AKIRA KITESHI covers aspects of electronic music with shades of Hip Hop, Dubstep, Techno, Wonk and Funky Glitch Pop to club bangers and organic soundscapes in an almost un-danceable form.

I first heard him on my homie, Bobby Friction’s BBC Radio show a few weeks back and there’s something very exciting and innovative about his sound which has  DEEP INDUSTRIAL foundations but without sounding too gloomy.

Tracks like “Noglitch”, and “Boom N Pow” inhabit the sort of madness that I, for one, have been hoping for with Hip Hop, Techno, Gabba and Dubstep all thrown into the mix.  If he were ONLY to add some Global Vibes to the mixture then it might just be PERFECT!

CHECK OUT his MY SPACE to consider whether you agree with our verdict.

You can also DOWNLOAD his “Electronic Explorations Mix” RIGHT HERE


  1. Just droppin’ by to say YES MAN! I recently got hold of no glitch on vinyl and it rocks. Check it out! I’ll be getting this mix tonight. Thanks and peace.

  2. I’m hanging about the small country of Wales UK. We have a small but strong scene down here for bass music of all kinds which is reinforced by a local record shop called Tangled Parrot. Thanks for the interest and keep up the good work!

  3. Just so you know mate Akira Kiteshi is just 1 guy. It’s A.K that’s 2 peeps. I just found this out so thought I’d pass on the info….;)

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