Shut up already, damn!
Tell me who in this house know about the Generation Bassquake?
(We do)

I mean really, really
If you know how 2 rock say ‘yeah’ (yeah)
If U know how 2 party say ‘oh yeah’ (oh yeah)
But if U ain’t hip 2 the rare Generation Bassquake:
Shut up already, damn!

Generation Bassquake

Everybody jump up and down

Generation Bassquake
There’s a brand new groove going round (generation bassquake)
In your funky town (generation bassquake)
And the kick drum is the fault
You gotta rock this mother, say (generation bassquake)
We gotta rock this mother, say (generation bassquake)….

Man, don’t you just LOVE PRINCE!…YES WE DO!………….shut up already, damn!

Anyway enough of that, it’s BANK HOLIDAY over here in your homie’s (DJ UMB’s), yard, UK.  Whilst Vince, The Royally Approved Prince, has been busy gigging it with our brother’s SCHLACHTHOFBRONX, all over Germany and other places, I’ve been chillin’ and laid down a NEW MIX for y’all! 🙂

This is ‘NOT’ the GENERATION BASS mix that I’ll soon be laying down exclusively for FAIRTILIZER, but a precursor, a sweetener, you might say.

It’s called the “GENERATION BASSQUAKE” mix because it includes a lot of the artists that I’ve personally been diggin’ and have covered on this blog over the last few weeks and including some of Vince’s too.


Apologies to some of my homies who I’ve missed out on this mix but man, you know I’ve either put you on previous stuff or you know that I’ll put you on upcoming mixes 🙂

Check it out for yourselves and it’s a meaty one, I think, even if I say so myself.

This mix is semi-improvised (by that I mean I gave the tracks, sequencing and mixing a once-over!) and recorded manually on my Pioneer CDJ 1000 MKII ‘s and Pioneer DJM600 mixer (Pioneer, get your fuckin’ money out and sponsor me!)…first take and one-cut recording…unmastered!


Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Kwaab (Baandish Project remix)-Niraj Chag
  2. Lollibon – Daleduro v Madison (mashed by Simon Iddol)
  3. Pony Store – Ginuwine v Starkey
  4. Regiment Dub feat Jahdan – Stereotyp
  5. Filosofia Y Letras – Scuba v Alexis & Fido(mashed by Villa Diamante)
  6. Let It Go – Addiquit
  7. The Dark Side of the Sun – Modeselektor feat Puppetmastaz
  8. Death to the Throne – M.I.A.
  9. Kun Os (International) – Ladybox
  10. Might Like You Better – Amanda Blank
  11. Divine Gosa (remix) – Bonde Do Role
  12. I Like College (Dubstep remix) – Asher Roth
  13. Samo Ti – Ladybox v Copyfokking
  14. Para Da Grahcina (Sticky K Remix) – Crookers
  15. Digital Homecourt (Litwinenko remix) – CLP
  16. Illumanati – Sweet Snacks
  17. Slow Match feat Paul St. Hilaire – Moderat
  18. Glamour – Bulldogs
  19. Low Freqz – Barbarix
  20. Heads Up – Bassnectar

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