1. Woooow i thought they was gon be pretty to but dey all ugly even the light skinn one dey all luk like MONKEY’S!!!! =D

  2. i thought they were hot when i heard that tasty remix i was like damn i need to see wat they look like but now im like damn that fucked up my day. only the yellow one is hot

  3. aww thas a damn shamee . yall talk like look bomb .
    look like somebody put a damn bomb to yall face . except the yellow one . she pretty .
    emm emm .

  4. all of yall some pretty ass females! i’ve been readinq ppl comments on here nd they hella hatin on yall! keep doinq what yall do dont let these haters stop yall from gettin money!

  5. everybody cute except the girl with thee purple in thee shirt but who gives a fuck they a good crew i love there music i listen to pockets never hongery

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