To get you further into the mood for The Essaouira Jambash, here’s a vintage and authentic Moroccan Gnawa cut from one of Morocco’s most popular Gnawa artists of modern times: HAMID EL KASRI:

hamid el kasri – syndiya

Gnawa music is a fusion of Arab, Berber and African rhythms. It is powerful trance music that goes back to the 16th century and has gained international popularity over the last few years.

If you want to hear what’s  going on in Morocco today with it’s Reggae, Rock, Hip-Hop, Funk and Pop hybrids then grab a copy of my ‘EXPERIENCE MOROCCO’ compilation which went on worldwide release last year.  You can pick that up from most on-line retailers, Amazon, Play etc etc.

You know homies’, if it were up to me and all the artists agreed, I’d let you download the full album but sorry I can’t.  BTW, it also includes a 40 page TRAVEL GUIDE written by yours truly AND…..AND…WAIT FOR IT….AND the actual ORIGINAL version of the track behind THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS “GALVANIZE”…..You can hear it on my Experience Morocco MY SPACE.



Also as an added bonus, for those of you into more traditional forms of Moroccan music, you can take a sneak preview listen to a very, very, rough demo version of a mix I have done called “MAROCSTOCK” (Yes, a Moroccan Woodstock).

Sorry it’s not downloadable yet, as I’m hoping it will be released commercially later this year or early next year albeit with a different set of tracks (subject to licensing) and in a more refined ‘mixed” form.



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