but someone has to do it, and I guess that’s me 🙂 I’m just in from a night of GENERATION BASS in my hometown of Tilburg. Good fun all around, not the maniacal crowds one hopes for, but good music, good conversation and drinking loads of beer… Here’s some pix:



cute girls enjoying CUMBIA and BHANGRA, that’s nice!


Like I said, no stampedes, but laid back atmosphere…


Ye Olde Trustworthy Computer! Thou servest me well!


Even some ‘important’ people showed up to check out what this new music is all about and discuss it. While drinking beer…


Later in the evening more peeps showed up, Kuduro and Baile Funk was enjoyed by all. Also all the mixtape/CDR’s we handed out were all gone, so at least 40 people have a great BAILE FUNK mix at home by MR.LEUB! Hope the virus spreads…. WHOEHAHAHAHAAAAA!


  1. hey your massive sound was made for bigger crowds than that!You gotta make it big and come play in Caracas. Call Calle 13 Im sure they are into your stuff…

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