Man I can’t believe that we did a post on our homie, BASSNECTAR without providing you all with a FREE DOWNLOAD of his LEGENDARY “SNAKECHARMER” track, which is co-credited to KRADDY.

Here’s the BOOTLEG VERSION that’s been doing the rounds for a few years now but to me it still sounds as fresh as the day it first  came out, which I think was in or about 2004/2005.  DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

There’s also a few other GREAT BOOTLEG GOODIES you can download too including an unbelievable GROOVE ARMADA smash up called SUPERSTYLIN’ RIGHT HERE


GENERATION BASS cannot stress to you how much you really need to check this dude out. His productions are top-notch and he is a name to watch out for in the imminent future having already caught the imagination of an adoring and huge BASSNECTAR following all over the BAY AREA in the USA and further afield.

As a bonus treat, man we spoil you too much!!!!  Here’s the Bellydance world’s leading and most respected star, RACHEL BRICE shimmying her way through this GREAT TRACK.

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