car-apeldoornWe were supposed to start our day long CUMBIA party at 15.00 this afternoon, but have decided, together with the venue, to move this to MAY 5TH. Due to the circumstances at QUEENSDAY in APELDOORN, where some disturbed individual had killed at least 2, wounded 14, while attempting attack on the QUEEN and ROYALS. VIDEO HERE.

I can’t get my head around the fact that this guy drove through a line of people, children there as well, to try to hit the bus of the Queen. Ruining  a potentiallly great day for everyone. you FUCKER!

from WIKI:
Around 11:50 in the morning, just before the bus with the royal family made its last turn towards the Loo Palace in Apeldoorn, a black older model Suzuki Swift crashed through the audience and came to rest against a monument, just missing the bus carrying the royal family. It’s still unknown whether this was an accident or a genuine attack on the Royal Family. Fourteen people, including the driver of the car, are reported injured and are rushed to the hospital. Two people are reported dead.

The driver, a male, who was rescued by the Fire Department was arrested. The car was examined by the anti-terrorist department and the local police. This search was conducted with live TV viewing.

At 12:15 the National Holiday program was cancelled in light of the tragedy. The TV central mentioned at 12:52 that there was a possible mortality by the incident because a sheet had been placed over a victim and there was a medical examiner’s van parked close by. At 13:30 the Dutch National Television announced there were 2 mortalities from this incident. Also, Queen Beatrix has expressed her condolences to the family and victims.

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