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the future is tropical. i don’t just mean sea temperatures. from concerto records in amsterdam… there are little to no traces of the artists on the internets except occasional list recognition. if you have more information…
kaseko is the dominant style here – breaking the body in dance since days of slavery. call, response and a big bass drum. it broke in the netherlands during the 70s when (at a guess) the first two of these records were made and distributed. a time of mass migration from suriname (one third of the surinamese population moved north) in the run up to independence in 75.

paul & the mixmo stars – moni man 320k 9.5mb
watch the tempo shift on this tune.

cynthia bhikharie – merie bhool 320k 9.5mb
like guyana, suriname saw an influx of indentured and migrant labour from india (and in suriname’s case dutch controlled java) after slavery was abolished. this slow dance is sung in hindi.

orchestra vejonica – dij boeko 320k 10.7mb
this one’s quite straightforward. i’ve seen indie kids dancing to it.

young cosje – snesi 320k 16mb
this one is definitely more recent – the sleeve has a picture of the band alongside a bus with the caption ‘kerst – tour – 1989′. dense drums…


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