genre, but now there’s a small group of producers that’s also incorperating BHANGRA or other INDIAN MUSIC in their NICHE, eeuuhh, BASSLINE, eeuhh, SPEEDGARAGE, eeuuh UK FUNKY, euuhh whatever. So the birth of a new genre is a fact. Read this piece below which is totally ridiculous. But first DL the track below, which is really COOOLL!!!



London’s musical dilettantes may have abandoned bassline for “funky”, the new southern sound, but up north the bassline scene, also known as niche, continues to flourish. One of the latest innovations in bassline is a marriage with bhangra music called – wait for it – bhangra bassline. The Asian contingent at bassline nights has always been large and passionate, so it is no surprise that elements of Indian culture are now being incorporated into this British form of music.

When I travelled to a bassline night in Leicester last spring, expecting to find a crowd not too dissimilar to a grime night in London (young, po-faced men, some black, some white), I was surprised to find a heaving club full of sharply dressed Asian teens in sunglasses. (They were, however, just as po-faced as their London counterparts.)


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