flyizem2Grab this ditty RIGHT HERE¬† if you’re into global blending ūüôā very nice¬† mix!

10.Makiza vs Groovalizacion
02.Suprême NTM vs Curumin (France/Brazil)
03.Unknown (USA)
04.Pedro Luis e a Parede (Brazil)
05.Leeroy (Fr)
06.Mojarra ELectrica (Colombia)
07.Khaled (Algeria)
08.Leeroy (Fr)
09.Ramiro Musotto (Argentina)
10. Academia da Berlinda (Brazil)
11. Patti Jo (USA)
12. Sabo (USA)
13. Luma (Brazil)
14. Toots & The maytals -DJ iZem Remix (Jamaica)
15. Neba Solo (Mali)
16. Top Cat (Jamaica)
17. Henri Salvador (France)

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