sweatI’m not just saying that cause one of my cuts is in there, but this is just a nice blend of good stuff! SWEAT & TECHNIQUE is JOSHUA’s blog and you should check it out!


Andi-ites, “Fya We Blaze”
Sonida del Principe, “Wucumbia
Digital Primate, “Career a Move Up”
M.I.A., “Galang”
Fudge Fingas, “Ghost House”
SIS, “Trompeta”
Wighnomy Brothers feat. Robag Wruhme, “Bodyrock”
Booka Shade, “In White Rooms”
DJ Cleo, “I Approve”
SIA, “Little Man (Wookie Remix)”
Madera Limpia, “La Lenta (Schlachtofbronx remix)”
Tes La Rok, “Gunshot”
Aril Brikha, “Groove La Chord”
Esau Mwamwaya, “Chalo”

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