RodKASHNI_0535 copyFollowing on from our feature on the new Dubsided signing, STICKY K, the good kid himself got in touch with GENERATION BASS to tell us how much HE LOVED US.

This is what he had to say for a second time…..”I have to say it again, I really love your blog…it’s one the freshest out there right now!!!!!”….

Wow, thanks man, we appreciate that STICKY K…just ‘sticky’ (awful pun, isn’t it) around for a lot longer, our kid, yeah…

Anyway, that’s not all he had to say.  His real name is Rod Kashani and our Rodders is a mere slip of a boy, being only 21 years old.  Man, these kids start young don’t they, the boy’s going to be huge!

He’s a DJ from San Francisco and Santa Barbara and started producing music whilst he was in college when he was supposed to be studying film.  He ended up making more beats than movies, turning his hand to hip-hop.  However, he soon found hip-hop too conventional and boring and thus turned to dance music because, “You have more freedom to go crazy!”  He further adds, “I have a very short attention span so I get tired of things quickly so you never know what to expect from me =)”.

Man I just hope you don’t tire of GENERATION BASS too soon homie 🙂

As we said last time he has just released the “Bandari Funk’ EP (Cop that shit!) for the world renowned Dubsided dance label and says that there will definitely be more releases to come on the label….Man, we can’t wait for the other stuff!

He has also a number of remixes under his belt including Crookers and Maluca and has just finished one for Larry Tee, Major Lazer, and is currently working on one for Master Shortie.

Rodders also came bearing gifts, a REMIX and an ORIGINAL track too, so GRAB THEM HERE NOW!



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