Slow post, cause we slow like that πŸ™‚ We had an awesome party on 29th of April with AC SLATER, who totally killed the room, REBEL UP! SOUNDCLASH, who took us all over the globe in 2 hours, DMDN who dropped massive heavy subby tunes at the end and yours truly kicking it off with some CUMBIA and dropping some SPEEDMERENGUE, BAILE & KUDURO halfway. It was good fun and if you’re in the area you should REALLY drop by next time if you like this blog! NEXT DATE = MAY 5TH!!!



  1. –â–æ–Ω–¡—Ñ–Ω–æ, β€“βˆ«β€“βˆžβ€“βˆ« –≀—Å–¡ –β‰₯–æ–≀–æ—Ä—è—Ç, –Βͺ—é–±–æ–ø—ã—Ç–Ω–æ–¡ —Ä—è–Β₯–æ–º! πŸ™‚

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