queen-eliiiYour Royal Highness, I just read that the US president, Mr. BARACK OBAMA, has given you an IPOD as a gift at his recent visit to your country. That IPOD was already filled with some footage of your 2007 US trip and some broadway music, and since there is a LOT OF ROOM left on it, here is a gift from GENERATIONBASS. It is a mix of some recent BASS MUSIC, BAILE FUNK and HOUSE music of global descent. I guess you will recognise some influences from some of the former UK colonies (INDIA, JAMAICA) in there as well!

It’s is located RIGHT HERE, and will take up about 165 MB on your IPOD. It’s a 320 KBS MP3. If you don’t really know any of this technical chitchat, you can always ask some advice from the coolest president ever… Since this was recorded at a GENERATIONBASS night, I don’t know what the tracklist is. But it doesnt really matter, when you start dancing, just let your Royal hips do the talking!


-Vince The Prince / Generation Bass


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