Must confess I’m a huge fan of both MODESELEKTOR & APPARAT and so it’s a dream come true that in these dark economic times, mergers & acquisitions are not just the work of financial conglomerates but also of music artists!

However, I’m quite sure both Modeselektor and Apparat have not been brought together due to anything to do with finance but more so because they have a common musical understanding and love for each other sounds, as well as being good friends.  To reinforce this position, it’s not the first time that they have joined forces, as they did so way back in 2002 for an EP.

They have both come together for the new album simply called ‘MODERAT’.  Man, it’s Dubstep-Techno with shades of Radiohead with emotion and feeling, like an ELECTRONIC SYMPHONY.

MODESELEKTOR have been very, very influential upon the GLOBAL GHETTOTECH & DUBSTEP scenes that we at GENERATION BASS love so much and which has infiltrated a lot of the stuff we cover on this little blog of ours.  So I suppose they are to Global Ghettotech & Dubstep, what KRAFTWERK were to Hip-Hop & Afrika Bambaataa!  Hence ‘another’ reason why we’re covering it, cause it’s influential and plus its GREAT MUSIC.

You can listen to ‘RUSTY NAILS’ which is a gorgeous and sublime track with deep melancholic overtones.  It’s like a sister companion to APPARAT’S classic “ARCADIA” track.

LISTEN TO RUSTY NAILS HERE (and look out for a Shackleton remix of it, which is coming soon).

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