Here’s a GREAT MIX by DJ Mayur from a very exciting Indian Electronica/Dubstep/Glitch outfit called The Baandish Projekt.  It was a mix he did for the BBC recently.  Man, it’s the kind of mix that gets better with each listen, when you pick upon something new with each further play.

Deep abstract electronica underpins the mix but it is also infused with dubstep, bollywood, electro house, glitches and layered with samples of Indian folklore and Pakistani Ghazals.  It also includes excerpts of stuff by the likes of the legendary Daft Punk and also one of the most exciting newcomers on the UK Dubstep scene, Barbarix (more on him soon).

Sadly, it’s not available for download just yet but it’s definitely worth investing 30 minutes of your time for an on-line listen as it’s gotta be one of the most unique mixes you would have heard in a very long time.

You can listen to it here


  1. WOW!! never heard anything like it!!! there are so many juciy beats!! Can’t belive you could mix house music in this way!thank you for this gift, BANDISH PROJEKT ROCK!! please could you tell me where I can download this for my I-pod?

  2. Peter, we’re working on getting a download of this from Mayur, hopefully he’ll come through with it, perhaps as an exclusive for Generation Bass readers only! :-))..So keep your eyes peeled to the blog cause if you blink you might miss it :-))

  3. I would kill for a download of this mix. its literally unbelievable. so good!! DJ UMB if you have the download hook us up!!

    1. Hey, it is f***** astonishing, I do have a download, a clear un-edited one without all that BBC bullshit over the top BUT it was given to me personally by Bandish under strict instructions that I could not allow a download of it!!! I’m not one to breach anybody’s trust and so I can’t allow it but I am working on it and trying to persuade them to allow it. So watch this space.

      BTW, I was with Mayur (Bandish) in London a few days ago and he does this kind of thing live, remixing on the fly on CDJ’s!!!!!It was an awakening for me, totally unreal, the most amazing DJ I have ever witnessed!!!

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