Haaaaa.haa….That guy’s face kills me….looks like a Brazilian Woody Allen doesn’t he….haaa.haaaaa

Here’s a few great Brazilian tracks I’ve just nicked from Olivier’s page on Fairtilizer.  You might recall a few weeks ago we posted his traditional cumbia mix.

First up we have MC CREU with “Tipo Rei (Vs Samba – Phabyo DJ)” , a Baile Funk vibe.

Next we have MC HENRICO with “Eela que me provocar” which is kind of Baile Funk Pop

Finally we have MONTAGEM with “Que Isso Porra? (Tamborzão Parou)” which has, as you have already guessed, a Tamborzao vibe.

You can grab loads more of this kind of stuff from here

Thanks Olivier 🙂


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