STELLA drops it for KENIA!…

stellaDamn, any female mc that looks like this can just burp in a mic as far as i’m concerned and I’d still love it… Check out the lovely STELLA MWANGI, from KENIA all the way to NORWAY- she’s not only hot, but also a really gifted MC!

her bio has a lot of high rankin stuff in it, performing for NELSON MANDELA, working on best album of the year from SENEGAL and all that, but we only listen to the tunes. And the tunes are damn good! Check out this answer track to J-SON’s PRETTY BOY. Backed with J-SON’s sturdy beats you can hear the great vocal delivery, check this man: 



04_heavyweight-dub-championHere’s somebody that I got introduced to by my mate, Bob Duskis through his GLOBAL NOIZE blog.

Heavyweight Dub Champion – HDC (abbreviated, sounds like some sort of disease, don’t it homie) hail from the mountains of Colorado but they ain’t no frickin’ Hillbillies…..Saying that, I also descend from the mountains, the highest in the world, THE HIMALAYAS and I ain’t no frickin’ Hillbilly either!

HDC came together in 1997 and so have been going for over 10 years man, see I can count!  They say they are here (HDC – not aliens) …..”to reclaim sacred space through ritualistic performance and sonic alchemy”.   Their My Space further says…”HDC communes with Warrior Spirits in the creation, production and performance of their vibrational healing aural mandalas”.

Man, must be that Hippy California water as they’re based in San Fran nowadays.  I wonder what SLY & ROBBIE (who they are presently touring with) make of all that Hippy speak…would love to be a fly on the wall backstage)…..mind u with all that weed, I’m sure they are probably well in tune with it 🙂

Their debut album, “Survival Guide For the End of Time” won numerous awards in the State of Colorado, including Westword Magazine’s Colorado Album of the Year. Their upcoming release features multiple tracks with KRS ONE, Killah Priest, Dr. Israel, Apostle, Stero Lion, Elf Tranzporter, Wailer B, Lady K, and others.

So man, after all that, it sounds mouth-watering and it is quite good.

Here’s a great promo cut to get you into the mood for maybe more!

08 Dawn


wild_party_girlsIt seems like just a few weeks ago that we hit 50.000 visitors, but now we are already at the 100.000 visitors mark…. I don’t even know what to say man. THANK U GUYS!!!! both from me & UMB, who has become a sturdy and great factor in the blog real soon.

I dont know what kind of prize I should hand out to the 100.000th visitor, suggestions are welkom! leave comments on posts ok, we expect Mr. or Miss/Ms or Mrs 100.000 to drop by either tonight or tomorrow. AWESOME!



Here’s a crazy mash….don’t quite know what to make of it but some of you might like it!

It’s a mash up between 2 Bit Thugs vs Cumbia Siglo XX & Lolo Lolita & chico Tchicaya by GRANDPAMINI.

Grandpamini – P_gal_


Just had another listen back to this track following Kiran’s comment and MAN it’s a bit of a CORKER!

Def love this one now….sometimes man we just don’t get the time to have a proper listen, hence demonstrating WHY FEEDBACK is really quite IMPORTANT 🙂


acI must confess I’m a huge AC/DC fan, of both the BON SCOTT & BRIAN JOHNSON days, albeit only a fan of DC of the latter vocalist limited to 2 albums-Back In Black & For Those About to Rock…..after that they went super-cliched and remain that way to this very day, sadly!

I vividly recall seeing AC/DC live at the NEC Arena, just outside Birmingham, in or about 1982/1983 and shouting out “ANGUS….ANGUS…” for real.  One of the best and most entertaining live gigs I ever saw…full blown cannons….half-naked Angus in shorts etc etc….

So I nearly pee’d myself when I heard that our mates (and one of my favourite current bands in this GLobal Ghettotech scene or whatever else you want to call it)  SCHLACHTHOFBRONX had done this cover of a classic DC track.

It’s quite a short version but quite brilliant in my opinion as a set opener and/or to tag on in a mix somewhere…and quite different to what our boys are known for!….In fact they sound more like JUSTICE than they do SCHLACHTHOFBRONX on this track.




mid pundz

Arguably, the UK Asian Underground scene influenced the rise of the Indian electronica scene and a band that has had a major part to play in its growth is the Midival Punditz.  Comprised of New Delhi based producers Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj, the Punditz have been repeatedly heralded as pioneers of a scene that has ushered in some of the freshest global music out of India.

They have just released their new, third studio album Hello Hello and the duo has successfully documented their own personal journey as artists and brought their sound into the present.

The new album features a cover of “Four Sticks” by my all-time favourite band LED ZEPPELIN and so that perked my interest in them, sky-high!

Thanks to my mate Bob Duskis, who runs the label they are signed to, SIX DEGREES, we have a little exclusive promo for you.  It’s called “Atomizer” and has been remixed by KITSUNE flavoured Elektro heads In Flagranti who give it a kickin’ Elektro Rock treatment.

Check out the full album on the Six Degrees label.

Atomizer (In Flagranti Remix)