For those of you feeling the trad cumbia vibes, here’s a really GREAT selection of tracks put together by DJ OLIVIER.

A little bit of HISTORY does no harm, taken straight from WIKIPEDIA (so not 100% as to its accuracy):

“Cumbia originated as a courtship ritual.  The slave courtship ritual, which featured dance prominently, was traditionally performed with music played by pairs of men and women and with male and female dancers. Women playfully wave their long skirts while holding a candle, and men dance behind the women with one hand behind their back and the other hand either holding a hat, putting it on, or taking it off. Male dancers also carried a red handkerchief which they wrapped around their necks, waved in circles in the air, or held out for the women to hold. Until the mid-20th century, cumbia was considered to be an inappropriate dance performed primarily by the lower social classes.”

Seems that all the REALLY HIP stuff starts off in the GHETTO’S!


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